True Christmas Spirit

true-christmas-spirit-main-4-postAlthough Christmas is a pagan holiday, at this time, it is desirable to review one’s status in this world without end.

One can get lost in the materialism or one can sit still a moment and ponder some of the age old questions that have plagued man for eons of time and the importance of answering those questions.

To a scientist, it is still a question as to whether we even have a soul or not. Have you considered this question and if so have you taken definitive action to find an answer?

It is of the utmost importance, more important than celebrating a pagan holiday, more important then wrapping gifts and more important than lighting candles or any other activity you care to name. True Christmas spirit is acknowledging that we have the Christ light within us and honoring that Christ light by nurturing it with the knowledge and true understanding of its eternal nature. To do this, we must understand what God is. The God around and about us and within us.

That, to me, is the true celebration of Christmas. The acknowledgment and the understanding of the Christ light within us. It is not out there in the shopping centers; it is not in the Christmas tree or under it. It is within ourselves. It is that eternal part of us that must grow and if we are to live eternally than we must grow with it.

So take the time to question and understand this Christ light which is our higher self, our god self. Learn to understand it, however you chose, scientifically, philosophically, spiritually but learn to understand it. It is your innate eternal divine source, and as part of this divine source, you are not only entitled to but obligated to the understanding of its perfected nature for it is who you truly are.

Be inspired, not as a mechanical man that goes through the usual repetitious pattern of Christmas custom but as a spiritual man learning to understand the true Christ light within you and that there is no separation between you and God source.

Think of this as you pass through these Christmas holidays once more and again. Christmas is just temporary. Finding the true kingdom of heaven within is eternal.

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