Interdimensional Energy Transductance ~ Part I

Interdimensional Energy Transductance main“The presentation of the various concepts contained in the texts will present to the layman and the scientist alike, some rather obviously startling departures from the commonly accepted idioms of scientific knowledge which have been collectively propounded during the past hundred years or so, or since the beginning of our present-day physical science. It must be remembered however, that these concepts are not idle theorems or conjectures, but are indeed quite factual and can be proven by numerous existing mysteries, as well as the more commonly accepted forms of phearth-layers-4-postysical sciences as they now exist. It is our avowed purpose and intention to prove from such mysteries and unexplained paradoxes as now presently exist in our physical science and in the beginnings of this so-called new “space age”, that these concepts are indeed correct.

For instance, it has been posed that the interior of the earth will present to itself, not the commonly accepted form of molten iron, as is supposed to exist in our modern understanding in the scientific world, but will actually — so far as present instrumentation is concerned — cease to be, or shall become nonexistent in that future day when the scientist succeeds in penetrating the thin crust of the earth. Yet, indeed, it must not be surmised that the interior of the earth is a vacuum, no more so than the infinitely filled solid space which surrounds the terrestrial planet earth, and which has been accepted by the scientist as space simply because he lacks the relative means to relay any particular dispensations of reactance or resistance into the horizon of his five senses.

When the scientist does penetrate the surface of the earth, should he have, at that time, the correct instrumentation to differentiate the various types of energy spectra which exist in or beneath the crust of the earth, he will indeed find that energy forms do surpass and go beyond the limits of his present-day understanding of atomical constituents in the scale of the some 100 atoms, of which he now presupposes his science to be compounded. In this way, we shall prove that the interior of the earth is not molten, but composed of regular layers or dimensions of energy, each one in an increasingly dense layer to the immediate layer above it. That, too is part of the vortical pattern as a hard core nucleus of a great vortex.

At this point, we shall bring into consciousness a very important and dominant factor of relationshirocket-with-satellite-4-postp which must be remembered by both the reader and the scientist in this analogy, as it concerns not only the interior of the earth, but the so-called space which surrounds the earth. Therefore, may we interject two very important findings which the scientist has made in the past few years, and which have to some extent, torn down or completely changed some previously existing scientific concepts; or these facts have presented, at the moment, some unexplained mysteries.

In shooting experimental rockets into orbit, the last stage or nose-cone is known as a satellite. Contained within these revolving spheres is certain radio apparatus which has been installed to transmit definite information back to the earth. In this respect, the scientist has found that to his knowledge no suitable mechanism exists which is capable of measuring temperatures as were previously supposed to have been known in this (so-called) space. In other words, thermometers or any satelliteother temperature measuring device remain completely inert when suitable distance is attained from the surface of the earth wherein there is a cessation of a certain interplay of cosmic energy transferences from other dimensions.

This brings a very important fact to bear, that all known scientific apparatus, as it so exists, has been developed from a comparatively limited band of energy interpolations which can be considered to present (in our evaluation), a means or, in other words, a certain definite point from which he can equate or equalize such existing physical phenomena as is apparent in our daily more than the eye can see diagramlife and which is reactive to some degree, to the five existing physical senses. However, this does not presuppose — as we have postulated in other texts in this book — that there are not an infinite number of various interpolations of energy and transduction which exist in an infinite number of dimensions and to which the five senses are in no way sensitive.

Thus the scientist is finding that his present-day apparatus, as it is so concerned with the means of the five physical senses, presents a very limited and narrow perspective or horizon of introspection. He has thus become confounded by the fact that his temperature measuring devices are now not reactive outside the confines of the atmospheric envelope of the earth and its statically surcharged field of force. This force field is a by-product of the various generic forces as they move in the magnetic lines of force surrounding the earth, and link it (cosmically speaking), to the infinite universe.

It might also be noted at this time, that should the scientist succeed in levitating a man above the surface of the earth and out into space at a sufficient distance, he would (as it has been suggested in a previous text), find that the picture of the earth would be quite similar to that of the planet Venus. Venus 4 postHe would not be able to see the exact surface of the earth, simply because of the various intervening layers and fields of force of surcharged or ionically charged particles of matter which are more correctly called electrons.

Therefore in establishing within the dimensions of our consciousness, science in its present existing state, is only interpolating into consciousness, as the perimeter of the five conscious or physical senses, the known horizon of the physical science. By this token then, should the scientist penetrate the crust of the earth, he would most certainly lack the correct instrumentation to determine any reactive constituents, as they might manifest themselves in any existing instrumentation which he might now possess.

Here again enters another supporting concept which presently presents a great paradox to the copper conductivity vs temperaturescientist, for he has found in his laboratory, ways and means to subject various atomic forms — such as copper — to the temperature of absolute zero, which is approximately 472 degrees minus zero. In this lowered state of temperature (and we use the word “temperature’’ rather loosely), the scientist has found that the copper has now a perfect conductivity and presents no reactance or resistance to the electric force which may be passing through it at that particular moment. This is in direct contradiction to the Ohms law, which means that again when the scientist, Ohm, postulated his theory of resistance, he did so from the same commonly discussed base or means, as is relevant to the transposition of energy forms in the dimension of our five physical senses.

