Rethinking George Adamski And His Visitations From Venus

UFO-Adamski-encounter-main-4-postThe Magellan probe sent to Venus that operated in the late 80s and 90s, collected an enormous amount of images that was finally published by NASA showing what looks to be like huge cities, artificial structures and all kinds of constructions that appear intelligently designed on its surface.

Cities-Captured-on-Venus GIS Global MapCity Captured On The Venus GIS Global Map Surveyor

With this newly released data, the world should now reconsider many of the contacts made in the 50s and 60s by men proclaiming to meet visitors from Venus. One such contactee is George Adamski.

Venusian-City-Artistic-RepresentationAn Artistic Representation of a Venusian City

Here he talks about the cities of Venus as viewed on a Venusian ship:

“I studied with interest a large picture near the door on the wall to my right. It showed a city which at first glance seemed little different from those on our Earth, except that it was laid out in circular form instead of the series of hard rectangles usual with us. But the architecture was very different. I hardly know how to describe it, for not one of our many architectural styles approximates it in any way. Here was perfection of the graceful lightness and delicacy for which many of our better modern archi­tects are striving but have never quite achieved. It was the kind of city of which men dream, but never see on our Earth. I had guessed, before I was told, that the city de­picted here was on Venus, this ship’s home planet.

On the other side of the door was yet another painting, a pastoral scene of hills and mountains with a stream running through the farmland. This might have passed even more easily for an earthly scene except that the farmhouses were not scattered around the countryside, but also followed a circular plan. I was told that this ar­rangement had been found more practical in enabling these farm groups to become small, self-sufficient com­munities, containing everything necessary to supply all essential commodities for the country folk. On Venus there is true equality in all respects, including allocation of commodities. Trips to the cities, then, need be under­taken only for pleasure or for personal reasons.”

Adamski interviewShort Bio of George Adamski:

George Adamski (April 17, 1891 – April 23, 1965) was a Polish-born American who became known in ufology circles after he claimed to have photographed ships from other planets, met with Venusians, andAdamski-with-photo-of-scout-ship to have taken flights with them. He considered himself to be a “philosopher, teacher, student and saucer researcher.”

Adamski was born on April 17, 1891 in Poland. At the age of 2, he and his family emigrated to America and settled in New York City. At the age of 22, from 1913 to 1916, he was a soldier in the 13th US Cavalry Regiment K-Troop fighting at the Mexican border during the Pancho Villa Expedition. In 1917, he married. Adamski then moved west, working as a maintenance worker in Yellowstone National Park, and as a worker in an Oregon flour mill. While in Laguna Beach, Adamski founded the “Royal Order of Tibet,” which held its meetings in the “Temple of Scientific Philosophy.” In 1940, Adamski and some close friends of his moved to a ranch near California’s Palomar Mountain where they dedicated their time to studying and farming. In 1944, with funding from Mrs. Alice K. Wells – a student of Adamski – they purchased 20 acres of land on Palomar Mountain, where they built a new home called Palomar Garden and a new restaurant called Palomar Gardens Cafe.

adamski_mothership_1951On October 9, 1946, during a meteor shower, Adamski and some friends claimed that while they were at the Palomar Gardens’ campground, they witnessed a large cigar-shaped “mother ship.” In 1947, Adamski took a photograph of what he claimed was the 1946 cigar-shaped “mother ship” crossing in front of the moon over Palomar Gardens.

On May 29, 1950 Adamski took a photograph of six unidentified objects in the sky, which appeared to be flying in formation. Adamski’s May 29, 1950 UFO photograph grenada stamp_ufo adamskiwas depicted in an August 1978 commemorative stamp issued by the island nation of Grenada in order to mark the “Year of UFOs”.

On November 20, 1952 Adamski and several friends were in the Colorado Desert near the town of Desert Center, California when they are said to have seen a large submarine-shaped object hovering in the sky. Believing that the ship was looking for him, Adamski is said to have left his friends and to have headed away Venusianfrom the main road. Shortly afterwards, according to Adamski’s accounts, a scout ship made of a type of translucent metal landed close to him, and its pilot, a Venusian called Orthon, disembarked and sought him out.

Adamski described Orthon as being of medium height humanoid, having long-blond hair, a tanned skin , and as wearing reddish-brown shoes with a trouser: “his trousers were not like mine”. Adamski said Orthon communicated with him via telepathy and through hand signals. During their conversation, Orthon is said to have warned of the dangers of nuclear war and to have arranged for Adamski to be taken on a trip to see the solar system including the planet Venus, the location where Mrs. Adamski had been reincarnated. Adamski said that Orthon had refused to allow himself to be photographed, and instead asked Adamski to provide him with a blank photographic plate, which Adamski says that he gave him. When Orthon left, Orthon footprints platesAdamski said that he and George Hunt Williamson were able to take plaster casts of Orthons footprints, and that the prints contained mysterious symbols.

