Spirit Attachment And Past Life Releasement

Spirit-Attachment-And-Past-Life-Releasement-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Many traditional therapists and counselors reject the idea of past-life therapy, partly because it is based on the controversial spiritual notions of reincarnation and karma. Most traditional therapists and many past-life therapists reject the concept of spirit releasement therapy because it is based on the objectionable and, to many, frightening possibility of spirit possession.

Spirit releasement therapy and past-life therapy are closely linked in clinical practice. The event that led to the spirit attachment is often discovered in a past life of the client. This must be explored through the techniques of PLT (Past Life Therapy). The past-life events described and experienced by a client may be part of the soul memory not of that client, but of an attached entity. Differential diagnosis is critically important, the identity of the one speaking must be established before the appropriate techniques can be followed.

Past-life therapy is so effective in so many problem situations, it is a surprise when it doesn’t work well. PLT on a discarnate entity accomplishes little to nothing toward relief of the problem affecting the client. The therapist often can’t tell which condition, past-life trauma or attached entity, is present until well into the session. The following reports demonstrate the connection between past-life therapy and spirit releasement therapy in cases of physical and psychological problems.

Eating Disorder

Gayle, a thirty-five-year-old female client, suffered with bulimia, an eating disorder involving eating binges followed by self-induced vomiting, use of laxatives, and other efforts to control weight. She had been bulimic for twenty-one years, beginning at age fourteen. Since that time, she had gone through the binge-purge eating cycle three times a day on average—a very severe case. In the discovery process, I directed Gayle to locate the source of the condition.

The character that emerged was a woman who had died one hundred years earlier. She had killed her deformed Siamese twin children, then escaped into the woods outside of town, successfully eluding the authorities for the remainder of her life. She would sneak into town at night, eating whatever she could and as much as she could. She also ate whatever she could find in the woods.

Past-life memory? Could be. However, I suspected an entity. I asked the question:

“How old was Gayle when you joined her in this lifetime?”

If it is a past life of the client, the question is meaningless and the client will ignore it. If it is an entity, it will answer immediately. This one did.

When she was fourteen and suffering from typical teenage female emotional stress, the entity joined her, urging her to:

“eat, eat, it will make you feel better.”

The initial intention of the entity was to be helpful to the girl. However, Gayle gained considerable weight and was unhappy about it. The entity then urged her to:

“throw up, it will make you feel better.”

The entity was asked to follow that thought back to where it began. Gayle was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a box of tissue in front of her. Good thing. She suddenly began to retch; she clutched her abdomen and doubled over in pain. Her head landed in the box of tissue. The entity apparently had eaten some poison berries that had made her ill. Vomiting eased her pain, and made her “feel better.”

This was the genesis of the hinge-purge cycle that the spirit of the woman from another time had imposed on this girl in the classic pattern of bulimia. The entity was happy to find peace by going to the Light.

Gayle was immediately relieved of the compulsion to binge and purge. Several months later the referring therapist, who had observed the session, reported that the client was bingeing and purging perhaps two to three times per week, but with no real power behind the act. It seemed to be just a nagging habit and no longer a compulsion. They worked on this in her ongoing therapy.

Sleep Disorder

Randy was a flight attendant, young and handsome. He had chosen a gay lifestyle, yet had little success making a relationship work. Often in his sleep he would kick his partner out of bed. Randy had a fear of going to sleep. Even in infancy and childhood, Randy had feared sleeping. He would kneel or stand with his hands on the edge of the crib, rocking back and forth, shaking the entire crib. As an adult, he would hold on to the foot of his bed and rock in the same manner.

He knew and had always known that this behavior would keep the “thing” in the room away from him, and he would he safe. In therapy, he was achieving good results in areas other than his nighttime behavior. Frustrated in her efforts, his therapist referred him to me for an exploration of spirit attachment.

Randy went easily into the altered state, and he was directed to locate the source of the behavior. Living in Rome during the first century AD., he had adopted a gay lifestyle, yet kept it hidden from his family. Occasionally he met his lover in a small apartment at the edge of the town where he lived. One night, Randy went to the apartment, unaware that his lover was already there, asleep. Startled at the noise of Randy’s entrance, the lover, fearful in his sleepy state, grabbed his spear and killed the “intruder,” which turned out to be his beloved.

