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Metaphysics-main-1-4-post“There is still another element, which, up until this point, is somewhat missing and perhaps has gone unrecognized by you; it is this: that in the recognition of all these presentations, even if you can envision the enormous concept of Infinity and Infinite Intelligence, you are still an earth creature. This is because you have not yet reconstructed your psychic anatomy to its complete and entire content. You have started, and perhaps, it can be granted, you have made some progress; but not until that time when your psychic anatomy has been completely rebuilt in these concepts can you say you are progressively situated in the higher spiritual worlds.

It might be mentioned at this point that the concept of baptism, being born into the spirit, receiving the holy ghost, and all the familiar Christian cliches can be directly interpreted as part of the true god-self-of-manmeaning of this general conclusion and abstraction which I am making to you. Being born into the spirit, being baptized, receiving the holy ghost, etc., means that time and day when you can conceive the entire concept of Infinity, the Infinite Creative Intelligence, not just a vision, or as that something to be attained, or even a realization in a conscious way; but it means that you will have actually reconstructed your psychic anatomy to the degree that it will include, at least, all of the basic elements of this Infinite Creation. The newly reformed psychic body will be in a position to more correctly oscillate with this Infinite; it will also, on the surface of consciousness, give you a much greater and more complete degree of mental consciousness which will be far removed from your present environment. In this sense then, your flame of life is burning brightly in those far off spiritual worlds.

Now, the problem at the moment is to recognize your position, and, by recognition, I do not mean that you should try to inflate yourself with presuppositions that you are a creature of God, etc. We must realize, at all times, what our position to the Infinite is. There is only one way in which we can self-analysisattain a relative idea as to what our position to the Infinite is, and where we are on the scale of evolution. This is realized through the common ordinary symptoms which we manifest in our daily lives; these are all evident if we wish to objectively analyze them. They cannot be objectively analyzed by anyone who is using an escape mechanism, or who is attempting to create a smoke screen to hide behind, or by a person who is trying, in various and devious ways, to escape the reality of himself. If you have problems, fears, insecurities, illnesses, etc., then, these are tangible symptoms; they should be objectively analyzed as to their origin and the manner in which they can best be eliminated. This must not be attempted in the customary reactionary way of elimination; but must be done by realizing the entirety of a concept which places you on the infinite scale of evolution in regard to Infinity. When you envision this position, you will realize how intangible, how inconsequential, and how utterly stupid are some of the different problems, the various suppositions, and the many ways of life in which most people live.

When you arrive at the point where the material world seems to be some kind of an asinine, unrealistic dimension, in which people live a kind of an animal-like existence, then you can reasonably assume you have gone beyond the point of the material dimension. You are then already in a position to incept some of the higher principles and concepts of life; you are then, in a position walking-the-path-of-the-inner-planesto begin that practical refabrication of your psychic anatomy in a much more constructive way. In that moment of truth, when you realize the full import and intent of Infinity stretching out ahead of you, you will also realize how inconsequential these symptoms are in your own daily life.

In this Infinity, time and the consequence of motion, in any position in regard to time is less than the slightest tick in the consciousness of the Infinite. All of the years of your life are less than the slightest tick, or even all of the thousands of years during which you have evolved back and forth into the planet earth in the numerous lifetimes, would not even make a split fraction of a second in Infinite Consciousness. By the same token in this full realization, you can assume that the future will be quite the same, so far as time is concerned. It means that we can, constructively, place ourselves in consciousness at any given point in our scale of evolution merely by the process of conception. When we have conceived what is at that particular point, then we are in truth and in entirety, an active participating entity of consciousness in that particular dimension. That, in essence, is the long and short of our personal metaphysics.