Orthon is said to have returned the plate to Adamski on December 13, 1952, at which point it was found to contain new strange symbols. It was during this meeting that Adamski is said to have taken a, now famous, UFO photograph using his 6-inch telescope.

In 1954, Desmond Leslie is said to have witnessed several UFOs with Adamski while visiting him in California. He described one of them in a letter he sent to his wife while he was in San Diego:

“A beautiful golden ship in the sunset, but brighter than the sunset . . . It slowly faded out, the way they do.” – Desmond Leslie,

Adamski went on to author three books regarding his experiences: The first one co-authored with Desmond Leslie Flying Saucers Have Landed, Inside the Space Ships, and Flying Saucers Farewell.

On April 23, 1965 at the age of 74, Adamski died of a heart attack in Maryland.

Adamski-and-the-Venusian-encounter-4-postExcerpt from Inside The Spaceships:

“These chairs were rather like dining room or office chairs, but proved far more comfortable. As we seated ourselves, Kalna and Orthon joined our group.

On the table were crystal goblets filled with a clear liquid which I found very refreshing. The flavor was delicately sweet with an elusiveness that was tantalizing. The consistency was slightly heavy, of a type to be sipped. I was told the name of the fruit from which this juice was extracted, but could think of no comparable earthly flavor.

The entire time that had elapsed since leaving the Earth to this moment probably was not much more than an hour. But in that little space of time my whole life and understanding had opened to a far greater concept of the Universe than I had gained during the sixty-one years of my total life on Earth.

Now, as we sat around the table, all eyes turned to the older space man as he began to speak. Although it was only later that his stature on all planets was explained to me, it was impossible not to realize that I was in the pres­ence of a greatly evolved being, and the attitude of all present clearly indicated that they, as well as I, felt very humble before him. I learned that his age, in his present body, was close to one thousand years.

The following hour or so, during which he talked to us, seemed as a minute. All listened with complete at­tention and without interruption to this man of great wisdom.


Venusian master“My son,” said the great teacher, “you have been brought here and shown what lies within our smaller craft and this large carrier. You have traveled in each for a short distance only, but far enough to give you much knowl­edge to pass on to your fellow men on planet Earth. You have seen what outer space is like and that it is indeed constantly active, filled with moving particles from out of which all forms are finally brought into being. There is neither a beginning nor an ending.

“In the vastness of space there are innumerable bodies which you on Earth call planets. These vary in size, as do all forms, but they are very much like your own world and ours, and most of them are peopled and governed by forms like yourselves and like us. While some are just reaching a point where they are capable of supporting such forms as ours, others have not yet reached that stage of development in their growth.

For you must under­stand that worlds are but forms, and they too go through the long period of growth which all forms experience, from the smallest to the largest.

“Each planet moves in co-ordination with a number of other planets around a central Sun, in perfect timing, forming a unit or what you would call a system. In each case, so far as we have learned from our travels, there are twelve planets in a system. Beyond that, twelve such sys­tems are united around a central core comparable to our Sun. These make up what some of your scientists call an ‘island universe.’ We have reason to believe that twelve such island universes comprise a vast unit in the Father’s house of many mansions . . . and so on, without end.

“On our planet, and on other planets within our sys­tem, the form which you call ‘man’ has grown and ad­vanced intellectually and socially through various stages of development to a point which is inconceivable to the people of your Earth. This development has been ac­complished only by adhering to what you would term the laws of Nature. In our worlds it is known as growth through following the laws of the All Supreme Intelligence which governs all time and space.

“As you have seen, we travel space as easily as you cross a room. The traversing of space is not difficult to those who have mastered the laws within which all bodies live and move—planets and men alike. It is then understood that distance between two such bodies in space, or that between worlds, is no distance at all as you conceive of distance in your world.

“Remember, at one time the distance between the ‘~ bodies of land on your Earth, which you call continents, was considered great, and much time was required to travel from one to another. Now your aircraft have shortened this distance to a relative fraction of the time required in days past. Yet the distances are the same. And so it will be as you extend your knowledge and learn the laws operating in infinite space.

“Another aspect of which as yet you have no concep­tion is that the body of any human being can be as comfortable on one planet as on another. While there are some differences in atmospheric conditions, depending y upon the size and age of the planet, these are little greater than those which you experience on your Earth 1 between sea level and on a mountain several thousand feet high. Certain people are affected by such changes, more than others, but all can become acclimated in  time.

Recalling the popular conception of ponderous head­gear plus tubes and gadgets, as depicted all the way from the “comics” to serious theories of supposed experts, I wondered if our world was the lowest in development throughout the Universe.