This traumatic experience in a past life would be accepted by most past-life therapists as the easy explanation of his sleep disorder and fear of the ‘thing” in the room. Yet there was more. The lover distraught and horrified by his deed, took his own life. His guilt and remorse kept him Earthbound. He joined Randy early in this lifetime as an attached entity; his own memories and emotions blended with Randy’s. From this combination of past-life trauma and attached entity developed the sleep disorder and the fear of the ‘thing” in the room.

The lover perceived the inappropriateness of the situation. He was quick to release his guilt and remorse, and replace it with love. He moved into the Light to happily await the reunion with Randy after completion of his life span on Earth. I received a glowing report from his therapist a few months later. Randy was sleeping well, and his therapy was going much better than before the session.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation may be an inborn characteristic. Many gay people describe knowing without doubt from a young age they were “different.” Approaching sexual maturity, they were drawn to same-sex interaction. For them, it is natural, not a crime, not a mental illness, and not an aberration.

For some, same-sex relationships are a matter of choice. Some people are simply curious and have no hesitation to enjoy sensual pleasures with both sexes. For them, the usual boundaries on sexual activity don’t exist. The term “bisexual” has been suggested for this outlook. It may or may not be valid.

A male client described his small-town life and naivete as a youth. Not until his senior year in college did he hear classmates talking about lesbianism. He asked the meaning of the term and was shocked. His response: “Why would anyone want to do that?” However, in personality tests of his male/female balance, he had always scored about 99 percentile toward the feminine. He is sensitive, compassionate, and is a gifted psychological counselor. He is decidedly heterosexual.

One client described his foray into homosexual activity. After his divorce from his first wife, he hated women so much, he falsely assumed he must be homosexual. He tried it for two weeks, realized his attitude toward his former wife had nothing to do with his sexual preferences, and resumed what was, for him, normal interaction with women.

Several female inmates in a prison where I volunteered as a hypnotherapist stated flatly that in prison they chose other women as partners because they were lonely for intimacy and sexual pleasure. It was clearly a matter of choice in those circumstances. After release from incarceration, they knew they would go right back to heterosexual relationships.

It seems there are many choices and predilections involved in sexual orientation and interaction. However, an attached entity of the opposite gender can cause confusion over gender orientation and sexual behavior. This confusion can lead to homosexuality, transvestism, or transsexualism, and gender reassignment surgery. Many people who are unhappy with their sexual orientation and want to change have been freed of these behaviors after releasing the entity that caused what was, for them, a problem.

Gender Dysphoria

Frank was fifty-five. He had been a transvestite for fifty years. He first became fascinated with his mother’s underwear when five years old. During his preteen and teen years, he stole articles of women’s clothing from clotheslines in his neighborhood, eventually collecting enough to have his own female wardrobe. His wife knew of his condition, but his grown children did not. He was a strong man, masculine to the point of macho, not delicate in anyway. He worked in a demanding, forceful position as a personnel recruiter. The attached entity was a woman who had been his baby-sitter when a young child. She had died in a trolley accident.

By the next day after the session, Frank said he felt like a new man, as if a ten-ton weight had been lifted out of his guts. Alter three months, he was certain that she, the entity, and the urge to wear feminine clothing were gone. He “wanted to shout it from the rooftops.” Four months after the session he reported that it was back. He was again enjoying dressing as a woman and this was depressing for him. Two weeks later, he described this brief episode as only a passing fancy. It was gone again.

Six months later he was still free of the practice and yet could remember the excitement and pleasure derived from wearing the feminine attire. They were now stored in trunks in his garage.

Following the session. I received a letter from his wife. Though she loved him and tolerated the fetish, it had bothered her a great deal. Things had changed, she wrote, and she praised the session as the most significant event in their seven-year marriage.

I have worked with several male preoperative transsexuals. After the release of the dominating female entities, they experienced a complete reversal of the desire for gender reassignment.

Hal, a sixty-two-year-old architect, chose to keep the female entity we discovered. He attributed his artistic ability to her influence. Releasement is never forced and is the client’s choice. The entity claimed to be Shirley, a girlhood friend of his mother who had died in a boating accident on Lake Michigan several years before his birth. She had entered and attached to him at about the sixth or seventh week in utero. His mother had called him Shirley during the entire prenatal period.

Still troubled with the gender dysphoria, he sought therapy with a female psychologist who also understood the concept of spirit influence, but only had limited knowledge of spirit releasement procedures. During the first session she discovered and released the entity immediately when it manifested. She asked Hal to visualize an apple orchard, then she sent the entity into the orchard. She did not ask his permission.

