Visit To The Inner Plane of Parhelion

inner-world-of-light-4-post“Greetings, dear ones. I may in the future be identified as Kuthumi. I see that you are staggering somewhat under the impact of a new surprise, for you find yourself directly here in the second kuthumi-4-postsection of Parhelion.

In the previous and opening transmission, you were conducted by Athena to the planet of Orion and to the city of Helianthus. We here are always trying to keep the interest in these transmissions going by the element of personal surprise. Now, before we go into these explorations more fully and conduct you through these remaining sections – although you may think that much of this is seemingly repetitious – yet for the sake of clarification, I shall again interject the original concepts of Shamballa.

The Shamballas are divided into seven dimensional segments, each related not only to the history of evolution of man on your earth, but also to the numerous other astral and terrestrial planets of the galaxies-artcosmic universe. There is, as has been somewhat explained to you, a great deal of intercourse between the different spiritual centers existing in this great cosmic universe, called either a terrestrial or a spiritual cosmos and containing a vast number of planets, not only in the universe with which you are familiar from the picturization in the books and astronomical libraries of your world, but many of which you have not yet learned. This universe is like many others, stemming from some great radial vortex of Celestial and Infinite Energy. It is quite natural that in the spiritual centers, since man is universal, and living as he does in the countless an innumerable dimensions – both terrestrial and spiritual – there must be a great deal of intercourse between these different relationships.

So it is that man truly evolves, and in the different elements of personal evolution, he more fully relates himself tLibraryo his Infinite inception and conception from the Mind of God. Here, as in other sections of Parhelion, you will find the portrayal of life as it is expressed in the different dimensions on your earth, which may be likened to the museums, art galleries and the various other places where masses of materials are collected for the purpose of comparing values and their relationship to the different sciences, philosophies and inspirational arts of music, literature, and drama. The other centers are so constructed that they contain great galleries from which the student and teacher can more fully expound and relate his concepts into his own mind and for his own personal development.

It can be said that I spent a lifetime upon your planet, living in a very distant evolution of Chinese history. I also expressed something of the original conception and inception of Shamballa, as it was lived on the earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago. A little further along we shall go into other relationships which are called biocentric.

The student of truth who progresses in the different conceptions of philosophy, whsoulic-evolution--4-postether they are metaphysical, spiritual, or whatever classification to which they are related, will find that his universe expands about him. He will also find that the problems of mankind and the various evolutions of man’s consciousness, are as numerous and infinite in number as his own. Because he is a creature of infinite conception, man must use a good deal of patience, and the elements of time and space must be conclusively eliminated from the consciousness of the individual before the true progressive relationship enters into his life. He must ever be ready and willing to believe in the Infinite Nature and Creation of all those things which may enter into his life; consequently, he will be in the pursuance of the diversified ways of his own evolution, so that he, too, shall become infinite in nature. Any individual who has so ascended by the direct will of his own mind, by his willingness, has integrated the will of God into this concept.

Man has progressed into the centers here in Parhelion only through the virtue, dominion, and will of his own consciousness. He has become neither great nor small, but has become only a better servant to his God and to his fellow man. The various and conflicting elements of life, in the different terrestrial planets in the beginning of man’s evolution in some of the lower concepts, poses an infinite number and variety of interpretations.

As has been pointed out in previous transmissions, such varieties of interpretations to which man relates himself, pose in themselves as diametrical opposites. Here again we must stress emphatically the concept that as man is conceived in the spiritual nature, and as he so expresses himself in the lower dimensions, the same opposites of polarity which are sometimes conceived in the biocentric concept, are also expressed in his own individual concept. He has thus become quadricentric in his own way. This quadricentricity in turn will likewise lead into different dimensions and various versions of his expression, so that he is constantly influenced and impounded by the succession of these different inter-linking harmonic factors into his interpretation of life in his daily way of living.

jesus-buddhaBefore going into the actual exploration of this center, I would like to give you a little more of the working order and harmony of evolution as it is expressed in these spiritual dimensions. The one who is personified as Lord Buddha in the earth philosophies became one of the council of Twelve, about one hundred years ago, during which time I served in the capacity as head director, or, as you call it, the executive or president of this section of Shamballa. The Buddha himself (and I am referring to the Guatama), is one of the existing Council of Twelve, just as are the other seven Avatars who previously gave their lives in service on your earth at different times. The one called Jesus, is at the present time, serving not only as one of the head executives, or the director over the Shamballas, but He is also in an active position in the Council of Twelve, which connects them with the thirty-three Lords, or Logi, as they are sometime called. I am giving you this information simply to acquaint you with the fact that we, too, have a great deal of semblance and order in our dimensions, in consequence of our knowledge and understanding and our work with the general brotherhood of man in our capacity to evolve into more efficient outlets of this servitude and expression, if I can use the word “service” loosely.

