The Many Dimensional Levels of Venus – Part I

Venus-Dimensional-Levels-main-4-postJudging by the thoughts which are received by me from you, you are quite anxious that we shall begin our exploration directly on the planet Venus. This I will be most happy to do, as I believe that by now your minds have been sufficiently freed from the bondage of the limited earth-life concepts around you. I do not wish to be misconstrued in my attitude testing groundregarding your earth planet. It is a wondrously conceived and properly constituted place of life for people in your particular phase of development and while your history reveals that there have been some good cycles and some not so good, yet with all it can be said that you are admirably situated in a world which was conceived as a battle ground and testing place between your emotions and carnal desires and as an actual starting place in your spiritual evolution. Of course I am making an exception of the many great old souls who have reincarnated from time to time into your way of life and by the substance and strength of their wisdom have acted as a leavening agent which was a vital and necessary factor in maintaining the continuity of life in the lower orders of development in which they were working. Perhaps at some later time I will give you some more pertinent facts which will relate to the future history of your planet for not only is your past history well known to us here on Venus, but your future has also been written.

In going to the planet Venus I will ask one thing of you; that you must remember that while you may see some things which may in some way remind you of your more familiar planet, yet as I have explained there is nothing similar or vibrational levelscomparable to what you call weight or mass, and while all things on Venus do have weight and solidity; but only to those who have evolved into this plane and are properly constituted so that the elemental substructure of their minds and bodies are in close relationship with the elements around them, which is, of course, exactly the same relationship which your minds and bodies bear toward the elemental structures of the earth plane. The difference being, if you will pardon my being repetitious, in the relationship of that hackneyed word dimension. I do not like this word as it has a confining sound and relates to such limitations as measurements, or is suggestive of limited confined spaces. However I must speak in your clouds-covering-venus-4-postlanguage and in such a way as you will best understand me. Now that we are on common ground we shall approach the Planet Venus and begin what I hope will be a profitable as well as enlightening venture, as has been done many times before. We will use as our vehicle our astral body and with our mind firmly ensconced within its comforting closeness, we will see what happens. But lo, I have hardly spoken before we are there, at least to our first stopping point, which is somewhat outside the astral shell of the planet, or as your astronomers call a similar one around the earth, the ionosphere. This astral shell around Venus differs somewhat from that of the earth planet. However such differences are not so important as to warrant a further discussion. We will instead merely say that its function is somewhat similar to that of the earth and that it is a protective shield against some of the dangerous radiations which come from various sources in outer space. Your astronomers, in looking at this planet, see only vague masses of cloud-like substances which seem at all times to be a complete envelope. Actually no earth-man has seen the surface of the planet through a telescope or with any other device he may use in conjunction with these optical instruments.

I would like to point out that there are many earth people who have visited the planet on astral flights and have returned to earth with different and varying versions of their experiences. astral-travel-to-venus-4-postThis is very easily explained as they see everything in direct proportion to their particular stage of spiritual evolution. Many people could take a trip around the earth and while they may all see the same sights, no two people can describe these things in the same way nor do they see them in the same way. This factor is much more manifest in their astral flights to Venus and in seeing what they do, inasmuch as the factors relating to conception are of a much more spiritual nature. Their thought patterns and philosophies in their earth-life have preconditioned them so that they mentally select as it were such facets of perception as are compatible to these thought patterns. However I believe that through the channel of your mind, we here on the planet Venus can express and describe to the earth people a somewhat broader and more scientifically water world of venusfactual concept of what we actually have here. There are unfortunately very few clear channels and even much that has been given has been wasted on the desert sands of the minds of the average earth man. It was hinted previously regarding the appearance of Venus that as it appeared to be cloaked in cloudy masses, the earth astronomers naturally drew the conclusion that Venus was a wet or watery place and that any life on this planet would therefore have to be aqueous in nature. This is only partially true. While there are clouds in the atmosphere of Venus they are not wet damp vaporous masses, but the moisture which is needed to support the luxuriant growth of vegetation, I can assure you that the planet is anything but aqueous.

