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The-Voice-of-Venus-Full-Book-Download-4-postThe Voice of Venus, due to lack of renewal of copyright, is in public domain and available for download here.

If you are a serious student of Dr. Norman then this will bring you great joy as well as I hope you share with your friends.

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These discourses or transmissions were given to Dr. Norman in their entirety by Venusian personalities in just two weeks’ time and could easily have been given and transcribed in two days. However, the Venusians wanted this knowledge to be absorbed into our consciousness as we received chapter by chapter, each taking from forty to eighty minutes.

Dr. Norman was not entranced in the generally accepted sense of the word, but rather maintained consciousness at all times – a very rare and unusual type of “transmission.” The places, buildings, cities, everything that is described in this book was seen with the psychic eye and retained as a memory. He is able to “tune back” and recall each scene or incident just as you would remember a scene on the physical plane.

As to the contents and the often strange scenes and occurrences, may we suggest that you try to keep an open mind. These scenes are from another world and you cannot expect life and conditions to be what you are accustomed to. It must also be borne in mind that different clairvoyants, having different degrees of development and capacity, see things differently, but that does not mean one is wrong and the other right. The same thing, even on the physical plane may be viewed at different angles and no two people see things alike, or give identical reports after having seen the same incident, as you all know.

Also, no attempt has been made to rewrite the discourses given. Allowances therefore must be made for the difficulties of transmission and of the “mechanics” involved. The words spoken were taken down in long hand.

Now, the mechanics of this transmission must be understood as rather a peculiar thing inasmuch as words are not used in these higher dimensions but the thoughts are impressed on the mind as in mental telepathy, conveying mental pictures which are then transposed into words. It must be borne in mind that in the higher dimensions an individual can see simultaneously numerous scenes or objects and may be in tune with and perceiving such a vast and expansive panorama as to feel completely frustrated and overwhelmed. Thus, to convey in words what is being seen is very difficult at times.

The word “seeing” certain high ceremonies, the power would be so tremendous that the great ones would build up an “energy shield” similar to a bubble in order to protect the centers of the psychic body of the transmitter. In one instance, the power was too great and a physical shock was suffered.

Also, in some instances, undoubtedly the mind of Dr. Norman was “conditioned” during sleep because several transmissions would come forth immediately upon awakening. The philosophical material in these books was given to him by several “old, white robed and white bearded men,” that were psychically seen by a number of people who knew Dr. Norman over a period of years. They were also observed around the writer and identically described to her shortly before meeting him. These, we were told, were Elisha, Enoch and Ezra.

Several of the communicators expressed themselves as having great difficulty in conveying thoughts into words, as it had been so many thousands of years since they had used our languages. However, the ancient masters seemed to be able to express themselves more beautifully than some of those who had more recently “changed worlds.” It is interesting that such entities as Darwin, William James, Mendel, and others, belittled their work while on earth, in view of the vast perspective now available to them. Evaluating them I would say that more spiritual perception was added to their writings while on earth.

The photographs of Dr. Norman’s face and hands are un-retouched. The psychic nail scars in the palms of both hands cause some distress at times from nerve contractions. At Good Friday through Easter time the fingers and hands are drawn or clenched as the cords and nerves become activated or contract. The large welted circle on the forehead is the result of viewing the crucifixion nearly two thousand years ago. It is called “the eye of Mohammed,” a psychic stigmata emanating from a previous incarnation in Mohammad’s time.

These particulars are merely pointed out to show that these are indeed very unusual and rare, if ever duplicated, conditions whereby these very extraordinary contacts are made. Whether you are a “believer” or disbeliever in things of this nature, whether a spiritualist or a psychologist seeking to understand the abnormal or supernormal, you have before you a most unusual case of extra-sensory perception and clairvoyance, worth serious study. Such men as Dr. Norman give evidence of abilities once possessed by men and lost, and which may be far more frequent in the future generations. At any rate, we hope the wisdom received and visions described will be a blessing to many.

Ruth Norman

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