The actual expression of life, as it exists with us, is one which means life itself in the expression of our service to our fellow man. We should at all times be able to function in unity and harmony with the expression as it flows into our consciousness from the higher dimensions, and this is expressed likewise in the different dimensions which we will say are below us; thus all evolve and grow into higher and into larger dimensional concepts of relationships.

The section here in Parhelion, which comes under the division of education and masterssynthesis, has on its faculty of regular teachers, personages of the ancient Grecian, Egyptian, and Brahmanistic theosophies and expressions of the earth. There are numerous individuals who are personified as the Yogis, or the advanced initiates of the different epochs and generations of time in the histories of the earth. There are others whose names would mean nothing to you as their evolutions have been confined in other portions of the terrestrial and cosmic universes. However, we do have one class here which is regularly conducted in the academy and is headed by Plato. If conditions are suitable, he will personally conduct you in a tour through his classroom and other sections of Parhelion. There is another philosopher and scientist here by the name of Archimedes, who is also teaching something of the relationship of the philosophies and sciences in the different dimensions. He, too, is very much interested in being of some assistance in the future expressions within the pages of the book which you are compiling.

Personally, I am the type of person who likes to go directly to the point and could never have been accused of being a loquacious person. Because these dimensions here in Parhelion and the classrooms and various functional orders have been quite clearly explained in different portions of the book, I shall not waste time here by further explaining these things to you.

This great center of Parhelion exists in somewhat of a higher vibratory rate, than the other six sections of the Shamballas, because Parhelion itself expresses a great directive force, since its position is immediately above. Although I dislike the word “above,” we need to use these words to convey to you the differences in frequency transmission, or the way in which the different orders of dimensions are divided into the conscious expression of man in his different evolutions.

inner-templeEntering the main portal, or doorway, of this section of Parhelion is somewhat similar to entering the other centers. Here you will immediately be confronted by a very beautiful fountain of pure energy, which is in somewhat of a large circular courtyard. The ceiling, as it rises in rather a high and arched fashion, is composed of the endless, ceaseless, and pulsating energies of the Great Celestial Universe which seems to form a canopy above. The ceiling itself is constructively proportioned to contain many prisms, and because these are properly focused, they function by bringing into harmonic and corrective relationship, the different frequency spectrums of these energies, in order that the various personages who pass up and down the corridor and through the great central portico or courtyard, will thus be energized and conditioned in such a way that they can more readily associate and absorb the energies and projections of mind intelligences, which they encounter in their various activities.

This conditioning process is universal throughout the other sections, and is a very important fact which I would like to interject and point out to you. You may thus better understand the difference in the relationship of these sections to mankind in general, when an individual comes as an Initiate, or an Adept, or a Master into these sectional orders.

You will recall that in Coralanthea you saw Master Bach, a Master of music on the earth, teaching a music-healing-4-postdefinite relationship of chord structures in the chromatic scale, to numerous students who come to study music. Now again you will see other Masters who were formerly engaged on earth in musical activities, teaching music here in a slightly different relationship. Here, as in the fifth section of Parhelion, music becomes a therapeutic science, interjected into the fields of correcting the human body or the spiritual elements of the psychic body. Music does have a very definite therapeutic value in the corrective therapies of the bodies of mankind.

In this section, we shall explore music and its relationship in educational ways into other dimensions of man’s consciousness. Music manifests in different ways as harmonic structures, existing within the personality of every human being. So likewise must other inspirational arts and their expressions be interwoven or fashioned. These various spectrums of vibrationary frequencies are so interwoven that they become definite spiritual elements which enable man to progress on up into a higher dimension. A man cannot be devoid of any of these seven different dimensional expressions, and expect to develop a spiritual personality sufficiently to enable him to progress into the higher dimensions. A person must develop a sense of harmonic relationship which is contained, not only in the field of music, but in the field of science. However, he must also obtain an understanding of relationship structures in the portrayal of words, as they are intoned in the cabalistic intonations of the human voice. He must learn of the other factors and elements as they are expressed from these centers, which must enter into the fabric and composition of his nature. This will make him, in his entirety, a human soul who can further progress into the higher dimensions of relationship.

