From Point A To Point B To Infinity

Point A to Point B to Infinity mainby Gloria Lynn

When we see a string, we are seeing it from our dimensional viewpoint so we don’t see the contents of the string until we look at it from another perspectus.

Clifford Johnson discusses it here with a cell phone as an example:

In order to understand where this may lead, let’s take a blank piece of paper. When we look at that blank piece of paper from its side, it looks like a straight line.

1 line paper from side viewNow if we flip the piece of paper to its side, we see what the paper actually contains, which are again lines, perhaps in intricate patterns such as a fractal.
2 fractal on paperIf we look closer at those fractal lines and perhaps choose a piece from point A to point B and again flip it to its side, we again find that it contains lines yet again perhaps as the same or similar fractal, then we can again choose another line from point A to point B and again flip it and see again more and more lines shaped as same or similar fractals and so on ad infinitum.

3-point-A-and-point-B-in-fractalLet’s say that a certain point A to point B of a line is our dimension, that is what we can physically sense with our five senses everything in it because it is within that frequency range. From this we get the idea that there is an infinite number of dimensions within a straight line with an infinite amount of structure. Therefore we could conclude that every point is space is infinitely filled with structure and we can only perceive it in relation to our angle to it. We can immediately see how limited we are to our five senses and our inability to see or detect other dimensions that exist in a infinite number of ways (angles) or we could perhaps look at it as a holographic reality where our angle of view to the holograminphase-outofphase determines in a very limited way what we actually see without realizing that the same space contains an innumerable number of other holograms layered within. Again our viewpoint (angle) is limited and we don’t seem to have a way of transcending it unless, of course, we move over into the next dimension by moving the paper from the side view to a another view to see what the line (or string) is really made up of.

Now how does all this integrate with information. Information is energy and energy vibrates at innumerable frequencies. Frequencies would be the differentiation in the demarcation of dimensions. Some frequencies will repel and others will integrate according to harmonic relationship.

ThisLeaf from side wiggly line helps to transcend our view of our place in the infinite cosmos and what will further assist will be, as UN.AR.I.U.S. teaches, the ability for the scientist to use clairvoyance as a way and means of detecting these other dimensions or perhaps instrumentation in the future to be used for that purpose.

In the meantime, in analyzing this a little further, lets take a leaf for example and view it from its side. We see what looks to be a wiggly line:

Now if we turn this leaf over on its side we now see what this wiggly line really is made of: Leaf flat view

Now going in further for a closer view, we see the leaf has again more wiggly lines that seem to form what we call fractals:
Leaf close up view

Physicists believe that matter is made up of vibrating strings and this energy is always in vibration. No one has ever heard of a atom standing still except perhaps something frozen in cryogenics but as we know, at some dimensional level, there is always vibration.

String theory today looks almost fractal. The more closely people explore any one corner, the more structure they find. Some dig deep into particular crevices; others zoom out to try to make sense of grander patterns. The upshot is that string theory today includes much that no longer seems stringy. ~ K. C. Cole

If we were able to isolate a string and turn it on its face and view what its actual structure is, we would discover a structure again like the leaf made up of fractals. Each of these fractals are in turn composed of more fractals and on an on ad infinitum. Each point of the fractal contains the entire infinite cosmogony as UN.AR.I.U.S. relates, so if we go in the opposite direction and change the flat plane of anything to its side (or another angle), again we would have a line (or string) and we could continue to do this in that direction also to no end.

“You must understand that this Infinite Creator is infinite in nature; that is, it can encompass distances and spaces which are beyond your concept. These distances and spaces are presently confusing the astronomer. Also, the Infinite can occupy in its entirety, a space which is even smaller than the nucleus of an atom. This is very difficult to conceive, but it is an actuality, if we can understand the Infinite as we should.” ~ Infinite Perspectus

Now if we continue in this manner we may eventually discover that we are moving in a manner consistent with vortexal flow. Such as might be an example here:infinty mirror

Or here:

galaxyBut alas scientists still limit themselves to point A to point B completely ignorant of the infinite breadth and depth of the microcosm and the macrocosm. Maybe delicate egos in combination with the sheer inability to comprehend just can’t make that leap yet.

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