The Superconscious Self

the-superconscious-self-main-4-post“The term Infinite itself can be considered of the utmost importance. The term Superconsciousness also may indeed at this point, present certain aspects which are not at present fully apparent in the reader’s interpolation. Therefore, we shall approach this subject and its context by stating that the much confused term God, or gods, as posed in numerous cultisms, religions and texts in past dispensations of mankind throughout his existence on the planet earth, can and should be resolved into this one common equation: There is indeed no personal relationship or personal deification involved in the relationship of the Infinite to man as the Infinite is, in all aspects, just as it should be thoroughly understood — Infinite.

This means that so far as space is concerned in the understanding of the modern scientist, his belief is a resistance-forces-4-postcomplete delusion. If we could conceive in the conscious mind for an instantaneous moment, the completion of the Infinite, we would find that space is infinitely filled, infinitely hard, so far as consciousness was reactive to it. In this sense therefore, so far as the material dimension is concerned, the term resistance is of the utmost importance, for all known physical laws function from the plane of reactance or resistance. The two words or terms are synonymous in their exact proportion as far as personal identities or interpolations of science are concerned, whether they relate to any expression, as is commonly composed in diametrically opposed forces of gravity, inertia, centripetal or centrifugal forces. These are all common derivatives of reactance or resistance in their various compounded infractions in the materialistic dimension of atomic forms.

The Infinite therefore must not be divided in any symposium of compoundedenergy-vibration-4-post infractions of atomic forms, but must assume proportions wherein we can see that the so-called space is actually a completely, infinitely filled solid. So far as our proportions of introspection are concerned in traveling through space, means that consciousness at any given time, interprets only a very small fraction of this infinitely filled space in terms of resistance or reactance. Thus, these various reactive factors, as they are so presently concerned with consciousness, are to the then existing concepts, the only existing and tangible elements of the Infinite; this then explains the common fallacy from which all present dispensations of materialistic sciences are so compounded.

The Infinite can therefore be said to exist in an infinite number of ways; and as has been previouslyphase-relationship-of-sine-waves-4-post postulated, as the Infinite is energy, that energy moves as it does in complete compatibility within itself as an oscillating motion concerned in a cyclic pattern. These energy wave forms can be either compatible in the relationship of vibration — as they are combined with each other — or they can also be completely or diametrically opposed to each other. We then can reason that such differences must therefore be divided into what is commonly referred to as a dimension, wherein we shall find a large number of suitably vibrating or harmonic wave form structures in cyclic paths, which are resonating in certain common basic fundamental relationships. As such, in these relationships, they are transferring to and from each other, the common idiom of that particular dimension so far as its own intelligence is concerned.

emf-spectrum-4-postDimensions are subsequently, in scientific parlance, subdivided into such other existing combinations of basic structures (called spectrums), such as light, heat and sound. The physical body and the five senses involved in sustaining the physical body on the planet earth, are all involved with these various subdivisions of spectro-energies in their reactive or resistive forces against these five senses.

To approach more thoroughly the concept of the Superconsciousness — as has been postulated from the beginning of Christianity and taught by Jesus — such compounds of intelligence as are found in various infinite symposiums which relate to the Infinite, can therefore be subtracted and evaluated on a more understandable basis. To look into the Infinite, therefore, we shall find that in different forms and posing as aggregates of sympathetic vibrations, certain confluxes of energy are thus compatibly inclined to separate themselves into similar interdimensional forms of relationships. These aggregates thus gather together in nuclear forms, wherein certain species of plant or animal life are constantly repropagated into some specific form upon the planet earth.

biological-evolution-4-postAs a direct result of oscillating outwardly — as intelligence is impounded inwardly — these various nuclei or cell structures, in a spiritual sense, are thus expressing themselves in such species or forms of plant and animal life; and here again we shall find a larger development of these specific cells or nuclei. In attaining a fuller measure of this development, the species of Homo sapiens, or man, thus begins an evolutionary journey through many lifetimes upon planets similar to the planet earth.

Here again are the cell-like spiritual structures, as they are compounded from such aggregates of human-body-systemspast lifetimes. In the symposiums of these numerous and infinite aggregates which have been oscillating compounds from infractions of past animal life species upon the face of the earth, man will, in direct consequence so far as the individual is concerned, express the various relative constituents of these numerous evolutionary forms as they are so compounded. This will explain why man has a pair of lungs which aerate the blood stream and various other organs which are necessary (or so he thinks), in conjunctive form with the so-called subconscious to sustain his life which he values very highly.

