Seven Ways To Discover Who You Were In A Past Life

Ways-of-Discovering-Your-Past-Lives-mainWant to Know What Makes You…You?

Who you are now is a direct result of your soul’s past-life experiences. Every lifetime leaves an indelible mark, and has a profound impact on who you are now. To find out what makes you who you are, you must uncover who you were.

Who Was I In My Past Life?

The talents and abilities you developed through your work in previous lifetimes are with you now. Your soul is on a journey with one fundamental mission: to EVOLVE. And each lifetime brings you closer to that goal. That is why it is so important to understand how everything you are, and everything you do, is related to who you were in prior incarnations.

Also learning more about what you were is crucial if you want to live the life your soul intended in this incarnation. There are a variety of ways to explore this. Here are seven techniques to assist in answering the question, “Who was I in my past life and other incarnations?”

1. Examine what attracts, interests, or creates a sense of nostalgia in you.

Make lists and connect the dots. For example, you may carry a long-time interest in South American shamanism, you may be intensely attracted to ancient Asian culture, or you may feel a deep sense of longing and inexplicable nostalgia towards the English countryside. Start making lists of all the things you love (like) and hate (dislike): people, places, periods of history, foods, sense memories (e.g. I hate being cold), styles of clothing and on and on. Look over the list and see if you can connect some dots. You dislike the architecture of Russia, you hate being cold, you really hated a movie you saw about Nicolas II…I think you are getting the point. Start making lists of all the things you love (like) and hate (dislike): people, places, periods of history, foods, sense memories (e.g. I hate being cold), styles of clothing and on and on. Look over the list and see if you can connect some dots. You dislike the architecture of Russia, you hate being cold, you really hated a movie you saw about Nicolas II…I think you are getting the point.

2. Pay attention to repetition in your dreams.

This is one of the easiest things you can do. Before you go to sleep at night, ask to see glimpses of your past lives. Keep your notebook (dream diary) close at hand to scribble down anything that you may see in your dreams. It may take a few nights to prime the pump, but it will happen if you flag your attention to it each evening before sleep.

Also learn to distinguish between dreams that feel dreamlike, and dreams that feel distinctly life-like – these dreams may present doorways into the collective unconscious. Repetitive dreams in particular carry important messages for they reveal what our minds on a subconscious level are fixated with. For instance, if you frequently dream about being abandoned for no particular reason (i.e. no childhood abandonment issues), you may be carrying a past life experience of having been abandoned.

This may be a good place to issue a warning: Watch out for the famous person syndrome. The ego loves to crow when we uncover a past life of fame and fortune. Let’s say you awaken in the morning after a dream of Napoleon Bonaparte with a sense of self-satisfaction. Imagine you—Napoleon! (Like being Napoleon was a great thing.) The truth? Some higher presence or your higher self may have been using Napoleon, an archetypal image or symbol, as a way of telling you to knock off the Napoleonic behavior at work.

Past life investigation is like being on a reconnaissance mission. You go in, gather useful information and then you get back out. Whether you were a king or a pauper is not the point—it’s all about what you learned from the experience and how it applies to your present lifetime.

3. Watch where you put your intention.

You get pregnant, or your spouse gets pregnant, and suddenly you see pregnant women everywhere you look. You get a catalog from an upscale store—gee, you never realized they sold baby clothes. You see a woman in a bakery with a crying baby—what use to annoy you is now so cute. You wonder why there are so many pregnant women and babies. There have always been pregnant women and babies, you just happen to have your attention on them now that you’re expecting.

Using this principle, put the concept of reincarnation at the forefront of your mind. Get some books on it, google the subject on the internet, have some conversations with your friends about it. Then watch. All sorts of information, insights, and recalls will begin to surface. Life responds to whatever you are putting your attention on. Then, you just have to connect the dots.

4. Examine your soul group.

What harsh, but powerful lessons have your friends, family members and/or partner’s taught you? What are their fears, hates, loves, and how do they react to you and you to them? Can you sense a particular theme running through your life with them that has seemed to be there from the very start? It is said that we all enter this life with a soul group which is a group of beings that collectively work to resolve accumulated karma. Review the negative patterns that seem to repeat themselves in association with your relationships and see how they might correspond to the past.

5. Keep a past life journal.

Use a notebook to record all the bits and pieces that you begin to uncover about reincarnation and your past lives. Here’s an example: Helped my son with a project about Mt Vesuvius before dinner and that very same night I saw a made for TV documentary on the destruction of Pompeii. What a coincidence…especially in light of the fact that I have no love for volcanoes. Brought up a memory of seeing a mummified corpse from Pompeii in a museum when I was a child. Ugh! If I saw that in my notebook, I would begin to explore my suspicions that I might have been there when Mt. Vesuvius blew its top. How do you go about exploring it? Do research on Pompeii. Think on it some. Watch for other signs. Write questions in your notebook about how that lifetime has influenced you this lifetime and see what answers begin to appear. Ask other questions.

6. Personal appraisal of self.

Analysis of cyclic patterns will help in discovering and unlocking certain negative cycles or experiences that repeat themselves over and over again. To do this, take two pieces of paper. Label one “Good Things” and the other “Bad Things”. This represents the pattern of your lives, past and present. This should be done privately and kept within the confines of just your personal review. Sit down and think back upon the time when you were a small child and enumerate all the good things that ever happened to you. Write dates of these happenings on the opposite side. Then take the other sheet and write all the very unpleasant things which happened to you as near as you can remember and include the dates or periods of time in which they transpired.

In analyzing what you have written, you will begin to see that there is a pattern to these happenings, of places, and time. This will assist you in being able to see either in moments of flashbacks, dreams, or feelings some of the past life experiences involved that are currently influencing the present and by doing so will provide an answer to the reasons for present life happenstances.

7. List your fears and obsessions.

Do you have an irrational fear you can’t pinpoint to anything that happened in your current life? Then the answer may lie in a past life where something happened that caused you either great pain or to loose your life.

Writing your fears down will help to objectify what it is and help to get the answer perhaps in a dream, flashback, or realization.

Begin by writing down your fears and phobias no matter how seemingly insignificant. For example, fear of heights, water, the dark, people, earthquakes, tornadoes, traffic accidents, knives, etc. If more comes later, write it down.

Next write on a separate piece of paper a list of your lusts and obsessions. For example, alcohol, drugs, sex, food, or any other outside stimulus you find hard to resist. Re-read and add if necessary. This will again assist in objectification of past life experiences and trauma. For example, you eat too much; perhaps in another life you starved to death and now in this life you are trying to make up for it by making sure to eat (more than you need).


These tools are given in the hope that you may not only discover some of your past lives and past life experiences but that you may achieve healing of current life indispositions and negations. And notice no regression techniques were included as most therapeutic results can be accomplished through one’s own effort.

Overcoming current negation takes place during the realization-acceptance process resulting in the rectification of a negative experience; the experience from the past has now been put out-of-phase with the present and mind/body healing results. The energy that was once this experience becomes (a polarized) part of your Higher Self and can no longer influence you in a negative way. This is considered spiritual growth and over the course of many lifetimes, you will gradually evolve into higher planes of existence and will no longer need be attached to this material world of karma.


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