In your present position upon the earth today, in whatever set of life patterns, problems, or fantasies you are presently involved, you are at this moment, at the exact point at which you have placed yourself in concept, in that great cycle of evolution which can transcend you into Infinity. If you will remember, in the future, that whatever problems you encounter, these are always fantasies from out of the past; they are only presuppositions at which you have arrived, and they can be as self-analysis-2-postintangible in the future as you will let them become; then you will have formed one of the more basic elements of your evolution. No, I do not suppose that you can adopt one of those hedonistic attitudes, or the pollyanna attitude, as it is more commonly known, and ignore the reality or the existence of your problems, no more than you can ignore the reality of the earth on which you live. But the reality will pass just as surely as does the concept of its reality.

However, at no time must you attempt to remove a reality from your consciousness by assuming that it is not there. You must take an entirely different relationship to this all-important proposition. You can recognize the reality without it being a reality. Now, that may sound strange, but it is exactly right. If you think for a moment, you can envision in consciousness a distant city. That city is, in all sense of the word, a reality; still it is not an element of your consciousness in the various artifacts of your daily life; you are not concerned with that distant city in respect to the fact that you have to consider it when you eat your meals, or go to bed, or do any of the other apparently necessary constituents of your daily life.

Life in the higher worlds is lived in full consciousness. You maintain a full consciousness in these higher spiritual worlds; you will always remember your material lives, and you will remember, in a sense, the various experiences through which you have passed. But they will not maintain that coercive and mandatory expression which they now have over you; as a consequence, you will not suffer from the many repercussions which are involved in the interplay of these dominant subversive characteristics carried from the past into your present. That will be, when you have – as I have said – reconstructed the psychic anatomy in a manner and form which is not subject to the coercive effect of these past experiences. In other words, it will be harmonicallenlightenment-4-posty attuned in a different way, to another dimension of consciousness. Like your radio, while it can, in a way, sense all the other hundreds or possibly thousands of radio transmitters which are broadcasting at this moment, it, however, plays but one of them at a time; simply because the component in the circuitry has been brought into resonance with one particular broadcasting station.

However, within the first stage or the first antenna coil of the radio and in the antenna itself, there are vibrating all of the other different radio stations which are broadcasting. The same principle holds true in the spiritual worlds. You will have consciousness of all other dimensions through which you have passed, but they will not have that coercive effect upon you, because you will be out of tune with them, to the extent that you will be more positively attuned to a higher dimension of consciousness. They will, in the language of the scientist, be out of phase in your present form of consciousness.

So you see, dear friend, at what ever terminating point of these various constructivisms we may arrive in our analyses, we always come to this inevitable conclusion: if we are going to get anywhere in the spiritual worlds or amount to anything in our evolution, if we are going to get rid of this karma, which we have carried from life to life, then we must do all of these things scientifically. We must have a scientific knowledge of how this is done, and fortunately, you and others who are hiresdirectly concerned with life, have at this moment a great advantage. The twentieth century science has placed at your convenience, the understanding to achieve the first primary inductive principles of energy which will form the hard core of inception of your objectivisms and various other additives which are most necessary for you to evolve into a higher plane of consciousness.

No, perhaps you may not become a scientist or a physicist, in the sense that you can quote or write algebra to explain all things; for mathematica in any form – calculus, trigonometry, algebra, etc. – is only a crutch used by mathematicians to arrive at a certain point of that which would otherwise have to be a complete mental function. It is a crutch and never, at any time, does it supplant the true dimension of consciousness at which we must ultimately arrive. For consciousness cannot exist as a mathematical formula; it cannot exist as any of the other age-old subterfuges, symbologies, or various things which have been used by people since the beginning of their evolution. None of us are immune to the principle of life as it is expressed by the Infinite.

Neither the priest, the rabbi, nor the minister can give you these things; they are not contained in Spiritual_Ascension-4-postyour Bible. They are not contained in any other written work of mankind or in any man’s eye until he has evolved into the complete consciousness of the Infinite; evolved by first inducting the principle of Infinite Consciousness, contained in the sine wave as an expressionary element, which is the configuration of all expressed forms of energy as you know them through the five senses today.

In the future, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, astral flight, and all of the other usually considered, mystical or paranormal functions will be just as natural to you as are the acts of life in present consciousness; and you will not attach any importance to them, to the degree in which you are now presently concerned with them.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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