This does not, in any sense of the word, relate man to a form of higher consciousness which we have stressed as the Superhigher selfconsciousness. The Superconsciousness relates in a more positive dimensional form, certain aggregates of the Infinite Mind, which in the term Infinite, means there is a direct finite creative purpose in all forms of consciousness. The aggregates of the finite consciousness — as they are posed in the Infinite Mind — also form the same basic spiritual cell structures or nuclei which relate to all the positive essences, not only of earth-life existences as they are compounded in all forms and manners of species of life upon the earth, but also compounded in an infinite manner from all extractions of future lifetimes wherein these different nuclei or cell structures of spiritual energy will evolve into higher states of consciousness.

Herein enters a great principle; that again, through compatible frequency relationships as they are composed from these infinite cell structures in the Superconsciousness, they are oscillating or reflecting outwardly into the material dimensions. Thus they are controlling, throughigher-self--4-posth frequency relationships, the various aggregate forms of life as they are found in a suitable and compatible system of relationships. This, then, is the Superconsciousness, or the cell of life which is the aggregate — the sum and total of all of the infinite forms of consciousness which can be called the Infinite Mind. We are not concerned at the present moment with the origin of the Infinite Mind as it expresses itself infinitely, for this would indeed be far beyond the reach of any present mental consciousness. Sufficient to say, however, that even as we know Infinity in the present tense, it is only a small fraction or a small group of compounds of an over-all Infinity which would indeed stagger the imagination.

The Superconsciousness, then, can be pictured as a sort of vortex; as a cell wherein an infinite number of wave forms which, in their oscillation, present to Infinity the sum and total of all its aggregates. Thus this re-creative process, as has been described, constantly reflects and relates itself into an infinite number of other dimensions of relationship. This then, in conjunction with the previously described cell of life as it evolves and aggregates itself from various physical interpolations, becomes that particular sustaining part of the life consciousness which is called the ego.

The ego is not in any sense of the word to be confused with the Freudian concept which relates merely to extractions of the subconscious reactionary senses and interpolations of many different higher-self-of-man-expressing-infinitelyreactionary experiences of the past. But, in this common terminology, we are relating the ego to the spiritual form and substance as a finite form of consciousness and oscillating in direct conjunction with the Infinite.

It can also be pictured that this conjunctive oscillation with the Higher Self, or the Superconsciousness, is the sustaining life force, or the libido which gives the necessary impetus to sustain life through the numerous physical as well as spiritual dimensions. Thus it can be considered the Guiding Light, or the motivating force behind all life actions as they are concerned individually or collectively with mankind. In this broad sense, therefore, it can be said that any man, whether he is prince, pauper, beggar, merchant or thief is equally important in the Infinite Eyes of Consciousness for he is reflecting or expressing only for the moment — in whatever position he finds himself upon such a planet as the earth or in some other astral dimension — the part of Infinity as it was originally compounded in the Superconsciousness .

This concept may seemingly compose within itself – certain opposing doctrines of good and evil as they are so commonly accepted throughout the infinite number of interpolations of mankind upon the planet earth. The old struggle of good and evil is a primeval cause and sprang from out of the no-such-thing-as-good-and-evil-4-postmore primitive reaches of man’s consciousness upon the earth. Such forces as good and evil always were and must always remain, merely as compounds of relatively misunderstood forces which move about man in the cosmic ethers. Referring to such terms as cosmic ethers, we are again referring to that seeming void which is actually an infinitely filled solid.

Therefore, good and evil must be properly understood; that whatever our position in respect to any movement of Infinity — which it is going through in our so-called dimension of time and space — merely means that in our interpretation of this movement of intelligence, as it is either diametrically opposed to or is moving with our present conjunctive position with the Infinite, is the determinant element in that which we term good and evil but has no meaning in the personal equivalent so far as Infinite Consciousness is pathway to starsconcerned. Good and evil can therefore be considered, in common abstractions, as the sum and total of the Infinite Mind and when thoroughly understood, will present to the reader his first important step in his own evolution to destroy the old illusions of good and evil as they have been compounded from such infractions of various pantheologies and cultisms in previous lifetimes. These illusions will be replaced by more basic and fundamental concepts of the Infinite and as these relationships of intelligence move in this seemingly voidless void about him, it remains with each individual to properly relate such movements and interpret them into constructive evaluations and patterns in his own evolution. After the reader or the student has made this first basic and important step, he will have passed over the threshold of the old carnal or lustful world and the many implications of good and evil which it has formerly held for him. Instead, Infinity will present to him a never-ending succession of new fabrications and various contexts which he is able to extract from his forward evolution into this timeless and spaceless Infinite.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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