Infinite Cosmogony – The Facade of Immortality

infinite-cosmogony-main-4-post“It has been said that no man is truly ignorant until he stops seeking. Yet let this seeking – and man should always seek – be one of constructivism. If the efforts in space are in any way vindicated, then it must be upon this premise and this premise alone. Such efforts could be condoned – that he is indeed seeking. Yet we must again examine all psychological factors involved which are really behind the movements of such extrusions and such seekings. Do these really come from a desire to understand life, or would the understanding of life placate, in any way, the fear of death which is rampant in the secret subconscious of every human? Or that he wishes, in some way, to perpetuate himself upon the pedestal of immortality in the eyes of his fellowman?

The motivations, psychologically speaking, behind those who motivate, engineer and participate in seeker-4-postsuch space explorations or even into other excursions of scientific endeavor, must be searched and questioned for such ulterior motivations as may exist within the confines of a subverted subconscious mind – complexes which have been developed in the insecurities and fears of this nether earth world and in the numerous incarnations which any individual may have been subjected to in these various indispositions. All, as they are compounded within the psychic anatomy, give a certain malevolence to the actions and to the conduct of any person who has such a complex – a syndrome of civilization, improbables compounded within the rhetorics of his own conduct, of his own mind produce as it has been quoted, an impenetrable jungle, more dense and with more thorns indeed than that which confronted any prince in his search for the sleeping beauty.

Truth is, indeed, when it is sought in the nebulous regions and horizons of life, and improbable; yet it must, at some time, become an element which has been substantiated in all factors of life to higher-self-4-postbecome valid in any person’s personal evolution. To achieve immortality is a combination of elements and factors which are as yet beyond the horizon of the third-dimensional world minds and still assiduously sought for in temples and in churches, before altars and in other places. Yet they will not be found there; neither will they be found in the halls of learning nor in the laboratories nor can any computer or any other electronic instrument which was so devised give the answer to the improbables of life’s origin or to its sources, for these are not found in the exterior surfaces and protuberances of life but must be telepathically sought for and communicated with from within the innermost self or from within the psychic anatomy. For within any given moment of any person’s life there is, on the basis of communication to that person, a constant and never-ending wealth of information which would most intelligently link him up to the normal processes and inductances of all life processes as they were concerned with not only his personal evolution, but to all animate and inanimate objects and their evolutionary consensus on this planet Earth.

Well, we might philosophize until we are short of breath and blue in the face yet, individually speaking, this remains the proposition of every human: to reach that threshold in his own evolution when he becomes inductive to certain radiations, to certain emanations which come to him from beyond the horizon of the rhetorical world. Then, and only then, if he recognizes such infusions and pathway-of-lightsuch radiations for such as they must be, and he begins to capitalize on them – he begins to seek what they mean and their true origins, then he is indeed facing his true evolutionary pathway – not one which will be filled with the stones of reactionaryism from his material world but rather one which will be paved as would be the fabled streets in the “New City of Jerusalem”, with the gold of logic, reason and intellectual prospective.

Forward then, to all ways, manners and means which are logical in their conclusion and which have in themselves the morality of this progressive evolution. Let no man stray from his path, for surely he will be precipitated over the precipice of a bottomless abyss. His own strength has waylaid him in his purposes – his strength which he incurred in his past lifetime indispositions and which he has not securely locked within the Pandora’s box of his past. I, who am an Emissary from a Higher World can only warn you of these dangers. I can only present to you the facade of immortality of the interdimensional cosmos. I can only interject into your consciousness, in the word symbols and forms of your earth world, the cardinal principles, the motivating forces and the activations which constitute the Infinite Cosmogony. Yet, this is done purely on the premise that it is a selective proposition, for you and you alone, can select and confirm within your future actions, a certain dedication to finding the promise of what has been presented to you in this facade.

I will not indulge at the moment in semantics as to the probables in responsibilities – as to my responsibilities or as to yours. These in themselves are obvious; they need not bear repeating. However, should any person shirk the burden of his own progressive evolution, then he has shirked Pathway-of-enlightenmentthe moralities of creation. He has foregone and denied this creation and he has denied the reason, the cause and the logic for his own existence, for even the atoms which constitute his physical anatomy are all, in themselves, a tribute to the manifestation of this Infinite Intelligence. No one can say more, no one can say less, for all has been encompassed, all has been foretold, all has been created, and we, as individuals, then must seek among this Infinite Cosmos for those elements and participles of life which lead us more directly toward the seat and the origin of Infinite Intelligence.

To your dedication and to the success of your efforts then, we, the Unariun Brothers, will always remain in the absolute as a proposition of integration according to your own efforts; that just as atoms must be in tune with the constituents of the Infinite Cosmogony, so you too, must be in all ways, manners and forms, in tune with those progressive elements which compound Infinity. Conversely, only destruction awaits those who seek to form their own citadel of life about them and who either mentally, within the precincts of their own minds, or physically rule the world and relegate the actions of all humanity.

To those who can see certain integrations, certain manifestations and the principles involved and capitalize upon such knowledge to build the horizon of the dimension of not only their own life but in the prospective of all humans who are struggling with the same aspirations – the same ideals. To all ends in their constructivisms, let us remain forever dedicated.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium I

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