In explaining the vaporous cloud mass appearance let us refer back to our original concept and that is the looking-through-telescope4-postrelationship of elemental substances. They are due to the difference in relationship of atomic structures which compose the planet’s atmosphere and the difference of frequency vibration rates. This of course therefore makes these structures invisible to the earth-man in what he conceives to be around the planet. He has simply jumped to the wrong conclusion that because he may see this envelope as a cloudy mass that he may be able to obtain some refractory analysis. This may lead him further astray in his diagnosis for he has seen nothing more than that which is contained in our extra heavy thick ionosphere and the very deep atmospheric envelope which, of course, surrounds the entire planet.

Venus has no axis inclination as has your earth, therefore there are no seasonal changes. It is roughly one-third larger than the earth and is also much closer to the venusian landscape twosun. I will not give you the figures on our Venusian measurements as we have small use for such things, but if you wish to satisfy your curiosity, any of your encyclopedias will give you this information. We here on Venus have an entirely different concept of time and space, and such concepts as are used by the earth astronomers are somewhat reminiscent of the days when we, as children on a similar planet, played with mud pies. Getting down farther into the atmosphere of our planet we will begin to see many strange (at least to your eyes) and wonderful sights. The surface of this planet encompasses many and highly diversified geological formations. There are many vast mountain ranges, great lakes, rivers and oceans. You may think at first that this reminds you of your own planet, yet there are many differences.

The air itself does not seem to be as heavy but it gives you a wonderful feeling of exhilaration. This is due partly to venusian forcefield around planetthe fact that Venus has a much more highly charged magnetic field. This, in combination with other factors, creates a gas something similar to ozone which you may remember having smelled after a thunderstorm. There are other differences which relate to weather conditions and the lack of your more familiar seasonal changes, due to the difference in the intensity of the magnetic structure of the atmosphere and the ionosphere.

All such weather factors are much less violent than on your earth. Also we must remember that all elemental structures surrounding this planet are much closer in their linkage or relationship to the Fountainhead; and, shall we say, more intelligent and less obstreperous. There are none of the cold winters or snowy regions on this planet. Neither are there the vast arid desert regions or the steaming hot jungles. All in all the planet is a much more well behaved vessel of life, partially, as I have said, because of a more highly evolved structural density, and partially because we here on this planet know how to control weather conditions. The Avatar Christ calmed the raging seas and caused the winds to cease their howling and then boldly walked upon the face of the now calm water. May I say humbly that we here on Venus also know of these things.
venusian landscape threeAnother thing which you will notice is the iridescent glowing beauty; also the vegetation itself may display a riotous beauty of colour and contrast, the seas and waters have a radiant opalescent beauty and the very mountains seem to be composed of the essence of mother-of-pearl. All over, and about and around all of this there are hanging multitudes of rainbow-hued auras. Dew drops shoot forth radiant shafts of light which are far more brilliant than any you have ever before witnessed.

You may see a countless number of strange and fantastically hued birds and huge butterflies whose wings seem to be encrusted with a million jewels. You may taste the waters of some tumbling stream and find them sweet beyond all previous taste experiences.
venusian-cloud-cities-2Or you may come upon one of the many cities which seem to hang half-suspended between earth and sky, which may remind you somewhat of the pictures in some childhood fairy book of the fairy castle on top of a high hill. Yes, my castle-temple-venusfriends, Venus is a wonderful, beautiful place, and a rich reward which may be well earned through the many thousands of reincarnations and earth lives.

On my next visit we will seek out one of these fairy castle-like cities and we shall enter in and meet some of those who have earned and richly deserve this reward, and yet even as it must always be so, our respective planes of life are so widely separated that we must return to our respective positions, but we will meet again soon.

Brother Mal Var

Excerpt from The Voice Of Venus

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