Introduction to Healing

Introduction-to-Healing-Main“In order to aid the student in gaining the greatest benefits from his self-corrective study of life psychology in the interest of human relationships, individually and collectively, it is of paramount importance that each student enrolled in the organization of UN.AR.I.U.S. should fully understand the scientific psychological principles involved in this study.

It is suggested that each student make out a sheet listing his fears whereby he may check from time self analysis 4 postto time in comparison. The word “fear” itself as well as other factors involves certain subconscious reflexes known as defense mechanisms and the student frequently sidesteps this analysis and thereby cheats himself of great benefits which could be gained by more complete objectivism in this pychosomatic analysis. The concept of fear must be more properly understood as one of the most powerful and dynamic moving forces which has helped man to construct this present civilization and as such, fear is therefore either constructive or destructive.

It was fear of darkness which brought the electric lamp into existence; it was fear of sickness and fear 4 postdeath which has given us great agencies dedicated to help relieve man from want and insecurities; it is fear which creates the criminal and fear of the criminal which has created our law-enactment agencies.

However, in order to understand fear and its relationship to you more properly and fully, you must remember that the present-day psychiatrist treats his patient on the basis of his present and one lifetime experience in this psychosomatic therapy and that sometimes reliefs and cures are effected, temporarily at least, by this simple elemental psychology. In the process of thinking, which is not true thinking, the average individual is merely reacting from the sum and total of the experience quotients contained in the subconscious or psychic.

True or constructive thinking is comparatively rare and occurs only when the individual can detachpast-lives-psychic anatomy himself from this oscillating process and view things introspectively in relationships which do not involve him personally in some reflex or emotional content.

Furthermore in viewing our linkage with the reactionary thinking (although present psychiatry concerns itself with the present lifetime only) we must remember that every individual presently living has lived hundreds or possibly thousands of lifetimes; that he is not a physical being as is commonly supposed but that he is actually a spiritual or an energy creation and that the external body is only a personification of concept, form and ideology of these many past lifetimes and even more primitive developments.

The spiritual or psychic anatomy which is the true man is therefore an energy creation composed of countless billions of wave forms of energy compounded in vortexes which comprise this psychic body. Individually and collectively these energy wave forms are reflecting outwardly in numerous ways into the individual’s present lifetime.

It is obvious therefore that if we wish to change any of these outward manifestations which have given rise to our present conditions we must in some way change or eliminate these wave forms. This is most easily accomplished when the individual objectifies them honestly and without the cycle-of-reincarnation-4-postcommon barriers of defense mechanisms which he has subconsciously erected to defend himself against “loss of face” or deflation of the ego which he feels would occur or does occur when the whole world knows that he has in some way been guilty of becoming involved in some negative circumstance.

Getting rid of this fallacious egotism is comparatively easy. First, realize that everyone, like yourself, has this same psychic body, this same compound matrix of experiences of the many lifetimes he has lived. Secondly realize that this continual building and rebuilding process of this psychic body through these many lifetimes is the basic principle of life and is sometimes referred to as reincarnation.

In other words, each individual objectifies as personal experiences through these many lifetimes the sum and total of all of the elements which are contained in the superconsciousness which can be compared to the mind or the brain of the psychic body. . .and this superconsciousness is given Past life analysis-4-postpower only in direct proportion to consciousness. Therefore, in your self-analysis, do not sidestep this most important part of your therapy. Just because you do not think you have certain fears does not mean that they do not exist with you in this psychic body. Like everyone else you are being actually motivated by this very subconsciousness. Your very desire to study truth, to have help and spiritual healing is a direct portrayal or proof that you are suffering from these common ills which were incurred in previous lifetimes under subjective circumstances and reactionary living. When you have fully reconstructed the psychic body from higher spiritual concepts which do not contain these reactionary fear elements, then you will be a Master or an Archangel and will long since have passed from this material world. Furthermore, your future will be determined entirely on how well you can learn the scientific principles involved in this psychosomatic study and in constructing for yourself through your future incarnations or lifetimes a more spiritually developed body.

The sole aim and purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S. is to teach people these basic life principles and thus to become their own physicians. There is nothing more fallacious, weakening or demoralizing than dependency or procrastinating until some future day to await the time when, supposedly, you will religion-symbology-4-postbe jerked into Heaven by some great Master or in some vague way, believe that the mere belief will save you from the reactionary lives of the past with their many sins and iniquities. This dependency attitude is a blind alley which has literally led untold millions of people astray, retarded the natural course of development and figuratively bound these poor souls to the materialistic worlds with chains stronger than any steel.

Do not attempt therefore to pacify yourself in any sense that you do not have fears just because you cannot feel, in the present suggestive tense, an emotional reflex. Do not think that such fears are nonexistent; it only means that you have erected a strong defense soul-awakening-4-postmechanism against them. Your life as a whole, your attitudes and thought patterns are direct portrayals and admissions of these fears.

Resolve therefore in your introspection that the elements in your present everyday life are quite similar in many respects and in nature to the many lives you have lived in the past; clothing, language and other factors may have changed but the basic experience quotient content from these past lifetimes is still, through frequency relationship, repeating itself and will continue to do so until it is otherwise changed by a wiser and more proper evaluation of life as a progressive evaluation in which each person objectifies in his experience quotient, some direct proportion of the Infinite Mind.”

Excerpt from Introduction to UN.AR.I.U.S., Part 2

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