On The Science of Past Life Therapy

Science-of-Past-Life-Reliving-Main“In all cases where we analyze these diverse expressive forms of life as we live them today, whether they are merely the subconscious automations such as breathing, peristalsis of the bowels, etc., or whether they are superstitious beliefs, they can all be universally resolved into the original and dominant principle of life, that is, they are merely like the TV transmitter forms or continuities of wave forms of expression which are reflected from the psychic anatomy.

When you study and begin to understand the diagrams and descriptions as they are given to you religion-politics-4-postin your second lesson course, then you will possess the greatest secret of all; and one which is being so strenuously sought by the present-day men of science and medicine – how man lives and of what life really consists, in its various expressive forms and continuities in the world about you – merely resurgent energy wave forms which are beating in a never-ending, never-ceasing pulsation into your consciousness; energy wave forms which were actual experiences through which you lived in your past lifetimes. Today in this present life, they exist as vague unrelated or even superstitious expressions. They may exist as your religion, they may exist as various expressive forms of medicine or psychology; or they may just exist without any related reason which you may seek to find, unless you carry this continuity back into your many past lifetimes.

Therefore, in your day by day analysis of whatever you are, and why you act the way you do, you must always realize that these different expressions are merely continuities from these numerous past lifetimes in which you have lived through these experiences which are presently causing you some concern or in various other different attitudes and interplays of life expressions, that all of these forms do reside in your consciousness as of today. They will manifest and remanifest past-lives-4-postthemselves in the many unrelated and seemingly intangible ways until you can thoroughly understand them and analyze them. On this basis then, you can say that they are obsessive. They will cause you to do many queer and seemingly unintelligent things which do not apparently have any purpose for their existence or their commission.

Even life itself, as it is lived by the physical man on this planet earth, will, in a sense, become a vast and unrelated delusion when we can see man living in higher spiritual worlds without the body; we can only reasonably suppose or evaluate this condition when we take into our consciousness a great principle of life as it is expressed by the Infinite. That is, the Infinite is constantly becoming more infinite by regenerating Itself in ever-increasing numbers, manners, and forms of expression. This is done through the various interdimensional energy wave forms as have been so thoroughly explained to you in different texts. The usefulness and the purpose therefore, becomes clearly apparent out of all this chaos when this principle is understood: man is an evolutionary entity of intelligence re-expressing himself in whatever particular dimension to which he is so related at that particular time.

In this sense then, each individual carries either a smaller or a larger portion of the many different life expressions, as he remanifests himself in his various life by life associations in different epochs of time. The continuities of these numerous expressive forms can therefore be correctly assumed to constructive destructive aspects of manbe obsessive in nature; they not only can form the destructive potentials of his life, inasmuch as they are seemingly unrelated to him in his present tense, but they can also form the most constructive part of his life.

In fact, when we look at the fear of death, it is, conversely speaking, the dominant and constructive obsession which keeps man in his evolutionary pattern upon the face of this planet from life to life into some future day, when he can begin to recognize the spiritual elements of this interdimensional principle which we have expressed to you.

Fear in itself, in whatever manner or form it is related to you, or to any person, is something which is not immediately or consciously related to the various aspects of daily life. However fear, while it is said to be a destructive or a coercive force, is not necessarily so but can actually form the libido or the driving force in every person’s life, and will so continuously reassert itself until intelligence can begin to take its place and life can be continued on into the future in a more realistic manner and form without the necessary urgency of some or many dominant fears which are submerged in the subconscious.

The future psychology and psychiatry of the world as it concerns mankind, will, if it is to become constructive and valid in solving man’s various mental and physical differences, have to be a much more extended psychosomatic medicine than presently exists. Instead of going back into the childish formative period of time in a person’s life, the psychiatrist or the analyst will have to past-life-therapy-2-postcontinue on back into many hundreds of lifetimes. The person involved will have to be given some sort of correct summation of life as it is presently appearing in his surface everyday life; it is the general conflux of reassertion of many different kinds of life experiences through which he has previously passed. These various life forms are presently reasserting themselves as direct continuities of wave form expressions which stem from the psychic anatomy.

When these principles are thoroughly understood and the psychiatrist (or analyst) can practice this extended psychosomatic medicine, he will really and truly be casting out evil spirits. He will be doing what the witch doctor or the medicine man tried to do by dancing and shaking rattles; he will in effect be doing what Jesus did 2000 years ago when He cast out evil spirits from numerous people who came to Him. He will be actually giving a new lease on life to every person who comes to him.

