Science of Energy: Transmission by Christian Huygens

Science-of-Energy-main-4-postA good day to you, brother and sister. I am an individual known as Christian Huygens, who lived in the 1600’s, in the proximity of Newton’s time. As you have studied in the  Dutch_scientist_Christiaan_Huygens-2-posthistories of the period of the Reformation, those were indeed hectic times; the very air seemed to be filled with a new essence, which excited and infused the minds of mankind. If you examine your histories, you will learn that, living in Holland, I tinkered some with physics, mathematics, and things of that nature; and that I invented a double pendulum clock, a kind of pendulum which was rather an innovation to the commonly accepted type, which swung back and forth with each escaping moment. I was also in very violent opposition to part of Newton’s theory about light. He maintained a corpusclar theory, that light was a tiny minute submicroscopic particle; whereas I postulated the theory that light traveled in a wave, or in an undulatory fashion, through the atmosphere. As you will soon see, we were only partially right, as is the case with all mankind, who live in such dimensions or places on the earth that they can, in their own concept, evolve only a small part of the truth at any time. They must wait until future evolutions and cycles to enlarge their concepts, so that they can more truly ascertain the nature of the great universes about them.

Now it is believed here that you have all progressed somewhat sufficiently with these words, so that you will have begun to form certain definite and expansive ideas in regard piano chordto creation, and the numerous laws and forces which are moving about you in different dimensional forms. However, to keep these conversations on a level which will be understood, not only by the scientist, but by the laymen as well, we shall draw allegories or similaritseven-rays-of-light-4-posties with which you are familiar in your daily life. The whole idea or plan of the law of vibronic vibration, as has been mentioned in several  previous discussions, can be likened to the piano keyboard. With four fingers you can strike four notes, which are all in harmonious relationship to each other. This is called a chord. In terms of the physicist, we might say that this is a frequency spectrum. The seven rays of light which you see as light, is the light frequency spectrum, or is the portion of that frequency spectrum (more correctly) which contains several hundreds of different vibrations which you cannot see. These are also somewhat related to other different spectra above and below.

Now, if we had enough fingers and arms and enough piano keyboards — for as everyone who plays the piano knows, there are many hundreds of chords and combinations of chords which can be struck on the piano keyboard — so, if we likewise had a great number piano-chords-4-postof keyboards and fingers and hands with which to strike, simultaneously, all of the chords at the exact instant, they would all produce a great unified concerted and harmonious chord structure, which we could say was a dimension. In a similar manner, you see these same ideas carried into the numerous facets of your daily life, all related to energy as it is manifesting itself in your dimension.

In my time on the earth, Newton expressed the theory of the solid particles, in contradiction to my belief that there was no such thing as a solid particle, and that everything, even though it appeared thus to man, was nothing more than energy. It was this gradual evolution of the concept which began to confound Einstein in his later days; for he openly admitted that he was confounded. Nor can I say that he was alone in his conflictions of understanding; for this seems to be the dividing line between the concept of the objective mind of the individual on the earth, and that which he assumes in a new position in a spiritual dimension.

In a previous transmission a reference was made which explained that space, or the solar system, was similar to a large number of soap bubbles, each within the other, expanding and contracting through each other simultaneously. Faraday also explained to you that the sun was formed from a vortex, sun-vortex-4-postlike the steps universe as a soap bubblewhich lead up to a higher level. These concepts were placed in your mind as levels, whereby you could more properly understand a more complete concept of the abstract of the fourth dimensional hypotheses of these equations. The vortex forming the sun is not just one vortex. As we look at it from somewhere out here in so-called space, we may see it as an infinite number of vortexes, all formed around and around, so that it looks like a huge spherical ball of pulsating Radiant Energy.

Now, getting a little closer to this great seemingly wonderful pulsating energy sphere and examining it more carefully, we find that within it are contained many different dimensional-vortex-in-sun-4-postexpressions of energy. These are called dimensions. It is the law of God that in His Infinite nature, as He expresses Himself down through these different dimensions, He is assuming and reassuming a finite expression, or, as the physicist might say, the positive energy flows to the negative and the negative flows to the positive. So it is with man; he is conceived in the very lowest of the terrestrial expressions as a negative being, so that he will evolve in his ultimate destiny back to the positive source and become unified with his true God nature.