Reading my thought and continuing without interrup­tion, this great teacher said, “No, my son, your world is not the lowest in development in the Universe. Yours is the least developed of those in our own system, but out beyond there are some worlds whose peoples have not yet grown to your standard, either socially or scien­tifically. Also, there are worlds where development has gone far in the field of science and remained low in the field of personal and social understanding, even though space has been conquered.

“In our system, the peoples of all planets except your Earth are traveling space freely; some for short dis­tances only, while others achieve great distances that take them to systems beyond our own.

“Your understanding of life and the Universe is very limited. As a result, you have many false concepts about other worlds and the composition of the Universe; and so little knowledge of yourselves! But it also is true that there is a growing desire on the part of many on Earth who seek sincerely for greater understanding. We who have traveled the path you now are treading are willing to help and to give of our knowledge to all who will ac­cept it.

“The first fact your people must realize is that the in­habitants of other worlds are not fundamentally different from Earth men. The purpose of life on other worlds is basically the same as yours. Inherent in all mankind, however deeply buried it may be, is the yearning to rise to something higher. Your school system on Earth is, in a sense, patterned after the universal progress of life. For in your schools you progress from grade to grade and from school to school, toward a higher and fuller educa­tion. In the same way, man progresses from planet to planet, and from system to system toward an ever higher understanding and evolvement in universal growth and service.”

As he gave this illustration, I understood him to mean that individuals on Earth would, when ready, advance to a planet of higher development. I wondered if, one day while still living on this Earth, we would learn the laws that govern space and be able to visit these other worlds as they now could.

The master gave no specific answer to my mental ques­tion, but continued, “You on Earth are bound by what you call ‘time.’ But even according to your estimations of time, when you achieve space travel you will be as­tonished at the swiftness with which you can reach other planets.

“For this adventure you will have to find new words. You speak of our craft—you call them Saucers—as flying, a term which applies to the operation of your own planes. But we do not ‘fly’ as you mean it. We nullify the atmos­phere by a mechanical procedure. You express it as ‘sus­pending gravity.’ In this way we are not hindered by atmospheric interference or resistance. This is why our craft are able to make the sharp changes in direction of travel and to move at the speeds that have so mystified your airmen and your scientists.

“We could tell you much about the control of gravity, knowledge that is necessary both for safe leaving or approaching any planet. We would gladly give you this knowledge which has served us so well, except that you have not yet learned to live with one another in peace and brotherhood, for the welfare of all men alike, as we have on other worlds. If we revealed this power to you or to any Earth man and it became public knowledge, some of your people would quickly build ships for space travel­ing, mount guns upon them and go on a shooting spree in an attempt to conquer and take possession of other worlds.

“You know that there are certain groups in your world who have already made claim for property rights and possession of your Moon for the purpose of using it as a military base. Many Earth scientists are hoping that, in the not too distant future, they will succeed in building space ships like ours for interplanetary travel. It is en­tirely possible that this will be done. But Earth men will not be allowed to come in numbers or to remain, until they have learned to embrace the all-inclusive life as lived by people of other worlds, rather than the selfish personal life as found on Earth today. And there will be much for you to learn about outer space, for it is on space itself that you will move.

I recalled a simile I had often used, comparing space to a vast ocean in constant motion. And I thought now that, as our ocean liners move on or through the waves of the ocean, so these interplanetary ships move on the waves of the activity in space.

“Yes,” the master said, “it is very much like that, and as your scientists work on this principle, more understanding will come to them. For Nature herself will re­veal her secrets to all who seek with an open mind.

“As you have been told, we travel space in order to learn. Within our ships are many instruments, some of which you have seen, and many others which you have not yet seen. Although on your Earth you have thrown all our craft into the category of Saucers, we have many kinds, many sizes, for many purposes. The largest have never come within the atmosphere of your world. In fact, they have never come within millions of miles of Earth. We cannot risk the lives of the thousands of peo­ple traveling in these gigantic ships, for if anything should happen to force a landing on Earth before your people have grown to greater understanding, ours would be in peril.

“My son, our main purpose in coming to you at this time is to warn you of the grave danger which threatens men of Earth today. Knowing more than any amongst you can yet realize, we feel it our duty to enlighten you if we can. Your people may accept the knowledge we hope to give them through you and through others, or they can turn deaf ears and destroy themselves. The choice is with the Earth’s inhabitants. We cannot dictate.

“In your first meeting with our Brother here, he in­dicated to you that the exploding of bombs on Earth was of interest to us. This is why. Even though the power and radiation from the test explosions have not yet gone out beyond your Earth’s sphere of influence, these radia­tions are endangering the life of men on Earth. A de­composition will set in that, in time, will fill your atmos­phere with the deadly elements which your scientists and your military men have confined into what you term ‘bombs.’