In the various expressions of life philosophies contained in the earth dimensions, the elemental viewing-earthvalues are of the more emotional nature. Man, in such dimensions, is incapable of a pure and constructive expression of thought, when the various virtues or elements in his daily life are constructed of the emotional values, causing the psychic impact of experiences, as it was most properly presented to you previously. The inflections of the various experiences in the domain of emotional experience thus project themselves as definite wave forms into the psychic body of the individual, and will thus enable him further to construct and constitute himself into other dimensions of relationship. This may enable you to better understand why it is that many times an individual may be desirous of obtaining some of the various elements of life which are about him, only to find that in the possession and the acquisition of these different elements, he loses interest in them. He will also find that the ideas or philosophies which earlier were very important to him may at the moment lose their importance in comparison to different ideas and philosophies.

The word which I would like to interject here into your domain of consciousness is balance. We cannot over-emphasize the importance and value of balance in your everyday life. As you will thus see, your lives are constantly being projected from one polarity to another, or, as you have termed it, from the positive to the negative. Or, you may say that whenever you try to do something good, you always end up by having something bad happen to you. As has been explained, this is the diametrically opposed opposite or polarity of your everyday life. The balance which should be maintained, is somewhere in the position of relationship between the elements of the negative and the positive, formulating in your own minds, and acquiring as your daily philosophies, the proper relationship of these different polarities of the negative and positive. Thus you will acquire the necessary intelligence and fortitude which will enable you to progress into different relationships.

The idea that time and circumstance, or the age in which you live, is impinged into your consciousness, is somewhat unrelative. A person cannot be said to be standing still in any one acendancedimension, or time; only by his own will and dominion, can this be. In a broad and overall sense, in an understanding of reincarnation and evolution, you place yourself in your own dimension and in your own time, as a direct purpose and intent of your own will. It could not be otherwise, for you have thus linked within your mind and within the psychic structures of your body, the factors which enable you to exist in your present circumstances. So it will be in your future evolutions. This fact is of the utmost importance, and one which must be remembered by the student of Truth, no matter in what circumstances he finds himself. Thus he will always find the diametrically opposed polarities, or opposition and constructiveness, in direct relationship to such evolutionary factors as he has conceived and placed within his mind.

In the future day when man ascends into the spiritual dimension and has freed his mind, there will of course be the negative stance of his philosophy; or by the same token, we could say that man could not ascend into this higher dimension until he has removed these obstructive ideas of negation and their intent and purpose from his daily life. Thus he has evolved, and in this evolution he has now placed himself as an individual concept of negative polarity with the Infinite (God).

God moves or oscillates from positive to negative. In this oscillation, man will also become, in his expression outwardly to his fellow man, dimensions of negative relativity within his own concept. The circumstance of evolution, as it has been portrayed to you in the various periods of history of the earth, is a direct portrayal into the working of this cosmic intelligence and into the flight of evolution of numerous orders of intelligence, as they are contained in different individuals.

man-and-earthThe earth itself in its flight through evolution, is another dimensional relationship in which man, in living upon this planet, becomes somewhat of an innocent victim. He becomes subjected, not only to the influence of the time and place into which he is thus incarnated, but he also becomes somewhat the victim of large orders of the structures in the harmonic relationships of the generic forces of the Universe about him. These have been somewhat loosely termed magnetic fields. They are the direct and supporting elements of all the atomic structures in the world.

The individual thus links himself into these different dimensional expressions simply by the relationship of concept within his own mind. It is very important for the individual to know that he is a participating element in the general scheme of evolution in the Mind of God, for he thus becomes a participant in this general synthesis. Thus he will evolve into the time and place of a more direct and personal relationship with the Infinite Intelligence.

Having presented to you these more abstract concepts, you will begin to develop the idea in your mind that the philosophies of the earth, as they have been rather loosely gathered into the materialistic domain which is about you, were confined so that they involved the person only in his immediate life and circumstance of his time. How fallacious indeed are these interpretations; for only when the embodiment of the pure truths become the necessary structural and supporting elements of his own personal philosophy and when thoroughly interjected into his life, will man free himself from the conscious domain of the material expression.

The flight of the soul, or the evolution of man through the time and space of God’s great cosmic soulic-evolution-3universes is not one which is of happenstance, but one which comes through the regular organized channels of conception as he links himself in direct relationship with the harmonic structures of God’s Infinite Intelligence. It cannot be otherwise.

In his future evolution on the planet earth, it would be well if man could include in his philosophies the necessary structures whereby he could see himself as a vital and participating individual in a cosmic scheme of evolution. It would not only involve his own planet, in his own dimension and in his own time – as he calls his earth life span of three-score and ten – but he would also include in his hypothesis the necessary spiritual elements whereby he would see himself living in other worlds and in other dimensions. These worlds are infinite in number and infinite in expression; and man will relate himself to these worlds directly in proportion to the compounded elements of his own innermost nature, as he has derived them from the experience of his present terrestrial existence.

Until such time in the future, your brother, – Kuthumi”

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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