Meng Tse On The Origins Of Buddhist Philosophy ~ Part II

History-Of-Buddhism-main-4-postHindu-statueThere are — while you are watching and looking about at this great temple of Manu and noticing the beautiful mosaic tiled floors — the great statues of the different gods as they are so manifest in India today, and you can further describe these scenes to your fellow earth man. We will progress somewhat along the lines of modern psychiatry as they are expounded in the medical translations of inductive therapies in the fields of psychology and psychiatry of your day. Anyone who is studying such philosophies or interpretation is, as a consequence, subject to a vast amount of different interpretations of what is called psychological or psychiatric material. The elements entering into such philosophies, as they are so numerous, must be, in direct contrast, quite confusing — and indeed they are.

The tides of expression as they have arisen from the middle ages, from the days in which people were burned at the stake for witchcraft — for merely conceiving some of Sigmund_Freudthe more mental and spiritual natures of man — are now being expressed into your present day, as some of these exponents have become known as psychiatrists or doctors or psychologists. For the purposes of analytical evaluation we shall classify psychology into two divisions; the reactionary group which is by far the largest group, and the liberal expression or the progressive group. In the reactionary group will be found the very numerous doctors or practitioners as they exist in different hospitals, clinics, or private practice in the various cities about your world today. It is this reactionary group which is largely practicing such concepts of psychology or psychiatry which have more or less been practiced by such exponents as Freud, Watson, James, and others whose names are too numerous to mention. The Freudian concept, in itself, seems to be one which is in more popular usage. It is based primarily, as it was in Freud’s time, upon two basic instincts, as he called them, the sexual nature and the will to survive. The modern psychologist has, however, modified these concepts to some extent. He immediately throws up his hands in horror at the mere mention of instinct. However, we might remind you that such facets that enter into the interpretation of psychology or psychiatry are not explained to any great extent in any concept of psychology or psychiatry as they exist today. The psychologist cannot tell you why it is that a child, almost from the time he starts to crawl, becomes somewhat destructive in his nature, and that he is continually modern psychiatry twotrying to break up things about which he knows nothing. The psychologist may mutter something about a reflex or impounded reactions into the consciousness of the child, but these are not so easily brushed aside. The fact remains that most children, if they become destructive in their childhood, are merely reflecting from their psychic consciousness the little wave forms and vortexes which are impounded in the psychic body; the numerous manifestations of destructiveness, which they have, at some time in their evolution manifested in a reactionary way from some previous earth lives.

These destructive potentialities of the child’s nature were not incurred either in one lifetime or in several lifetimes, but they are a conglomerate result of many reincarnations in a material domain which is largely past life memoryreactionary in nature. So it can be said as Freud said — a child as an individual reacts in a destructive manner toward anything which he does not understand, and that he tries to destroy such an appearance of some such object of truth or idea which he may encounter which is foreign to his understanding. Freud himself was, almost to the time of his passing, shaking his head and muttering that all mankind was too thoroughly steeped in the tradition of sex, and that his basic and motivating instincts were based upon the concepts of sex. Here again, just as Freud would tell you if he could be here talking with you, these concepts of sex — while they were basic and relative in certain dimensions of expression among individuals who had not yet worked out certain karmic obstructions in their natures — were a great and dominant factor in controlling the appearances of everyday life; but it was not by such necessity the extreme and controlling factor of evolution as it would so affect the individual in his future progression.

The liberal or progressive camp of psychiatry; or psychology, too, does not embody too much of a general philosophy which can be considered to be, actually, of such nature which will further the progress of man in his present dimension. This camp of interpretation contains such elements of parapsychology as are expressed in the numerous psychical research bodies throughout America and throughout the various other countries of the world. Hearly members of psychic researchere again, while these elements are progressive in nature and the constituents contained therein are much of the spiritual nature of man, yet they too lack a certain fundamental element which is very necessary and vital to understand the more spiritual nature of man himself. If we pin a psychologist or a psychic researcher down to the point where he must actually explain — what is a reflex— what is an idea — what is an instinct — or what is an emotional experience — he cannot define just exactly what these things are. If we ask him where they are, he will point to the brain and say they are in the brain. He will point out that they have an instrument or mechanical robot which is called the encephalograph which is supposed to denote certain wave forms or electronic impulses which are supposed to stem from the brain. While this is so, yet he cannot — if you bring him directly to the point — actually define from whence this life force comes.