The next morning he called me to report that for the first time in his life, he had awakened “not confused.” Before that morning he had not known what it was like to be single-minded. He had nothing with which to compare his mental state since Shirley had been with him prior to birth.

Sitting in church three days later, Hal, lulled by the sermon, was staring at a mother-of-pearl necklace around the neck of a woman seated nearby. His mind drifted. Suddenly he felt a whooshing sensation; the spirit of the female apparently returned.

Hal chose to allow her to remain and he continued to see another therapist in an attempt to solve his gender dysphoria through conventional sex therapy. Several years later he was still feeling the urge to cross-dress and still considering gender reassignment surgery. He was sixty-eight years old and newly married. For a while in this marriage, he maintained his old apartment, occasionally dressing as a woman. His new wife accepted this, though she did not like it.

Within months, he let his apartment go, fully involving himself in marriage and family life. He still thought about Shirley, felt her presence, and missed the feeling of dressing as a beautiful woman. Even after several years of marriage, he still thought about dressing in female attire. Still in therapy for the gender dysphoria, he refused to release Shirley. He stated that if anything happened to the marriage, he would not rule out gender reassignment surgery.


Jolene was a thirty-four-year-old nurse suffering from “burnout.” During the four-hour midday drive from her home to the session, she had to stop several times for short naps. This is a type of spirit-induced resistance and is not uncommon. The spirit attempts to divert the client, either by inducing a lapse of memory of appointment times, causing illness, or causing sleep, as in this case. In her weekly routine, the woman hated to go to work and was barely able to trudge up the steps of the hospital. This situation had gradually worsened.

The first of many attached entities to be discovered was the spirit of an angry sixteen-year-old girl who had died of leukemia in the hospital. She hovered over the door of her room, unaware she could leave through walls or the ceiling. The next person to enter the room following her death was Jolene, and the entity immediately attached.

My first session with Jolene lasted six hours. Two days later, the second session lasted two hours. Many discarnates were released. The woman, once again, was happy with her work.

Spirit attachment is a typical cause of burnout, especially with nurses. Usually committed to their profession, they are compassionate and empathetic with patients. Caring is often the magnet that draws spirits of patients who die in the hospital.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Susan was in her late thirties, attractive, intelligent, an attorney no longer practicing her profession. She had lost her husband by suicide several years earlier, and she still felt the loss deeply. In that same year, she had undergone a life-threatening surgery. There were many opportunities for spirit attachment and fragmentation of consciousness.

Several years prior to our session, Susan had uncovered memories of sexual abuse by her father at the age of six. He had raped her more than once. Certainly it was a forbidden subject within the family. Unfortunately, her parents lived only a few miles from her, and she was required to see them occasionally on a social basis. Since discovering the abuse, this interaction was a terrible ordeal for her.

Through conversation with siblings, she discovered her older sister, a psychologist, had also suffered the same torture. Susan was severely depressed, and physically exhausted. Even more devastating for her, she had lost her connection with what she termed her inner Christ.

Typically she would arise in the morning, perform whatever few tasks needed doing, then return to bed before noon. Susan suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and there seemed to be no conventional treatment available. She had considered suicide more than once during the prior several years. There remained little purpose in life for her.

Susan learned of past-life therapy by seeing psychiatrist Brian Weiss, M.D., on TV, and decided to try it. Why not? Nothing else had worked. With a waiting list of several years, Dr. Weiss referred her to another psychiatrist when she called his office. An appointment was scheduled. Under hypnosis, Susan was directed to locate the cause of her debilitating CFS.

Immediately she recalled the first rape scene at the age of six. While she was in the throes of this traumatic memory, the psychiatrist abruptly interrupted her with the statement (paraphrased from her memory):

“You’ll have to handle that yourself, I don’t deal with childhood sexual abuse trauma. I only do past-life therapy.”

This was a serious clinical error, worsened by an unfeeling attitude on the part of a mental health professional. As a self-proclaimed past-life therapist, he also committed a conceptual error. Rarely does anything begin in the present lifetime. This painful childhood episode most certainly echoed a traumatic event in a prior life. Clearly, the psychiatrist missed the opportunity to heal unfinished business from an earlier lifetime.

She left his office in a seriously suicidal state. Her sister urged a malpractice suit; she refused.