“The radiations released from those bombs are now going out only so far, since they are lighter than your own atmosphere and heavier than space itself. If, however, mankind on Earth should release such power against one another in full warfare, a large part of Earth’s popula­tion could be annihilated, your soil rendered sterile, your waters poisoned and barren to life for many years to come. It is possible that the body of your planet itself could be mutilated to an extent that would destroy her balance in our galaxy.

“These would be the effects directly concerning your world. For us, traveling through space could be made difficult and dangerous for a long time to come, since the energies released in such multiple explosions would then penetrate through your atmosphere into outer space.

I wondered whether, and to what extent, if war should actually come to us, they would feel justified in stopping us.

The master answered my mental question by saying, “As you know, with our knowledge of the use and con­trol over energies far more powerful than any our broth­ers on Earth have as yet learned to use, we could, if we wished, nullify your force with our greater force. But re­member what you have been told. We do not kill our fellow man, even in sell-defense. We are trying, and shall continue to try, to prevent such a war by bringing to Earth men the knowledge of what they would be doing. For no man wages war except in ignorance.”

A light came into his face and his eyes seemed to be looking at some inward vision of beauty as he continued softly, “And no man lives who has never once dreamed of what you call Utopia, or the nearly perfect world. There is nothing which man has ever imagined which is not, somewhere, a reality. And, therefore, nothing that is not possible of achievement. For you too, on Earth, this is possible. For us on the other planets of our galaxy, it is so now. There are those on your Earth who have exclaimed, ‘But how monotonous perfection must be!’ It is not so, my son, for there are degrees of perfection just as there are degrees of all things. In our worlds, we are happy, but we do not stagnate. Just as when one reaches the top of a hill seen from below, a further hill comes into view, so it is always with progress. The valley that lies between must be crossed before the next height can  be scaled.

“Understanding of the universal laws both uplifts and restricts. As it is now with us, so it could be on your Earth. Lifted up by your knowledge, this same under­standing would make it impossible for you to move in violence against your brothers. You would know that the same conviction, inherent in every individual being, which makes him feel that be has the divine privilege of directing his own life and shaping his own destiny, even though it be by the path of trial and error, applies equally to any group, nation or race of mankind.

“Just as there are many downward paths, leading away from progress, so there are many that lead upward. Though one man may choose one and a second man an­other, this need not divide them as brothers. Indeed, one may learn much from the other, if he will. For in the vast­ness of the infinite creation, there is no one way that is the only way.

“On your Earth we have heard many times the phrase ‘the road to happiness.’ It is a good phrase, for progress is happiness and lies all along the upward pathway from its beginning. And happiness makes men brothers in tolerance toward another man’s efforts, even though of a different nature from their own.

“There is nothing wrong with your Earth, nor with its people, except that in their lack of understanding they are young children in the universal life of the One Supreme Being. You have been told that in our worlds we live the Creator’s laws, while as yet on Earth you only talk of them. If you would live by the precepts of even what you now know, the peoples of Earth would not go out to slaughter one another. They would work within themselves, their own groups, their own nations, to achieve good and happiness in that section of your world wherein they were born and therefore call ‘home.’

“I think the peoples of Earth would be amazed to find how swiftly a change could come throughout the planet. Now that you have the medium for world-wide broad­casting, messages urging love and tolerance for all, in­stead of suspicion and censure, would find receptive hearts. For the great part of the Earth’s population is weary of strife and its aftermath of woe. We know that, as never before, they hunger for knowledge of a way of life that will deliver them. We know that there is fear and confusion in their minds because they have seen and felt the results of two great wars that have served only to foster the seeds of another.

“So, with receptive minds and hearts everywhere on your planet, it is not too late. But there is urgency, my son! So go forth with the blessing of the Infinite Father on your mission, and add your voice to those of others who also carry this message of hope.” See complete book here.

Rare Footage of Scout Ships (note that this was filmed back in those days using 8 mm)


With the recent release of the Venus Global GIS Map revealing what seems to be cities, intelligent design, and structures on Venus, we should not be so quick to dismiss George Adamski’s experiences.

Between 1954 & 1955 – George Adamski released information from both his own experiences and that extended from his space contacts.

• There are belts of radiation extended from our planet into space. They were later discovered 1958 and named after James Van Allen – Van Allen Radiation belts.

• Adamski described several observations made from space while in Earth Orbit. Charged Particles, he described as a “Fire-Fly Effect,” illuminated around the Flying Saucer and were observable through the portholes. This SAME effect was report in 1963, by Astronaut John Glenn.

• That year, he also passed along information that there were more than nine celestial bodies in our solar, and that there were actually 12. In 1977, Soviet scientist confirmed this, and then again in this decade of the year 2000, U.S. scientist also confirmed this.

See also here Adamski Revisited video.

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