The physicist, the scientist, as well as the psychologist is today attempting, not only to put the contents of scientist-in-laboratory-4-postlife in a test tube, but he can magnify it on the oscilloscope or make other interpretations. He can put life under a microscope and see it; he will not, nor can he ever build it and fabricate it according to his own will of consciousness. This is, in itself, a pure dominion of God’s own spiritual consciousness and the creative processes of creating man’s spiritual nature are entirely within the concept of God Himself.

The net product of analyses which the psychologist or the psychic-anatomy-4-postscientist, or the psychiatrist is trying to define as life is, as we have so numerously interpreted and interjected in our transmissions, the fabrication of spiritual structure which is known as the psychic body and that it resides and lives in a dimension which is not physical in nature nor can it ever be determined in the pure quotient of the reactionary nomenclature or to such procedures of analytical psychology as are expressed in your world today. They must, as we have said, be interjected and fully explained in the field which is more closely related to parapsychology or that an entirely new science and interpretation must come into being which embodies the element of clairvoyance, or such psychic knowledge which will enable the practitioner to see, to sense, and to visualize and interpret in some way, into his analogies, such conditions, or of what the spiritual structures of man really consist.

The present day psychologist or the analyst, as he is practicing in the numerous clinics and hospitals and in the various private practices types of mental illness classificationsof the earth today, takes a great deal of pride in the fact that he can spew forth from his mouth a great deal of nomenclature which he denotes as the various types of mental aberrations and he has called them by such names as reflexes or factions of an inhibitive nature, or that they are neurotic or a paranoid or schizoid; or they may be other forms of mentally distorted or aberrated people to such an extent that they have lost a normal functional relationship with the world about them. Such terms and such nomenclature, in themselves, mean little or nothing, as any psychologist knows that no two patients ever exhibit exactly the same tendencies and relationships of these abnormal expressions in themselves. Each patient expresses a certain challenge wherein are contained certain elements of personal evaluation which are different from another; classifications of mental aberrations are just rather broadly defined conditions wherein a person may be generally classified.

man at chalkboardIn viewing psychology as it exists today upon the earth, you would see the numerous and entirely opposite translations of life in the various nations and communities of the world, and that the exact and extreme opposites of the interpretations of life are often, very predominantly displayed so as a direct consequence, psychology must be extremely flexible in nature, and such extreme flexibility can only be equated into the dimensions of pure science, because pure science is absolute and inflexible. There are no elements in your physical or material science which cannot or could not be clearly defined in a mathematical formula, or to such equations as could be expressed in some of the electronic robots of your time.

The extreme nature of man as he is expressing in your world today, and as he does in other worlds — indicates, to a large degree, the mental health statisticsinfinite nature of man himself, and into such infinite concepts the psychologist or psychiatrist must, by direct consequence, relate man into higher dimensions of life or to his relative sequence of such evolution. You might think that such psychology would, in direct proportion, be of an extremely complex nature, but such is not so. If we remember the basic elements of psychic structures, and that in the expression of some clairvoyant diagnosis the individual can very thoroughly be diagnosed for such psychic impacts as have caused his mental aberration and his own states of evolution. Statistics will indicate, as they exist in the cities of the world today and especially in America, that the elements of the numerous types of physical diseases or mental conditions indicate that the number one problem of mankind is mental health. The problem of mental health, in itself, as it can be very clearly seen by such statistics and a further perusal of how this mental condition arrived at its staggering proportion will indicate that it is purely a product of the civilization in which you live.

There are numerous races and tribes of people living on the earth today who can be called savage or somewhat primitive in their expressions but you will notice that the rate of mental aberrations or that their rate of mental health is a comparatively very small fraction in direct comparison to that which is incurred by the average individual in the larger civilized cities of the world.

As any psychologist can tell you in your present day and age, even the little doggies in the household are very often quite neurotic, and children suffer from stomach ulcers which are often, in themselves, a symptom of a neurosis. Statistmental healthics indicate that in your America one person in ten is badly in need of corrective therapy, or that ten million are in such a condition of mental health that they are no longer useful in the communities where they live; and they have become by direct consequence, to a large degree, somewhat dangerous. By such statistics we can also positively evaluate the present psychiatry or psychology as being of little, if any, use in stemming the tide of negativity which is warping and distorting the minds of the American people. In direct consequence, it must be thoroughly understood that a new and entirely different type of corrective therapy is in extreme and urgent need at the present time.

