Faith Healing

faith healing main“The thought must be held in the mind of the reader that every atom is a sustained or surface appearance of a cyclic pattern as it resolves in that dimension of the psychic body; and this same cyclic relationship also relates to every other atom in the infinite universe. These same principles also hold true in any and all sundry superficial cases of healing such as are incurred in our modern everyday world, whether they take place in the hospitals, in the homes, or under any other condition which healing -spiritualcan be envisioned by the reader. The same principles which have been explained must always be in proper conjunction and relationship before healing of any sort can take place.

It makes little difference whether the person who is ill or so concerned with healing, visualizes this catalytic agent as Jesus the Avatar, or whether he finds this catalytic and compelling agent in the face of his doctor, or that he finds it in the face of his priest; or perhaps he could even find it by swallowing a simple aspirin tablet or even by drinking a glass of water.

This leads us to the most necessary of all energy wave forms which are, as we have explained, catalytic in nature and which have been rather loosely grouped by the materialist as faith. In the field of relative energy relationships, there is a certain principle (or law), which is constantly and normally functioning in every process of life, called psychokinesis. In a sense, it is quite similar to faith-healing-attunementother principles which have been explained; but it means that any individual can, in the normal processes of thinking, actually attune such frequencies of the regenerative forces of the mind into frequencies which are compatible with some exterior or interior object or transmission of life.

We can find many different classical examples of psychokinesis, whether they are involved in our own personal relationships with life, or whether they are concerned with acts which involve other people. There is no such thing as blind faith, for faith is always a subconscious or an inward knowing – a complete conviction that a certain something can and does exist.

We could not possibly, at any moment, envision anything transpiring unless we knew it was faith-in-healing-principle-2-postcompletely possible and actually knew, to some extent – at least inwardly – the mechanics involved in such a happening. This, then, is faith; and whether the individual finds that his healing takes place in the simple act of believing in a fetish or a charm, a pill, or in some individual, makes little or no difference. It merely means that the individual has, through some seemingly subconscious process, connected up the transmissions of various energy wave forms into a continuity which is catalytic in action and thus can change the negative wave forms in the psychic structures. Conversely, the atomic structures will sooner or later follow through and the defect is thus cleared up in the physical body.

And so, dear reader, it makes little or no difference what it is we do, or into what dimensions we can carry our introspection; we shall always find that the same principles, as have been explained – which relate to the transmission of energy wave forms in harmonic structures, catalytic actions and psychokinetic projections – all mean one and the same thing.

These principles are inviolate; they apply not only in our own physical dimension as they are related to our physical life but are the basic and motivating forces which engender all of the processes of life, whether spiritual or material in nature. We shall never at any time find the ending or the cessation of these principles, for they are the energizing, the reactivating, rebuilding agencies and forces which are involved in that ever-expanding, contracting, constructive process we have related to the Infinite Mind which we call God.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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