Evolution of the Spiritual Side of Life

evolution-of-life-main“As I have said, the third dimension is only one of the expressionary planes which are manifest in infinity; it is an oscillating and a pulsating plane of expression. It is constantly repeating the experience or the idiom, or the intelligence of the past into the future and in that way its own cyclic patterns are superimposed in the races of peoples and to individuals who are so involved in them. This will lead us more directly into what I have described in the first lesson course as the spiritual evolution – one of which Darwin did not know about. What it means actually is that any animate or living object, as it is going through its evolution – whether it is an amoeba, a tree, a flower, an animal, man, whatever this particular specimen, whatever it is, is also contacting evolution-steps-4-postinfinity. It is, by the oscillating process, re-expressing its own life form and its life experience as a facsimile reproduction of Infinite Intelligence which is oscillating in these wave form patterns; or you might say that is a preconceived concept which has been created or exists in infinity since the beginning of whatever infinity is.

Actually, as said, there is no beginning, so this specimen of life, whatever it is, manifests its own intelligence as it is oscillated from infinity and in the reverse process as polarized elements of experiences, reverses this oscillation back into infinity and propagates, on the basis of its own psychic anatomy, contact with the infinity which leaves its own oscillating quotient with those cyclic forms of infinity with which it was involved. Harmonically attuned, all infinity then can be said to be oscillating with, or resonating with the life experience of this specimen. Then, as the specimen progresses and gets to the point of death and reincarnates, or that another similar specimen is brought into the surface of life, this specimen can be said to be harmonically in tune with the past of this similar specimen and therefore inductive to it on the basis of frequency relationship. It will not only pick up the polarized idiom of these previous life experiences and will (just as you do) revamp them or reform them into its present life form and experience, but, through the opposition of harmonic attunements, it can very easily pick up and reproduce or reform into the present, certain other different life experiences which have happened to other specimens of life upon the planet Earth. So again, this particular specimen has added a certain adjunctive to its own particular evolution.

It may be capable of forming a certain particular feat or function which it could not have done as a specimen in a previous lifetime. Now we must bear in mind that these two specimens were entirely different; they were not necessarily one and the same, nor did they contain the very same elements evolution 4 postof life through the psychic anatomy from one life to another. This is strictly a proposition of harmonic attunement with other similar life forms or with those life forms which were even more remotely connected with any particular specimen but which could remanifest these life-form experiences into the present by means of a very remote system of harmonic interplay.

So this will again add a considerable dimension to the prospective of your own concept of evolution and could be called the more adaptive propensities of any specimen, particularly with mankind as he possesses a prehensile mind; that is to say, he is capable of fashioning within his own mind certain harmonics or interplays of wave forms from his past lifetime experiences which, when combined with the harmonic principle with other people’s life experiences, he can then create certain imagery on the facade of his own mind. In that way he becomes more prehensile in the intellectual capacity of his daily life.

The inclusion of these discourses, such as they are, has always brought about at their conclusion a certain period of what I would call post-recriminations: that is, I may enter into a speculatory period of time where I might speculate as to the logic or wisdom of giving these discourses and the nature of these subjects to the earthman in his present state of evolution. I have very severely questioned the intellectual capacity of people to assimilate fourth-dimensional concepts within the confines of their third-dimensional world and to make them logical and viable in whatever life tfear of knowing 2ranspositions they are presently engaged. I am also concerned with other certain psychological factors which are involved in what might be termed the deflation of the ego, for the confrontation of the unknown to any person does immediately instigate certain subversive reactions which can cause specific repercussions to happen in the mind or even the physical actions of the person involved.

Moreover, the total evolutionary position of the world, as it concerns the populations of people as a whole unit, may be put somewhat in jeopardy by presenting these more advanced concepts simply because evolution itself mandates, at any particular time or moment in this evolution, that the life experiences of these people so involved are strictly confined within the closed precincts of their past life experiences, plus or minus some biases and interjections which they may desire and feel justified within their own reasonable dimension of their minds.

Beyond the immediate periphery of their own intellectual capacity however, is the great unknown, looking beyond the boundary walland this is the never-never land to every human who follows his own course of evolution on the planet Earth; and seldom if ever does he venture beyond the realm or the periphery of this closed dimension of his own life. He may combine any and all other elements or life experiences of other people to some degree or attain some relationship to them in the judgments he may arrive at in the dimension of his own mind, but these are all relative and adjunctive only to his life and do not extend into the never-never land of the fourth dimension.

It is also a point of conjecture, one which I have often entered into, as to that oft repeated moment when any scientist arrives at that terminating point in any discoveries or in any particular developments of the science, that he will inevitably create the great and insoluble enigma in his own science, that he knows not the source, the cure, the origin or the manner and way in which it is manifest; sort of like a brick wall against which he is constantly butting his head and one which he refuses to climb over, yet the world of infinity beyond is limitless and boundless in all its dimensions and capacities. Yet he is closely confined within this brick wall of his own making, his third dimensional world which is that brick wall. Within this confine then, he is suitably placated in all of the factors of his daily life that he can, to a reasonable extent, deploy these factors, coordinate them and to otherwise satisfy his own ego with his own judgment in regard to them.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium I

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