Giving Freely – Part I

give-freely-of-yourself-main-4-post-2“In various texts which have been given, there has been frequent mention of a certain phrase, “To Give Freely of Himself”. Lest this be misinterpreted, or that it could be used by some person with a strong escape mechanism to vindicate his own mental objectivisms, this particular phrase will therefore be more fully explained.

To give freely of himself does not mean that this person should lay his neck, so to speak, upon any chopping block which might come his way, or that giving freely is a means of atonement for any sense of guilt which such a person may have. Giving freely of himself means simply this: All objectivisms, mental or physical, all concepts and all perspectives of life are carried beyond the horizon of the individual’ s subconscious, reactionary self. In other words, all mental functions and their relative physical manifestations are an oscillating process carried on with the Higher or Superconscious Self. This is a two-way, back-and-forth transference of energy which will manifest higher-selfitself in form in the individual’s life. In a sense, the individual has thus become a substation of the main power plant wherein this person will transfer such various forms of consciousness as they stem from the Higher, or Infinite Self. It should go without saying at this point that such forms of consciousness from the Higher Self will always be pure expressive forms, completely detached from the stigma of selfhood, originating in the subconscious.

There are many and numerous purposes to which this principle should be applied in daily life. The dimension of physical perspectives and its various appertenances should always be made or manifest from energy which thus stems from the Infinite Source. This is the direct application of a well-known but misunderstood metaphysical law. Giving freely is the right way in which goodness and virtue are made manifest in any individual’s life who so understands it correctly It is not the concentrated effort of sheer will to manifest certain physical objectivisms as is believed by so many. However, the usage of this principle to manifest supply, give guidance, healing, etc., is not the prerogative of the conscious mind which, in itself, is closely affiliated with the old reactionary subconscious. To use this principle, therefore, relaxation of the conscious mind is necessary and made subservient to the higher and more intelligent Superconsciousness. All demonstrations, therefore, will work to conclusion in the individual’s life, without his conscious knowledge or without will or effort from his conscious mind.

This is the true attainment and realization of spiritual consciousness and does not begin as is taught by many mind practitioners, materialization by sheer will power. Repetitious sayings, various concentrated efforts with the conscious mind are at best only autosuggestive or hypnotic in nature and their results are very limited and short-lived. Moreover, these concentrated mind practices are but one step removed from age-old practices of witchcraft, black magic, etc. Therefore, relax the conscious or physical mind and in this atmosphere of relaxation, obstreperous oscillations are higher-self-4-posttemporarily annulled from the subconscious, mind blockages are cancelled out; for attempts at concentration always create static energy which block mind functions. In such mental atmosphere of peace and well-being, and secure in the knowledge of the Infinite, the Higher Self can function more freely with the Infinite. You will also be in a much better alignment with the Higher Spiritual plane, and the Intelligent Beings who inhabit them, and who in turn, have a much better working position with the Infinite.

At this point it should be remembered that as you have lived through many past lifetimes and countless thousands of experiences are contained therein, these experiences, in turn, have polarized their counterparts or positive facsimilies which are part of the sum and total of this Higher Superconscious Self. This process has created in the Superconscious various psychic substructures which give this Superconscious its own selfhood in connection with that particular individual. The growth and development of this person’s psychic embodiment with any individual depends quite naturally upon how many lifetimes he has lived. People who have traveled many thousands of lifetimes therefore have a fairly high degree of development and gradually superseded the function of the conscious mind in its affiliation with the subconscious. Conversely, a person who has lived only a hundred or so lifetimes, is still a very strong materialist and animal-like in nature, depending as he does, on mental function completely as a process sustained from the subconscious.

The various processes as they have just been explained, are the basis for that much misunderstood religious reference to the “Holy Trinity.” For this can now clearly be seen to comprise these threespiritual-awakening-4-post elements, the Superconscious Self, or the facsimile of the Infinite; the subconscious or psychic accumulation of the past, and the conscious which is merely the integrator.

It is the purpose of each individual in consciousness to gradually transfer the realm of his perspectus from the subconscious and attain Spiritual consciousness as a direct rapport of Self, with this higher embodiment. This attainment will occur only in that far off, dim and distant future — after passing through countless thousands of earth lives — when the individual has attained this more direct rapport with the Higher Self. He will still retain conscious knowledge of all he has experienced in these countless thousands of lives (as past memory experiences are contained in the polarized idiom of these Superconscious psychic substructures), but will do so without any reactionary affiliations. In other words, he has attained Mastership and has begun to completely function as a direct cell or unit with the Infinite.

The Infinite Mind is not only the source of all things, but IS all things. It is each individual’s own personal problem to learn how to manifest either mentally, physically, or materially, such subtractions thereof, and doing this through consciousness, not will power; consciousness meaning the individual understands the principle involved wherein he is oscillating with, or in other words, maintaining the correct connections wherein energy from the Infinite, flows into consciousness and is polarized or made manifest by action; and this again is returned to the Infinite through the acknowledgement and functioning of principle (polarization).”

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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