The Clarion Call

clarion-call-mainTwo thousand years ago a man walked along the shore of an inland sea, tall and of red beard and hair and of noble bearing; yet there was much more than this, which set Him apart from all others. And as He walked He came upon a boat resting upon the beach wherein sat two fishermen mending their nets. And He calledjesus-fishers-of-men-2 to them saying, “Come follow me, I will make you fishers of men.” And straightaway they laid down their nets and followed.

What kind of courage was this that could cause these two to follow this unknown stranger? Perhaps it was an inward knowing that superceded any natural desires or instincts to remain with the known things of their life. And as they followed, the day quickly came when they were vindicated in this apparent madness and they saw many miracles wrought and great Truths spoken.

And there were others, too, who likewise followed … and saw … and heard. And many fell by  jesus-judas-2the wayside, for they could not meet the one simple requirement which must be fully met with – TO GIVE FREELY OF THEMSELVES. And of the Twelve who remained and gave of themselves, yet there was even one among these few who would soon sell himself and the others for thirty pieces of silver. And for this, in his great sorrow, he would hang himself on the thorn tree.

What great paradox is this; what great mystery is this that always men must turn upon those who love them the most? How often it is that those Great Souls from the Higher Planes have asked Themselves this same question. Yet surely They must know the answer – for indeed it is so, Theirs is a never-ending quest to seek goodness and virtue among men in these earthly worlds; and in this quest, finding one and then another who has this goodness and virtue and can give freely of himself; for therein, in this great mystery lies the answer, sought by all, yet found by so few. Yes, even after thousands of years of turmoil and strife among themselves and with their selves, they come not upon the answer and their cries of despair are heard in the Higher places.

white-winged-messengerAnd again it is that a white-winged Messenger brings one small flame of Light to lead these few from out of their darkness, for in the Infinite Mind all things have been conceived, and in this conception the fruit of Wisdom is always borne from out of the womb of time wherein all men suffer until the day of their delivery. How great it is to know of this Light and this Fruit, and to know of Him who brings it forth into the darkened regions of these earthly worlds. Yet even greater it is to hold this same Light even though those He came to help would set upon Him like ravening beasts. For as each man is born, truly it is that he liveth NOT until he liveth for ALL men.

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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