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sleep-teaching-4-postSome mornings I wake up with a sleep teaching going through my head. I try to write them down as they expound on recent studies. This is a recent one. Anyone can get a sleep teaching. We all can connect in our sleep state to other dimensions or worlds where we can get the answers to our questions. All we have to do is ask.

I am not saying what I learn is what anyone else needs to learn but this does correlate with what I have been studying so I thought I would share:

We are the PART and the WHOLE all at the same time in the ever-present NOW.

How do we access any part of the whole at any time for any reason? Since time and space do not really exist and everything that has ever existed or will ever exist is in the eternal now then the way to access information is through frequency relationship as taught in our Unariun studies.

Since we are one that is the PART and the WHOLE all at the same time then we can reasonably conclude that when we are positive then we tune into the WHOLE that is positive – that is all the dimensions of so-called ‘heaven’, conversely when we are negative we tune into the WHOLE that is negative – that is all the dimensions of so-called ‘hell’, therefore it becomes important to stay attune to the positive at all times as being positive means that we move forward rather then backwards in our spiritual evolution.

We can be anywhere in so-called “space” that we can conceive because any point in space is infinitely filled with energy that is a PART yet one with the WHOLE but this ability can only be mastered with the understanding of how energy functions which is important since EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

The keys to the universe is in the understanding and application of the knowledge of energy and the principles of energy and their use in a constructive positive way that will not only advance our soul into higher dimensions but assist us in mastering the current dilemmas of our present life. Understanding the principles of energy is necessary if we want to become masters of our current circumstances instead of allowing our current circumstances master us.

Since space is interwoven with countless dimensions and since we are composed of so-called space, this makes us dimensions within dimensions; that is why we have the ability to be conscious of any one dimension or dimensions at any time but again only if we conceive that this is possible and know how to make the proper attunement.

I know of no better way to understand the science of energy then through the Science of UN.AR.I.U.S.. All we really own is our present moment. We have the choice in making it either constructive or destructive and this choice is always ours to make eternally. Let us always choose wisely.

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