Transmission by Guatama Buddha, Part I

buddha-main“The structures of spiritual philosophy which are somewhat understood in the Yoga and in other more highly evolved spiritual concepts in India, resolve somewhat into three dimensions. We are concerned with the first or the lowest dimension, which is called the terrestrial or material dimension. A word which is used frequently in India for this dimension is called maya. Within maya, is found all of the elements which constitute the material world, as they are known to the scientist by their respective weights. At our time in India, we called them anas. The scientist of today calls them atoms.

To further understand the nature of material mass or atomic structures, a few more words on this subject would not go amiss, although it has been very thoroughly presented to you. As it has been pictured, the atom is actually a very complex mass of wave forms; and the complexity of this mass isotope-definition-4-postdepends upon the atomic weight of the individual element. The theory was presented to you that in the evolutionary or revolving vortexes of energy, were produced the hard core nucleus structures of the atom. The earth scientist knows that every element possesses what he calls an isotope. Isotopes, in themselves, are the exact counterpart of the pure or terrestrial atom, with the exception that they do not possess the same quotient of atomic weight. In other words, the density, as it was explained by Archimedes, is a simple law of displacement; and the scientist now knows that the atom can appear or reappear in different atomic weights. This fact has been very puzzling to him, and he has classified these new elements with their different weights as isotopes.

This is very simply explained inasmuch as your concept of the revolving vortexes will now vortex-energiesimmediately present to you the idea that within the vortexes are contained innumerable dimensions of energy expression or intelligence, which stem from the great central vortex or the Fountainhead, as it is sometimes called in the causal world. Within these numerous manifestations of different dimensional equations of the atom are found the reproductions of the lower or baser nuclei, called the original atomic structure. This is just a little more complex, or a principle which is continued into a somewhat more expanded concept; but it will present to the scientist a proper way to evaluate the atom and so further speed his progress, whereby he can link himself with the proper relationship of the higher order of dimensional transition.

In the second world of the Yoga or the Buddhistic concepts as they are thoroughly understood, we must further dissociate Yoga with Buddhism to this extent: the world of Yoga, in itself, is an extremely advanced state of two combinations of understanding, or, shall I say, two dimensions of understanding. It is the relationship of the higher orders of the causal world in manifesting themselves into spiritual concepts which have given the Yogi the seemingly supernatural powers which were demonstrated by the Avatar Jesus.Shankara

I was not, at my time on earth, a Yogi and did not at any time appear and disappear, but lived simply and easily, just as did every one who was on the material plane of consciousness. However, in reappearing into a material dimension as Shankara, I was able to demonstrate somewhat the Yoga principle of the higher attainment of self, such as walking upon water and doing the numerous other things which are considered supernatural, but which are actually only the natural principles of life; for here, too. was demonstrated the conjunction of the Yoga with the Supreme Consciousness.

The second world, or the second dimension, which we shall consider now, is actually being presented to you somewhat as the various octaves or the chords upon some huge keyboard. This second section is the dimension of thought or prana. It is the dimension of intermediate relationship with the higher or celestial dimension, or the causal dimension, as it has been called.

Within the dimension of prana exists energy transition in many other different dimensions and prana-chords-4-postforms, just as in the terrestrial dimension, or the dimension of maya; and you will also see innumerable octaves or chord structures of the transference or transmission of energy as it exists about you in your terrestrial dimensions. When you leave the flesh and go into the world of prana – or as it is called, the astral world, you will see here, too, that although energy does not associate itself as mass, it reappears in a somewhat more intelligent form.

In the world of prana, anything which you may conceive within your mind, can actually and does instantly exist, if you are so properly constituted in your thought processes and that you have conceived within the dimension of your mind that the existence of astral worlds are related to harmonic frequency structures, as they have been explained to you; and that you will automatically regulate yourself into such a dimension or relation of integration within this astral dimension.

Roughly speaking, we can divide the peoples in the astral dimensions into two classifications: Those who are first Initiates or those who have reached the place which is called the fork in the road, where they have conceived themselves as something of Infinite conception and purpose; and are thus regulating themselves with the dominion of their minds into different orders of harmonic relationship within the pranic or astral worlds.

Then there are those countless individuals whom we shall call migrants. These are individuals in the lower elemental forms of evolution who have not yet achieved within the concepts of their minds, anything beyond the relative dimension of the material world; and so they continually revolve within the orders of certain regulated frequency spectrums back and forth, astral-worlds-4-postmuch the same as the commuter who leaves his home for his office, and returns at night. The interval of time spent here, however, is somewhat different. Man may start this regular commuting back and forth in periods of 600, 900, or even 1800 year intervals of successions.