Herein enters a very important part of this concept. It must be firmly envisioned by the reader that atomic forms as they present themselves on the surface of man’s consciousness and to such various existing forms in his terrestrial dimension (or physical world), are all, in themselves, atoms — atom-transducer-4-postmerely very minute transducers — that is, they are very busily engaged like small firemen in shoveling coal onto the fire, so to speak. The earth, as it presents itself to the physical man, maintains some sort of a mean temperature. This, too, is partially a by-product from the transduction of energy from the fourth or fifth dimensional planes next to the earth, into the various atomic constituents of which it is so comprised.

The exact manner of transference of energy from the sun is not complete insofar as the earth is concerned; that is, it obtains energy in many different ways and forms as a direct result of transduction from many other dimensions, manners, and means. The reader may visualize that the planet earth, as it has been suggested, represents only the nucleus of a gyrating field of force which, in itself, has precipitated certain negative energy wave forms in an increasingly hard or dense core toward the center. These wave forms will, in turn, in this compressed relationship to the Infinite, form the various atomic constituents as one of the by-products of this regenerative process. In the outward expansion into the third dimension, which presents a negative surface to this hard core of the vortical spectrum above it, is another of these regenerative by-products, as seen in the expression of certain lines of force which are called magnetic lines of force. These iEMF-vortex of sun atom universen themselves, can be considered as primary channels of energy transference from one given dimension to another. They are, to some extent, governing reagents of the transductance of various types of energy from one dimension to another.

The earth, just as any other heavenly body including the sun, can therefore be envisioned within the mind as a huge atom. While the tiny core or the nucleus of the atom is at least partly responsible for maintaining a certain means within the five physical senses, in the transduction of energy into the physical world, each atom can thus be considered a transducer. It is, as has been suggested, taking a certain quanta of energy from another dimension and, in the oscillating process, regeneratively speaking, in the manner and fashion of the vortex which comprises the earth itself, becomes an exact subparticle or facsimile of atom-earth-4-postthis same vortical pattern as the earth. Therefore, the atom can be considered in its function to be sending energy, or shooting energy off into the same lines of magnetic transference, as does the earth itself — or the vortex which forms the earth — in the function of the normal transductance of energy into the various physical relationships which comprise the atomic constituents of the earth itself. Therefore, the atom retains the correct mean temperature, as do all similar atoms, whether they are compounded in large or small quantities of the so-called neutronic, protonic elements, or surcharges, as they have been pictured by the atomic scientists.

It is quite obvious that a loaded vehicle cannot transport an additional load. If we load a one-ton truck with one ton of metal, it would then be very laborious to carry any additional load which was imposed upon it. The atom is in the same position, relatively speaking, as it is when contained in a long rod which can be called a copper wire. Each tiny atom composing a molecule or a crystal of ohms-law-illustratedcopper is busily engaged at full capacity in transforming energy from one dimension to another to keep it as a copper atom within this certain mean temperature, or terrestrial dimension, into which it has so manifested itself. Any additional load in the form of energy, traveling at the rate of 186,000 miles per second, presents an additional load which it can, to some extent, laboriously conduct within the circumference of the magnetic lines of force of which it is comprised.

This represents the resistance, postulated by Ohm in his law of “Ohm’s resistance”. When the same atom which is contained in the copper wire is subjected to intense refrigeration or, to state more factually, an isolation process wherein the atom has been at least temporarily suspended or isolated from its interdimensional activity, it then becomes, to any outside force of traveling energy as it is reflected to it, a perfect conductor; simply because it is, in its own intelligence (its own I.Q.), ready, willing and able to assume the load which has been temporarily suspended from its activity due to the isolation by the so-called refrigeration.

In other words, so far as this individual atom is concerned, refrigeration and its subjugation to the absolute mean, so far as the scientist is concerned with 472 degrees below zero, it is, in effect, thrown space-is-infinitely-filled-with-energy-4-posta million miles away from the surface of the earth, out into another dimension in which it is not functionally active and does not perform its major task or its particular intelligence, in relating energy from one dimension into another.

The presentation of these facts and the seeming mysteries of present-day science should now clear up certain definite and pertinent points in the readers’ introspection. As it was previously postulated, there is no such thing as space; it is infinitely filled and infinitely solid, so far as energy is concerned. This energy, in itself, assumes a vast magnitude and an infinite number of different forms and dispensations, as well as interchanges. This cannot be considered, in any way, to be a chaotic maelstrom but rather, a very highly organized interplay of energy forms which are transposing and transducing energy from one dimension into another by the simple and presently recognized laws of harmonic structures and the regenerative processes which are concerned when a large energy source is involved by the Infinite Mind in these various interpolations.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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