We received an urgent call from Susan. The sister knew of our work and referred her to us. During the first session, we succeeded in releasing a number of layers of dark force entities. They were harvesting the energy of her anguish and blocking any emotional progress she might have made. Removal of the layered dark entities was necessary before the personal issues could be addressed. There was severe fragmentation of consciousness, but she did not have the strength to continue working that day. She felt only slight relief after the session.

A few days later, we conducted a remote session, requested by Susan, and released more attached entities and recovered much of the soul fragmentation. Susan reported a tremendous boost in her energy level, and her will to live. Recovery had begun.

In her next session, she again chose to seek the source of the CFS. Memory of the sexual trauma came up immediately. Along with the memory came the terror and the awful questions:

“Why? Why did he do this? It hurts so much, why don’t I die? What have I done to deserve this?”

The bridge inductions assisted her in uncovering the past-life trauma. She, as a man, had been a follower of Jesus. Political leaders of the time deemed this a crime, and he was arrested, imprisoned, and beaten unmercifully though not severely enough to cause death. Allowed to recover, he was questioned about Jesus and His teachings, urged to renounce Him, and again severely beaten when he refused.

The grinding agony of the questions continued:

“Why? Why is he doing this? It hurts so much, why don’t I die? What have I done to deserve this?”

This pain, this fear, and the unanswered questions, were part of the unfinished business that Susan carried from the first century into the present life. The third time he was beaten, he succumbed. In that place of no pain, disconnected from the body, we processed the event. She recognized her torturer in that life as her father in the present life. She compared the fear, the pain, and the unanswered questions, and found both situations to be identical in context.

Reliving the earlier torture and death brought some understanding of the interaction, some unraveling of the connecting threads, yet failed to bring resolution of the question, “Why?”

Two avenues of exploration were now available: to find the connecting event, the other side of the coin so to speak, the earlier episode that had set the forces in motion leading to the beating death and the sexual abuse; or to explore for an external element, either a force or a being, that had influenced the stream of events. The latter is a necessary part of therapy and is often more rapid in bringing resolution.

Dr. B.: “From where you are, above the body look into the eyes of the torturer. What do you perceive?”

C.: “Anger. He’s so angry.”

Dr. B.: “What color do you see in his eyes?”

C.: “They’re red. Just angry and red.”

This is a sure sign of the demonic at work. Jesus wasn’t just a teacher. He was a major threat to the forces of darkness, to their plan on Earth, to their activities as they enjoyed free rein among humans who could not see them and denied their existence. The situation is essentially the same today.

The dark beings were intent on suppressing the teachings and breaking or destroying all those who were listening. A dark force network was focused on the followers of Jesus. It still operates, along with many other dark force networks attempting to block any form of teaching of Light.

Susan was directed to look at her father’s eyes during the rape episode. She saw the same red eyes. The same dark beings had infested her father in his incarnations over the centuries, standard operating procedure for dark force entities and dark networks. This red-eyed DFE and its underlings were released simultaneously from torturer and father: a remote spirit releasement for father in the present and for the torturer nearly two thousand years ago. Relief was palpable in the room. We were silent.

With this completion, Susan was finally willing that forgiveness could occur between herself and her father. In this session, she found answers to the question: “Why?” She was able to replace the earlier questions with the statement:

C.: “Forgiveness is the key to healing.”

Later she reported that her father was acting differently toward her. He had changed immediately after the remote spirit releasement. Her attitude toward him had changed also, and she was feeling a deep sense of peace about him.

Repeated incarnation in human form provides opportunities to resolve, heal, and forgive everyone, including ourselves, who have been involved in traumatic events of the past. It seems we will bring up the same unresolved issues time after time, lifetime after lifetime, until healing and forgiveness are completed. Issues can take new forms, such as the death at the hands of a Roman torturer in an earlier lifetime and rape by a father in this life. Both exemplify the core issue of victimhood.

The being who was both torturer and father/abuser took on the detestable role of child molester in this life to bring Susan the opportunity of resolving and forgiving. There may have been many intervening lifetimes when the core issue was brought up and she did not manage to bring completion to the issue.

This is an aspect of reincarnation that cannot be overlooked. As past-life therapists, we see this mechanism operating so well. Without this introspection, processing, and completion, the same core issue might emerge in countless future incarnations.

One more thing remained that Susan wanted to accomplish. She wanted to reconnect with that part of the Oneness that is herself. She did. In the next session, she rediscovered the Christ of her being. This was a deeply personal and profoundly spiritual accomplishment. It was a privilege for us to share it.

Excerpt from Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits From Your Energy Body

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