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Our-Evolutionary-Pathway-main…I would like to explain something of the theory which was expounded in reincarnation or evolution by Platothe Grecian philosopher Plato. It was Plato, as I have said, who brought the first constructive ideology of the perfect order and sequence of conception which is called reincarnation to the minds of the intellectuals of the Western world. To those of you who have started on the pathway of truth, a little more light cast upon this subject would perhaps be in order. So let us begin by assuming that some individual is starting at the very beginning of his evolution.

We will say that there are three initial steps which must be first taken before he is ready for the fourth step or the step of consecration. These three initiations or steps relate to the carnal, toreincarnation-cycle-4-post the mental and the spiritual nature of man. They have also been called the working counterpart of the triad. So it is that the individual will reincarnate many times into such planes of expressions in the physical world which will relate him to these three basic concepts of his evolution. By the time he has passed through the carnal into the mental states of consciousness, he will find himself emerged into a spiritual state of consciousness which will focus and crystallize his ideas and his ambitions into a spiritual dimension which will enable him to take the first of seven more basic evolutions or reincarnations which will bring him to the place of his first spiritual initiation.

Throughout these seven basic fundamental cycles of his evolution, he will reincarnate from time to time into the higher astral worlds of Shamballa and to such centers as Muse, Hermes or Venus or to such other relative planes as will be further described. It is in these centers he will learn the more basic fundamental concepts of his evolution as it relates not only to himself but to the races of mankind in general. We may assume that he has started in his evolution in the consecrated effort of music but to enable him to become a musician he must also learn of the many other different concepts which enter into the production of harmony or tones as it can be expressed in such works as symphonies or other orchestrated forms. He will therefore in these higher astral planes of learning of Shamballa, relate himself and pass through the various seven centers which are so related to his original basic concept of music as it was expressedShamballa-4-post on the planet of Muse. There he will not only go through the initiations which will enable him to travel freely about through the five different centers but he will also in time through the seven basic fundamental cycles have so evolved through the other seven that he will have formed a very basic and fundamental concept of his particular profession. Thus it is that he has become a spiritual initiate. It was such spiritual initiates as were expressed in your earth plane who were called by the names of Mendelssohn or Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Wagner and others who have been named in the musical world.

We here have named some of the initiates who have been in the philosophical world. You have also been told of many of the initiates who have existed in the scientific realms and dimensions.

These seven basic cycles will take the average person about ten thousand years to complete in a normal relationship of time as it is expressed in years on your earth planet. After this spiritual initiation, he is thus enabled to ascend into the center of Parhelion where he will again start a new cycle or evolution of seven basic cycles which will take him through the seven centers of the city of Parhelion.
Shamballa-2-4-postEach of these cycles will take anywhere from about one thousand to three thousand years to complete. After he has emerged from these seven cycles, he is then a Master. Such a normal course in the passage of time in your earth years would consume something from fifteen to twenty thousand years of normal spiritual progression. However, there have been many initiates and Masters who have consumed three viewing-higher-world-4-postor four times that amount. They have also reincarnated into the spiritual planes. It must not be assumed that anyone who reads these lines can lay down for himself any pattern whereby he can say in his curriculum or format of education in the spiritual realms that he will pass through such planes and initiations in a natural order or sequence as I have so described them. These are factors which vary considerably in the case of each individual as to how much karma he may pick up in some of these evolutions. It also may be determined by such factors which he himself will wish to express in the relationship of learning. He may also wish to reincarnate innumerable times into earth plane dimensions to further strengthen and solidify such concepts as he has already mastered. So it may be that he may consume a hundred thousand years or even a longer period of time before he comes to the point where he can be considered a Master and a teacher in one of the centers of Shamballa or to such other associated centers as may exist in other galaxies or in other universes.

So in the sum and total, it might be said that after you have spent a great many thousands of years in the physical or carnal planes of the earth, or into such related earth plane consciousness which are even of a ascended masterslower rate of vibration than your own earth, you may evolve into the state of consciousness where you will dedicate yourself to some spiritual purpose as it relates to the more beneficent expressions of your relationship to your fellowman. You will be fired and consumed with the idea that there is much to be learned, and much to be expressed and much to be taught. Thus it will be that you will have taken your first step of initiation. It is only at this point that you will begin your gradual climb into the spiritual realms of consciousness, into these dimensions which we are describing to you. There is no hard or fast rule which can be said to determine the actual time or sequence of the various factors of reincarnation or evolution as they are determined by the basic fundamental frequency concepts or relationships of these frequency concepts which relate to epochs of moving into light pathwaytime and to such other fundamental factors as are involved in the nature of the individual himself. These factors are largely determined by his own consciousness and by his own strength of purpose and also by the wisdom which he has acquired and in its proper usage and proper function. We may say roughly that such reincarnations may occur at such regular intervals of three hundred years or six hundred years or nine hundred years and so on. Usually we find such odd figures or factors entering into such concepts. If you will study the works of Pythagoras, you will find the basic relationship of the number of twenty-one which, as I have said, it means that it is something like twenty-one thousand years before you are an initiate to the centers of Shamballa.

Excerpt from The Voice of Eros

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