When man has somewhat enlarged his concept so that his spirit is quickened, shall I say, he will increase the oscillations or the migrations back and forth into a much faster rate. He will begin reappearing in 300 or even in 150 year intervals. In the time between, when he is in the spiritual dimension, he will revolve in somewhat of a dreamy or catalytic state of transition. He will be living and reliving the countless and numerous terrestrial and physical experiences in a  sort of  dream world, one of unreality; and as he floats about, he is not quite capable of conveying or conceiving order and harmony and regulation into his concept of mind.

This state is quite different among the first Initiates, who were previously described, since they have conceived somewhat the order and harmony and law in man’s dimension. Because they have so regulated themselves into their proper dimensional relationships, they will find life much more highly organized, and to such an extent that they are able to, and frequently do, carry on their lives in a higher capacity than that at which they arrived in their earthly dimension.

As it has been pointed out, these people have not yet evolved into the higher dimensions of the higher-self-9causal world; so they might frequently live and relive, in the astral worlds, their numerous trades and crafts in a higher expression. There they would learn newer and more basic concepts. As they were all more or less in a higher degree of contact or relationship with the higher spiritual or celestial dimensions of causal relationship with the Infinite Mind, therefore their opportunities for enlarging their concepts would consequently be increased in a direct proportion and ratio. This will point out to you some of the more fundamental truths and concepts in that which is called reincarnation or evolution.

Now if we can picture an individual who has evolved through the migrant’s state of evolution and has become a first Initiate, he will then consequently evolve or reincarnate numerous times just as he so sees fit. There he rises from the dominion of his will, rather than from a struggle for certain level of expression. He will see in his evolution, a certain definite purpose or intent; and with this reincarnation and plan of pattern, he will be able to work out the various negative vortexes which he has conceived within his concept.

It has been explained to you that in the Theosophical beliefs of the earth, man has mchakra-layers-4-postany different bodies, like the skin of an onion. This is true to a certain degree, if we remember that the skins of the onion are actually certain harmonic frequency structures, or vortexes within the psychic body of the individual and that his own relationship and the life in the dimension in which he lives at the present moment, depends upon the structures of the harmonic frequencies which he may call a body.

After revolving into higher spiritual dimensions, these frequency structures quite naturally cannot, and do not exist in these higher dimensions. And so they are dissipated or rectified, and the individual therefore is rebuilding for himself a psychic body of a higher order of frequency structures.

There are no real lines of demarcation or boundaries between these worlds, rather, they are somewhat like the chord structures in the keyboard of an organ or a piano. They must all relate themselves in certain orders of dimensional equation in the frequency relationship. It is in this way that God can, and does, shine the Intelligence of His Supreme Countenance down into the numerous and infinite number of dimensions which he so conceived in His Mind.

higher-dimensional-being-4-postThe fourth dimension of concept is called the celestial, or spiritual, or sometimes the causal expression. It is here that again the same nature of evolution is contained to a much higher order and content, and to a much higher degree, within the individual. Here again certain orders of frequency relationship are entered into whereby the individual is now in a position to have such a concept, that he can visualize instantaneously a great number of things at the same time. He can also enter into processes whereby he can direct the Infinite Energies of God’s Great Radiant Mind into whatever constructive orders or artifices which he has so conceived within his mind. He can, if he so wills, construct himself almost immediately a body which will enable him to live upon the earth and that he can reabsorb into the cosmic mind of himself, the constituents of energy which are so contained in that earthly body.

In arriving at this infinite conception, we must bear in mind that this is not a complete infinite contemplation-of-infinityconception, for as it has been stated, only God can conceive all things instantaneously; and as God has so conceived all things instantaneously, so He is constructing, reconstructing, realizing, and manifesting all things instantaneously.

In achieving a close relationship of the individual self with the Infinite concept of God, the individual therefore becomes a participating element of God’s Infinite Nature, and he takes upon himself the characteristics of this Infinite God, so that there is actually nothing which you might conceive in your finite dimension which this individual could not, or does not do. Nor is there anything which he cannot conceive. However, the ultimate conception always is, and always will be, within the dominion of God’s own Infinite Mind. We shall not go beyond this point with you at this time, as this would be a concept which could not be brought within the confines of your dimension at your time.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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