The dividing line here in his evolution is not, as was thought by Darwin in his first crude hypothesis on the earth, that man started as an amoeba and worked his way up through the different strata of life on your earth. The dividing line between man and animal is that dimension of relationship with God, whereby God assumes, in a personal way, a definite relationship with every individual man. This has sometimes been called the Light or the Christ Light or the Christ Consciousness, and is (as was previously strongly emphasized) the confusing and conflicting element in the various Christian dogmas on the earth, as they exist today.

Getting back to our great pulsating ball, or sphere of energy called the sun, as we are looking at it and getting into it for it will not hurt us — we shall see that these different energies are continuously manifesting themselves from the outside toward the center and into different dimensions, and as each dimension regenerates an opposite, which is Transformer-4-postthe law of polarity, this opposite must, by necessity, be negative in nature and thus it must exist in a lower dimension. If we wind two coils of wire and run a pulsating or alternating current through one wire, it will regenerate itself into the other coil which is placed in close proximity and in a parallel position. Here is exactly the same law of frequency relationship which exists in the great spherical dimension, which we are examining out in space.

Just as Faraday told you, the remanifestation of energy, and the regeneration of it into these lower orders of harmonic structures in different dimensions, is thus earth-sun-vortex-2-postpropagated in a centripetal fashion, projected toward the center of the whole dimension, so that in the end, it may form a sun like your own. Since this energy also is negative in relationship — just as the energy which formed it — and composing as it does, numerous and an infinite number of dimensions of negative energy, which are only negative in proportion to those energies which created it, so it in turn must express this same universal law. It is by this re-radiating of energy into a different dimension which is below it, that it becomes the sun of your earth.

It was the conflicts of this idea, which Planck tried to postulate in his theory of quantum, that energy was expressed into small packages or into some proportions, as he postulated, in a mathematical equation. Actually it was somewhat in this way, except atom-emf-and-vortex-4-postthat Planck did not conceive this energy in its true relationship. It is this same general structure of hypothesis, which we have just examined in this spherical ball, which also relates itself on down through an infinite number of dimensions; and so becomes one of these expressions which is commonly termed atomic structures, in the various masses of earth as they exist today.

In the concept of the atom, as expressed by the physicists of your time, there is still some, error and some conflict which he should clear up in his mind. First, the atom in itself contains very little, if any, energy. If the atom were disconnected from its source, or; from the dimension which created it, it would instantly cease to exist. We must remember that the atom, in whatever atomic structurAtomic-Vibrations-4-poste it is constructed as an individual atom, is supported by an immediate dimension which is just above its own proper order, or frequency relationship. As far as the atom itself is concerned, it is somewhat like this great mass of energy we have just examined. Although it may not be quite so complex in nature, depending on what particular atom it is, yet it is essentially constructed and functions in exactly the same way. It is an expression of a rather intricate form or pattern of energy, revolving or gyrating into the center nucleus of this atomic structure. As the centers gyrate or rotate about, they are regenerating these negative energies, which are forced toward the center and form the nucleus of the atom.

The parallaxes, or places of conjunction, where the different small vibrating junctions of dimensions are joined by their harmonic frequencies, are, in themselves, points of intense frequency agitation, and are sometimes referred to as electrons. In the atomic sciences, in which atoms are pushed or stretched beyond their true perspective of relationship with their atomic-vibration-2-posthigher dimension, in so triggering them, their springing back into their dimension causes them to collide violently; and in the expression of the sum and total, the harmonic structures. which are generated by such concussions; thus expel into the world a certain instantaneous release of the dimensional energy which is contained immediately above them.

It is indeed fortunate that the Divine Creator conceived the fallacy of man’s own mind in his interpretation of these things, and placed the barriers of the dimensions, so that he could not blow himself to ‘kingdom come’ with these experiments in atomic concussions. The instantaneous released energy, as it immediately flows into the atom at the time of collision, is sometimes called neutronic energy, which makes the various objects surrounding the atomic explosion radioactive; for it creates a radioactive cloud of ionized particles of this so-calledclean atomic energy for the earthman neutronic energy, in a vastly agitated condition in the molecules of oxygen in the air in the upper layers of the atmosphere. As was mentioned by Faraday, a natural conclusion to atomic power is not in the destruction of the atom, but one which would make the atom itself, and innumerable numbers of its companions, an outlet into your dimension that could properly funnel or channel the great dimension of cosmic energies from the Infinite Mind of God Himself into your world, to be used as a useful substitute for the caloric energies or hydro-energies, which are generated in the various types of power plants on the earth today.

Excerpt from Voice of Hermes

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