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The earthbound spirits, that is the spirits of deceased humans, have identifiable characteristics and specific signs of attachment.

They have gender and a name.

They retain the age at which they died.

The present date for them is the date of their death.

They feel and express human emotions and can influence the host’s emotions by imposing their own emotional residue.

The opinions, judgments, prejudices, and belief systems of the entity can affect the host’s intellectual outlook. This is the mental residue that is imposed by the spirit.

The earthbound spirit is often fixated on the physical and emotional trauma of its death and can Impart to the host the physical and emotional symptoms of that trauma. This is part of the emotional and physical residue.

An entity can impose the physical symptoms of any illness it suffered in life, as well as the limitations of any physical impairment. This Includes addictions to alcohol, drugs and food.

They know the host’s body is not their own.

They may have served a useful purpose at one time.

They don’t sleep.

They have no concept of time. They do have memory of events. The following question will usually bring a vague answer:

T: “How long have you been with ________?“ (client’s name)

This question will bring a specific answer.

T: “How old was ________ (client’s name) when you joined in this lifetime?”

They use the energy of the host, and chronic mild fatigue is sometimes the only symptom.

The host often feels invaded, soiled, violated.

The host experiences no amnesia except in cases of total possession and takeover.

The sudden acquisition of a skill such as diesel-engine repair or facility in a foreign language may indicate a newly formed attachment.

A sudden change in personality, especially after accident, surgery, heart attack, organ transplant, trauma, grief, loss of loved one, combat, or use of mind altering drugs may signal a newly attached spirit.

If the attachment was established for the first time in the present lifetime of the host, then the entity usually has an awareness of the present-life connection or relationship and can recall the course of its actions from the time of its own death to the experience of attachment. The entity usually has complete memory of its activity and environment prior to locating, following and finally attaching to the host.

The attachment can be reestablished lifetime after lifetime. It knows the reasons for attaching, including past-life connections, and how many lifetimes the attachment has continued.

The entity usually has a memory of the connecting lifetime when it interacted with the host, when each of them lived in his or her own physical body. As the entity describes that lifetime, the client can recall the experience also.

In approximately half of the cases of spirit attachment, there is no apparent connection in this or any other lifetime. The entity comes in randomly, without requesting or receiving permission or invitation from the host. This appears to be a violation of free will.

There is no limit to the number of discarnate entities that can attach to a living person. They may be single, nested or in groups.

An earthbound spirit can have another entity attached to itself. That one can be another earthbound or any other type of entity. There seems to be no limit to this chain of nested or layered attachment.

The entity is aware of its motive for attaching to the person. The aim might have been helpfulness, which is noble but impossible. The newly deceased spirit of the mother of a young child might want to stay to take care of the child in a valiant but fruitless effort to protect and nurture the little one. She only interferes.

The intention can be totally neutral and benign. The attachment can occur just because of physical proximity to the person. People who work with the dead and dying are natural targets. Nurses, police and fire personnel, medics and mortuary staff workers can pick up many stray entities.

Gerry was in his mid-forties. In session, he discovered an attached earthbound spirit. It was a man who had drowned and he was angry about losing his life. This Information suddenly jarred Gerry’s memory. He had been a captain in a city fire department some 12 to 15 years earlier. He did not disclose the reasons for separating from the department. On one particular call, his company was the first to reach the Lakeside dock where a drowning victim was laying after being pulled from the water.

Being the first to arrive, Gerry applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a futile effort to revive the drowning victim, a strong young man who had fallen from a speedboat on the lake. He was not wearing a personal floatation device, and apparently lost consciousness when he hit the water at high speed.

An ambulance transported the body to the hospital, and Gerry ordered his engineer to follow the ambulance, certainly not a normal procedure. Gerry walked into the hospital, following the gurney on which the body was being carried, and tried to get through the doors to the emergency treatment room. He felt a powerful compulsion to stay close to the body. He was not allowed to follow the body into the surgery room, This was off limits to emergency personnel and information was only given on a need-to-know basis. Gerry stood at the doors for a considerable time, trying to observe the activities around the body. He finally had to leave. He never understood this behavior, and only during the session did the reason become clear.

His lady friend reminded him that his life had begun to deteriorate after that incident at the lake. He had related the story to her many times, never finding any logical reason for the direction his career and personal affairs had taken. Not until the release of the attached spirit during the session did it become clear to him.

Feelings of anger, revenge, and resentment for past injustices can result in an attachment by an entity bent on exacting retribution. The motive may be vengeance; the intention is to cause harm in any way possible, even death, This is usually seen as the result of murder or battlefield killing, in this or a past life. One or more nested demonic entities will always be found in such a case. Vengeance, hatred and rage are open invitations to the demonic entities. An entity attachment may be totally self-serving, established for the purpose of satisfying its own needs, appetites, desires for food, drugs, alcohol, sex or even personal power.

Motivated by a distorted love, the spirit of a jealous husband can follow or attach to his widow. He will join her in order to jealously and possessively guard her from the affections of others, forgetting that the marriage vow was “until death do us part.” A woman’s grief at the loss of her husband can also hold the spirit of her mate from moving on to its progression. The spirit of a loving wife can remain with her widower husband.

The grief of the host over the loss of any loved one may be sufficient to hold the spirit of that loved one in the earth plane. A grieving family can hold the spirit of a recently deceased loved one from moving into the Light.

Guilt and remorse over inflicted pain can lead to an attachment for the purpose of righting the perceived wrong. The conflict can seldom be resolved this way; the entity is stuck in the emotion. Conflict resolution requires meaningful dialogue between the entity and the host. This is the function of the therapeutic intervention.

A vigorous, goal-directed, success-oriented male who suddenly dies may feel cheated in the fulfillment of his material goals and may seek through another person’s body to gain wealth or complete a project.

The spirit of a deceased elderly or mentally disabled person often feels very tired and confused. A person who dies in youth or middle age is usually angry over the death, looking for someone to blame. There is often a need for revenge.

This need can attract the dark energy forms, the demonic beings who seek to exacerbate any situation involving unrest, disruption, hate, rage or revenge. They offer the opportunity for revenge in return for the soul of the angry spirit. At this point the newly deceased spirit is fixated on just one thing: getting even. It does not understand what it means to bargain away the soul, and this contract with the darkness is often struck in the moments following death.

The spirit of a deceased child is most often terrified and confused about everything. Dealing with the lost spirit of a child is a most poignant experience for the client and therapist. The child does not understand why no one pays the slightest bit of attention to its tearful pleas for help. It feels totally ignored, abandoned and unloved. In the clinical setting, a stuffed animal is a great comfort to a child entity no matter what age the person who carries the spirit of that child.

An earthbound spirit can be fragmented, as can a living person, and the fragments of the entity can be attached to two or more living people simultaneously. A fragment can also be attached to another earthbound spirit.

The client may have a history of good mental, physical, and emotional health, without any history of dissociation as a coping mechanism. This tends to multiple personality disorder, which typically develops as the result of childhood sexual trauma.

Once the spirit understands its condition (that it is deceased and permanently separated from its body) and its situation as an attached entity, most earthbounds will agree to separate and move into the Light.

Excerpt from: Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits From Your Energy Body

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