Nor is the present psychology so related to another aspect of the American way of life, and this psychiatry should include this expression which is called the criminal. The criminal is just as neurotic and just as insane prisoners-in-cellsas any person who is confined in a mental institution. Your records will reveal that such criminals as have been incarcerated and have been either pardoned or placed back into society on parole have returned and returned to the penal institutions; and as any psychologist can tell you, as they are characteristically and predominantly criminal, they cannot, in any sense of the word, be cured. I am referring to the large majority of criminals who are impounded into such institutions. There are, of course, some innocent victims and others too, who will, in a future day, be able to regulate their lives into a more useful sequence.

But, as a whole, the product of civilization which is contained in the large cities is highly conducive to the criminal elements which will badly warp and distort the minds of the youngsters as they grow up so that obsessive disordersthey become hardened reprobates and cannot, at the time of their earth lives, ever become suitably or correctively instituted to some social structure. These criminally aberrated conditions in these mentalities are further complicated by the great seas of astral forces which — as we have described them as individual entities — are swirling about in the aura of the earth. As a youngster is warped or distorted into some criminal propensity, so he always does, as a direct consequence, impound within his psychic nature the obsessive influences of the numerous astral entities who have, at some time in their earth lives, been criminals or mentally perverted in some way.

And here again you see the fallacious interpretation of corrective therapy by constructing the penal paroleeinstitutions or corrective reform schools and incarcerating these criminals together under a common roof. As they are so confined, others are attempting to impress them with the idea that they are wrong-doers. This is a very silly thing to do as the criminal himself is in no position to properly evaluate a constructive philosophy of life. Here again it must be borne in mind that corrective therapy, as far as the criminal would be concerned, should be one in which we would first remove from the cities of your civilization the elements which first warped or distorted or brought into the consciousness of the individual these criminal propensities.

The reactionary way of life in the environment of the slum elements and in the hurry and scurry, as has rat racebeen called the ‘rat race’ of life on the planet earth in these large cities, is very highly productive of warping and distorting a child’s mind. The father and mother themselves are often individuals who have been living on the fringeline of criminal propensities; and they may have, actually, from time to time, been guilty of misinterpretation, of flagrantly violating the law of social structure, so that the child, as a consequence, has nothing in his environmental factors which is conducive to a more integrated and constructive spiritual or social way of life. It is one thing to live under a wonderful and beautiful idealistic concept, as was contained in the constitution, a free way of life to the average individual who so arrives in a great civilization, such as America, but it is quite another thing to properly relate such individuals with spiritual concepts in the environmental factors of their daily lives that will enhance and propagate the necessary virtues of their natures so that they may become useful citizens.

This, in various ways, has been attempted by the inclusion of numerous churches, or the child will be sent school kidto Sunday school, or to such other places where he can learn something of the spiritual and historical background of mankind. Or, he may be sent to some public school and taught the rudimentary factions as they are contained in the educational systems of your time. But these things, in themselves, while they are much better than having nothing at all, have not yet arrived at such a point where they can completely integrate a child into what could be a much more useful and highly developed way of his life.

The people on other planets have arrived at the conclusions of child psychology where they can properly evaluate the child’s potentials in such a manner where he would further develop along the line for which he is most suited and adapted. Such other conditions, as are contained in his psychic body, must also be removed so that he does not continually suffer from the handicap of the psychic blocks which may exist in this psychic structure from other lifetimes.

healing-psychic-anatomy-viewer-4-postHowever, these things are much in advance of your present day knowledge of psychology and psychiatry. They cannot and will not be impounded into such future interpretations unless the reactionary groups or elements will somewhat bow down before the tide of new spiritual knowledge which is to come into the world in a future time. Likewise, the liberal group may learn to develop within its ranks the element of the clairvoyant diagnostician who can properly evaluate and interpret the various psychic structures as they exist in the individual’s psychic consciousness. However, dear ones, I see that the Channel is becoming a little distressed, and so we shall discontinue here for the present time.

— Meng Tse.

Excerpt from The Voice of Muse

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