The practice of witchcraft as it has been previously or even presently expressed is not condoned; it is unrealistic and does not involve all of the factors associated with various kinds of expressions, but it is also invalid on the basis it is only that which is transpiring in the more immediate present. Disease in itself, whether it is physical or mental is only the general conflux, as it were, of many different negative expressions from previous lifetimes which are manifesting themselves in the present memories past livescircumstances of various parallaxes or junctions of these different negative expressions to the extent and degree that they can break down the physical anatomy and obstruct the natural mental functions of the individual.

These obsessive forms or obsessive expressions of life, do not necessarily always have to include such fixed pictures as they may reside in astral entities; they can be numerous daily life happenings in previous lifetimes of any individual, wherein he did live and re-express from day to day these various life continuities. The fact remains that so far as the future is concerned – and the future can be considered a cyclic pattern – anything which happened in the past does in this future become unrelated to it in a sense that we are concerned with certain positive and negative expressions in these cyclic manifestations. While life could have been lived as an actual reality of the past and did not have any particular adverse effect upon the individual at that time, that same life superimposed in a subconscious way in the present could be very destructive to the individual, simply because it was out of phase or out of attunement, as it were, with the present; continuity-of-past-lives-4-posteven though the individual may be living the same kind of a life, but in a re-expressed form or continuity makes no difference whatsoever. We are concerned here primarily with the expressive continuity of these life expressions as they reinsert themselves in cyclic forms. The subsequent differences as they manifest themselves as being adverse, are so in the sense that their polarities are changed to the present, or to some future lifetime which will be lived by this individual.

A more general abstraction could consist of viewing the Infinite in a more interdimensional manner, and as the Infinite is living and regenerating Itself, it cannot therefore be assumed that so far as our consciousness is concerned we could put our fingers on the Infinite at any time or place and get the same picture when we lifted our fingers and put them down in a different place. In effect, so far as our mentality is concerned, we are literally doing this very thing. We are lifting our fingers, so to speak, when we pass from this world, and when we are being reborn again into the physical world, we put our fingers down on the Infinite in respect to the fact that we are again assuming the direct continuity of the physical life.

However, during that interval, we shall say, when our fingers were lifted or that our mental consciousness was suspended from the earth life, the Infinite, in Its respect to us, changed completely; therefore when we tried to continue living the physical or earth life in a new reborn condition, we found that all of these many life expressions were, to a large degree, out of phase to the present. It was our problem then to take these various past lifetime experiences and to reform them or to reshape them into the present lifetime expression as a direct continuity of life. In this respect we developed a new portion of the psychic anatomy, called by the psychologist, the subconscious, which forms a reconstructive entity to the various impounded infractions of different life experiences as they are lived in the present, and which, to some degree, must harmoniously attune Reincarnation-4-postthemselves to many past life experiences, even though they are now, to some degree, and in some sense, out of attunement with the present despite the fact that the same continuities of life were lived in the past lifetimes. It can be easily seen that this is likely to create some kind of tension, or unrest, or strife with the individual. If this condition is continued on into many lifetimes, it can be reasonably supposed this individual will amass, so to speak, a large number of various negative factors or psychic shocks from his past lives and these become very destructive (literally speaking) in his present lifetime.

When these confluxes are so harmonically attuned or joined together, they can give rise in the physical and mental consciousness of the individual to many different kinds of aberrations. The numerous illnesses, both in medicine and psychology, which cannot be resolved by our present-day practitioners, and which are called by certain medical terms, can be very easily dissected on this basis; and as they are unwound, so to speak, like a ball of string, Karma Healingcan be seen to be formed from these various lifetime continuities from preceding lives which have joined together in an unrelated fashion and manner in the present tense, and cannot be re-expressed by the individual in a normal life continuity.

This will be the basis of the medicine which will be practiced in some future time on the surface of the planet earth; when that time arrives, medical and psychological science will be much more completely serviceable than the present-day medicine and psychology which relates man only to the present. In that future day, too, we can resolve in a scientific and tangible manner, all of the numerous differences, both physical and mental, in any individual’s life, not on the basis of some primitive elemental witchcraft, but in a purely scientific manner and form which will completely dissolve these various psychisms which are universally troubling mankind at the present.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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