Joseph-Louie Lagrange on Vibronics And Philosophy

Lagrange“One of the very interesting facets which I (Joseph-Louie Lagrange), expressed in my earth life was in the study of the various laws of harmonics and its cyclic paths of relationship, such harmonic relationship as is expressed in the twanging or the plucking of strings in the orchestrated instruments. I found that strings had a basic or a fundamental frequency, as I termed this, not only in themselves, but that they also generated and regenerated these frequencies in direct multiples or proportions, which often reached fantastic proportions. I also found that the elimination of any of these harmonics changed the overtone of the string as it was plucked. You may best distinguish this difference to your own advantage by listening to one of the earlier versions of the piano, then called harpsicord, and then to your modern piano. The difference here is that your modern piano has very thoroughly and effectively damped strings. By damping I do not mean the use of water, but rather the use of small felt pads which are placed near the end of the strings on the string board, which is underneath the framework of the piano itself. These felt pads automatically eliminate the higher wave train frequencies and thus change the overtone of the struck string to such an extent that the piano is an entirely different instrument. I also discovered the interesting phenomenon that two strings, when tuned in portions of octaves, would, when plucked simultaneously, produce a third harmonic structure, which in the terminology of the physicist of your day, is termed a heterodyne. It is the principle by which the modern radio is tuned and thus is able to assimilate the various frequencies from the air, as they are passed from the transmitters.

Now this, of course, may be somewhat confusing to the untrained mind which has not had some basic knowledge in the field of electronics; however, I am discussing the facts to show you that everything is law, order, and harmony in God’s great celestial universe. Nowhere except in the energyself-4-postterrestrial planes such as the earth do we see such an abundance of inharmony and confusion; yet all that may abundantly and superficially appear to be great confusion is actually the beginning of the more basic and elemental forms of the laws of harmonic structures which will separate and regulate each individual into his own proper dimension. This of course comes with the first step of each individual who becomes an initiate. In a sense he becomes his own judge and his own jury by determining what it is that he shall do to direct his mind and his energies into his intents, so that in future evolutions of his life he will automatically ascend and re-ascend into the different dimensions which are more suitable to a higher expression of those concepts; and so, as a humble mathematician, may I give the strongest and most emphatic emphasis to your personal philosophy; it must include the concepts which explain the laws of the higher orders of cyclic motions. Faraday explained to some extent the formation of the suns and the various planets in the solar systems by the vortexes. Such law and order in the more constructive realms is also more or less displayed in all things about us. The law of vibronics and cyclic motion is in itself the fundamental concept of the great Intelligence, which is called God, on the earth.

There was at one time an individual living on the earth named Calvin. It was he who formed one of the basic churches still in existence there. The Calvinistic religious influence includes the concept of predestination and various other concepts which regulate the individual to a philosophy of hell-fire and damnation. Such philosophy can or cannot be assimilated or rejected by the individual. He determines his own philosophy by the ability to think factually and constructively for himself; he must learn tconcept-2hat such elements in a personal philosophy are widely diversified. Even in your own day you see that the elements of philosophy as expressed among the various Christian factions in your own country are extremely wide and diversified; and they all seem to say that the road to heaven can be entered only through their own doorway. Now we here know what the doorway is; the doorways into the Celestial Kingdom, if you would call them such, are not through the portals of any one’s own church, but through the portals of one’s own mind. As was previously explained in one of the earlier transmissions from the planet Venus, it all hinges upon the individual’s ability to form what is called a concept. Even the most mechanical and mundane processes of our daily life would become absolutely impossible unless we had learned through the reactionary processes of the objective and subconscious mind to manipulate these mechanical processes in our every-day life. Even the act of walking across the room would be an impossibility unless we had so preconditioned our mind into these concepts which move and motivate the various muscles of the mechanism known as the human body. So, ascending into the spiritual dimensions which separate man from this structure of flesh and bone, we do so on the premise that the mind must be so conditioned that it can accept the spiritual concepts which will place it in the direct line of continuity with such dimensions as are most suitable to our own individuality.

Again, a very emphatic statement that I must make is that there is absolutely nothing, and may I repeat, nothing which you can conceive in your minds at this day, and far beyond the limits which you can conceive even into the future of many thousands of years, which is not still entirely possible and does not exist in the mind of the great universal cosmos, which is the ultimate and destiny of all mankind in the evolution; and in order to enter into these higher spiritual dimensions, each one SerapisBey2must follow the logical pattern of thought of a change in concepts. So whatever it is that you have conceived in your earth philosophies, you will begin to understand that such philosophies would be less than useless in such dimensions and in such realms. After your many hundreds of thousands of years of evolutions, putting it into the equivalent of earth time, you will have conceived concepts in your mind which would defy description, and would cause you to be completely frustrated in your attempts to find any cohesive relationship with your present earth life; and you would even be unable to picture one small fragment of the evolutions in these future dimensions. You have already seen in a former exploration one of the higher of the Lords or Logi, called Serapis, who was known and lived on the earth at one time. In that presentation he appeared as living lambent flame of energy, in which he functioned entirely without the customary arms and legs or the organism of the body; and even this, my brother, is only the beginning of the evolutions into which Serapis will yet evolve in his progression into the still higher dimensions. But I must not confuse you; I must confine myself to channels which are more acceptable to the world in which you live. So, let us rest and mentally digest what we have witnessed and what we have discussed. Your friend, – Joseph.” Excerpt from The Voice of Hermes.


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