Pythagoras Speaks On Life Between Lives

Pythagoras-Main“We have come to the plane of relationship of Shamballa which is devoted to inquiry, to synthesis and to various educational aspects. We might pause here momentarily to review some of the various facets and some of the dimensions of concepts into which we have somewhat entered.

Earth-bound-spiritsWe have learned that the earth and the inhabitants thereof, are subject to various types and forms of quite negative energies, or that their expressions in a relative sense are negative. The earth itself, if we can picture it thusly, is a planet swimming somewhat in free space, surrounded by a vast magnetic aura, in which there are great tides of discarnate entities, or humans who have lost the form of the physical flesh.

These people, as persons who have formerly lived in the flesh at some other time on the earth, are more or less in a suspended state of relationship. They have not, at this particular time, arrived at any conclusion or any relationship with any particular dimension, except that they have retained somewhat of an attachment toearth bound the earth. The memories of earth happenings and earth indulgences in previous incarnations into that planet, have, to a large degree, anchored them into the magnetic structure of the terrestrial planets.

Many people who are daily and hourly passing from the flesh are joining the multitudes of these unseen and invisible legions, which are swirling about in the void of the space about you. Picture for a moment, if you will, a person who is very firmly attached to the desires and to the consequences of his daily life. In becoming detached from his earthly body, he still maintains a strong disposition to keep on living and to rejoin his physical life. Whether these conditions have been incompatible or whether they have been joyous and have produced an abundance of the standards of living, which would be considered comparatively high, is no concern to the discarnate entity. He has nothing else in his mind which would so relate him to any other dimension in the immediate future. His whole concern is to relive the entire pattern of his life, as he has expressed it for so many years on the earth.

ghost-vendorIf he has been a shopkeeper or some such person, he goes right on opening up his shop in the morning, sitting through the long hours of the day, and endeavoring to sell merchandise to an invisible customer. Or, he may be peddling his wares about the street, or he may be doing any one of the numerous things with which the average individual may have associated himself in his earthly life.

This line of thought and pattern may continue for many years, until some circumstance may arrive or some relative, teacher, or someone in a higher concept of life may arouse him to his true position. Even so, he may be completely resentful of this fact and may try to relive his earthly life. He may become very revengeful or hateful toward the effort to show him that he cannot arrive at some destination or conclusion of what he now realizes is a sort of suspended state.

We can further enlarge this concept to include the various types of mental and physical prostitutes which inhabit the lower earthly orders, the inmates of the prisons and asylums, those who are in the backwash of the large cities, and in the slum areas. They may be bits of human wreckage which havelower-astral-hordes-4-post at no time included anything of an intelligent or spiritual concept in the manifestation of their lives. These people swarm in unseen hordes about the magnetic fields of the lower dimensions of expression around the earth.

This in its true aspect of clairvoyance, is indeed a grim and grisly picture, and one which would likely fill the average individual with a great deal of concern as to the dire consequences concerning his own separation from the flesh. But those who are spiritually minded and disposed to be conscious of the higher principles of life, have no need to fear these unseen hordes of human wreckage swarming about your earth, just as they do about other terrestrial planets. The circumstances of frequency relationship, which will harmonize you with the higher structures of life, makes you invulnerable to the encroaching, the possessing or dominating attitudes of any of these unseen hordes of discarnate entities.

We have also examined the numerous pressures which arise from the governmental systems and from the intercourse in the various facets of social life and structures, as they exist upon the planet ???????earth. This, combined with our previous concept of the discarnate entities, will multiply the foreboding aspect of this whole picture. These unseen forces and these unseen pressures, in themselves, all give rise to numerous distortions and numerous consequences of otherwise unexplained and untold happenings in the life of the individual, if he continues a somewhat reactionary course in his daily existence.

The person who is prone to accept any circumstance or happenstance which may come his way may shrug his shoulders and say that it was fate, or that it was God who was punishing him for some other act or consequence, can be called reactionary. The person who is a little more logically minded and can connect circumstances with cause – or as you may say Ascension-to-higher-planes-contemplationcause and effect – can definitely relate himself to a higher order of sequence, and in the sequence of expression or the higher order, will come into a great deal more harmony in his existence.

The same principle of harmonic frequency relationship must, and always will, relate man to the most direct introspective portion of his innermost nature. He does not at any time arrive at any destination without having devoted some concentration as to the conclusion of the journey, which will enable him to negotiate the distance between his home and termination of his journey. So in the sequence of his evolution, he must be equally as logical and conclusive in his evolution of life. He should never at any time let the reactionary principles of life replace those which are of the inductive relationships to the higher orders of law, order and harmony as they exist in God’s higher dimensions.” – Pythagoras

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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