The Life Cycle

spiral-of-life-2-post“The all-pervading, all-permeating, all-existing intelligent God resides or lives or expresses Himself in an infinite way through many, many dimensions. Jesus spoke of it thusly, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” Mansions, of course, are the relative planes and the dimensions of existence. Therefore, in the creation of man, it can be said that God, as He is of infinite nature and intelligence, multidimensionalmust express Himself in an infinite number of ways. This, then, begins to assume a definite or a tangible or a personal expression. We will say that God is creating Himself as an individual in an infinite number of ways by the creation of each human being.

As it is quite necessary, if we think a moment, in this infinite nature of God, that God must also combine all of the elements of infinity into the nature of the personal expression or the human being; therefore comes the necessity for the living or the learning or the realization into all realms and dimensions of consciousness as an individual. God begins the creation of man something like this: we can say that, in His Infinite Mind, man so begins as a basic fundamental life cycle. This is, in itself, a cycle which will remain 4th-dimensional-life-cycle-4-postthroughout eternity with the individual. Within this cycle or place are an infinite number of tiny or larger wave forms. These wave forms are, in themselves, frequencies or intensities which can convey – and as they are unchanged through time or eternity – and will continually reflect or convey in the proper sense of content, the intelligence which was placed within them.

Now we begin to understand that here God has placed in this life cycle, all of His Infinite Intelligence, all of the things in the nature of which God is. But it is still in a form which is not personalized nor can it be expressed in a personal fashion upon a lower plane of consciousness. So therefore, this intelligence must, by necessity, and as it is Infinite in nature, again reflect or assume another form. This second form, or the projection of all of the things of which it contains, is called the psychic body. We can visualize it as something similar to the screen in the motion picture theater, and that the projector with the film which portrays the picture is the life cycle.projector-and-psychic-anatomy-4-postThe screen, or psychic body, therefore contains a reflected concept of all that is within the original basic life cycle. This psychic body or, as it is sometimes called, the thought body or the thought form body, is even expressed in the terms of the psychiatrist as the subconscious mind. It is, in itself, by necessity, a by-product of not only the intelligence of the life cycle but in the expression of the thing in which it is – the life within itself – becomes outwardly the objective mind or the conscious mind of the individual. It can also take unto itself such manifold experiences as the individual is going through during his various periods of life of this particular time of his evolution.

It has been explained previously that the existence and the experience of all things in this earth or spirit-to-body-4-poston other worlds takes place in the mental consciousness; even though they may express themselves or move about as material forms, happenings or experiences, yet essentially, they are mental in nature. And as mental in nature, they regenerate themselves in a cycular pattern within this psychic body.

Now, it is easy to see that the psychic body can become the receptacle of not only the intelligence of God from the life cycle, but can also retain the intelligence or the experience, or even the inferior or the negative experiences of the individual, but the psychic body does even more than this. Through the life cycle and into the psychic body is the creative life force of God Himself. This, in turn, recreates into idea or form, the structure and the elements of the human body. This human body or the physical form is the idea body. It is simply a vehicle in which the consciousness lives or dwells within the relative place. It can be likened, if you will, to the suit and helmet the deep sea diver wears when he descends to the ocean floor, so that through the lifetime of the individual, he is merely manipulating a mechanism or an organism which is essential to his life upon this plane.

He has the lungs to breathe the gas; he has the necessary intestinal mechanism to assimilate the various atomic structures known as foods within this dimension and to regenerate the necessary heat for the body metabolism. This all, in the sum and total, is merely the expression of the divine will and consciousness which comes from the individual life cycle.

Now we can begin to see that, as it has truly been said, man is created of God. In the Bible it speaks that God gathered together the dust of the earth and created man. This is merely a parable and one in which only a childlikcycle-of-life-4-post-3e mind would be able to tolerate, but our own consensus and evaluation of what man really is, would, by necessity, be more than just that. The earth in itself, of course in its evolution, does become the elemental substances of the body, but first we have the creative intelligence behind all of this in order for the body to do this. This creative intelligence is God and manifests from the life cycle.

In going about your life, if the individual knew of the pertinent facts, knew that he or she, with each act, each daily thought, each consciousness in the expression of life about himself or herself was being permanently engraved, if we could liken it to that, within the psychic body, this, in its countless evolutions of the lives of the individual throughout this earth and many other earths, becomes the sum and total of all that he is, becomes the sum and total of his individual expression. He can therefore, by the same token of all this, become very godlike. He can assume all the propensities from the individual expression of such a God.

Jesus of Nazareth was able to express in some ways, the godlike nature of man, and the creative intelligence behind this way of life. With his many miracles which He worked while on this earth jesus-4-postplane, He was merely setting up the actual working counterpart of this divine intelligence. In a large sense, Jesus merely set aside the element of time and space and reverted into the fourth dimension, into the original or the place of conception of all things. Therefore, in this particular dimension, as the life force was continually creating and recreating itself, also that all things had been created or were created with the infinite nature of God, all things were not only possible but they are; so Jesus merely brought into the conscious expression a part of God which was already there but which could not be seen with the finite mind.

Remember, therefore, that your act of consciousness of this day or the deed of this hour will be something which can be a basic block on which to build your future, or it can become a stumbling block. It can become something which you may have to spend, not only one lifetime but many lifetimes to infinite-conception-evolution-4-posteradicate, or to eliminate some great negative cycle in the consciousness of the psychic body of the individual.

And so, dear student, do not feel for one moment that because you have read your UN.AR.I.U.S. texts a time or two that you have conceived all that these works behold for you. Not so. The Science of UN.AR.I.U.S. is infinite in nature and you can spend a lifetime or several lifetimes to conceive these principles. And I say to you in all sincerity, you shall never come to any point in your evolution where you cannot gain a greater measure of understanding, of inner awareness and a greater oneness and closer relationship with the all-creative Infinite Consciousness. It is in this way that the Infinite lives in man and that man does become godlike in nature.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium, Vol. I


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