Connecting To Our Spiritual Superconscious

Connecting-to-our-Superconscious-main-4-postRuth: Would you define please, problems caused by psychic shock, etc.?psychic-shock-2-post

Moderator: Tensions caused by shock from the outside, such as those caused by an operation, are one type. Psychic shocks are like static charges. They, in turn, reflect back some kind of galvanic action; they come back into the physical and cause pain from the psychic. In other words, the pain the person suffered before going to the hospital to have an operation reflects it back like an echo at this time when vibrations are set up where they are synchronized or harmonized through frequency relationship with the present, due to the state of mind the person is in or with other different wave forms being reflected through from the psychic.

man-hearing-his-own-echoThat is a lesson in itself, isn’t it? To better understand, let me say it is something like standing in a valley or on the other side of a mountain and shouting and hearing your echo. That is because the voice travels across, hits the side of the mountain and is reflected back to you. As sound travels so many feet per second, you get it delayed a second or two later, after it is reflected back to you. That’s an echo. The frequency which we call pain, distress or various other emotional complexes of the mind, reflects back into the psyche and later on it is reflected into consciousness as pain. We are not concerned with time in this dimension; we are concerned with harmonic frequencies synchronized in frequency relationship, the same as we would have sound in pictures traveling at a certain rate of speed which, in this case, would be the element of frequency relationship. In the present, combined with various states of fear consciousness, fear assumes a new and different prospectus; similar to the message you were given on the concept of thought. Do you follow that now?

Ruth: Yes, and that’s true; the added fears, the negation or fear one has adds to it?

Moderator: Yes, it colors it, just like adding vegetable coloring to a paint box to make it pink or green. So that is a new slant entirely, because lives-influencing-our-current-lifethere you are actually getting psychic pain that was caused, like an echo, from a previous circumstance. That reverts back to the more original concept which has been the trouble, such as cancer and various conditions in the psychic, existing as shocks of previous times; in fact, this can be related back hundreds or thousands of years from the past. In that case, they take on and assume more definite characteristics; cancer would be a definite characteristic rather than just pain itself. You could describe certain pain to a doctor, and at the same time, he could not vocalize it to you or tell you exactly what caused it because there would be no indication in the physical. There would be, however, with cancer. You might have some other organs which were defective or were not functioning correctly, which would be a direct reflection or oscillation from a psychic shock in a previous lifetime and which was very different than the present condition.

Ruth: Do you think that particular case was actually cancer?

cancer cellModerator: I still think that it was, because the person had it for so many years, however, I don’t believe in cancer, period, because it is actually an external growth of psychic consciousness. Cancer is one thing that is even more predominantly psychic than any other condition a person could have, because it is like a toadstool growing on a stump, you might say. It is a physical growth of a psychic condition. You could put it that way if you want, but going right down into the actual cause, it merely means that the various wave forms portray a certain intelligence quotient, and are the motivating force of every atom, and which sums up the total, basic, motivating force of the cell! This so-called cancer is therefore unintelligent. It has no relationship to its present consciousness in the body as a function. It could be intelligent in any other direction because intelligence is relative, but it is not intelligent in relationship to the body any longer.

You can go right back into that abstraction and say, “Well, what is sin?” Who can tell what is sin? We can only compare sin by what we think is good vs evilgood. We could say, in symbology, if we were psychically standing on our head, then sin would be good, and good would be evil; so what basis or what platform do we use to evaluate these things? The only predetermining element there in the whole situation is what we call the element of progression or constructivism. We can say that we can establish any particular chain of circumstances or events, one leading to another, and each succeeding event rebuilds, recapitalizes and enlarges the perspective or horizons of consciousness in past experience. The past experience under those circumstances can be called good, but by the same token, if it reverts consciousness, then it is supposed to be evil.

There we are getting into that abstraction which Einstein was formulating in the fourth dimension of the venturi tube. Consciousness can expand in two directions as far as our present position is concerned. We can expand outwardly and downwardly. We can see infinitely into the subastral regions in what we call sin or error, or we can expand the other way, but that is getting beyond the realm where human mind can understand.
venturi-tubeWe don’t have the proper mechanism; we don’t have the proper hookup or function into higher planes of consciousness except on very rare occasions in such instances when we have what we call visions. When we see visions, they become so incomprehensible to us, that as far as our conscious mind is concerned they mean absolutely nothing, but to our infinite consciousness they can mean everything. That relates, of course, to future events and circumstances which we are yet to experience from the conscious mind. After the vision, the conscious mind has been focused, we’ll say, in an entirely different, a new or better direction assuming, of course, the vision was inspired or came from the higher sources of the mind or sources of the psychic body – the psychic mind which we call the Superconsciousness.

higher-selfThese are rather deep abstractions, but we can go along with these ideas and these thoughts so that you can formulate some very definite conclusions for your own self; all steps in the right direction, because it all resolves itself into understanding what Infinity consists of. At the present moment, we have a third dimensional mind; that is, a mind that is more or less circumscribed because it is functional to the extent that it forms one end of the pole – a polarity of consciousness. The other end of the polarity of that consciousness is, of course, any one or a number of different levels of intelligence which are energizing forces of wave forms in the psychic. The further we go into the higher realms of consciousness in the psychic, the greater the distance becomes in its relationship to the external mind – the so-called human mind – in the balance of what we call polarities, because of the differences in the rates of vibrations or frequencies to which the physical mind is capable of responding.

In other words, we couldn’t expect our television set to respond to frequencies for which it was not designed. If we get into frequencies beyond television-with-range-of-frequencies-4-posteither one side or the other of the thirteen channels, that set will not respond. The radio responds to a different set of frequencies than does the television, and so forth, or the conscious human mind is only capable of responding to a certain limited perspective of frequencies in relationship to the polarity to the psychic. However, there is an important thing to remember: all that can be changed through evolution by what you call spiritual evolution or mental evolution! Regarding the clairvoyant, or a person who is able to attune to higher thought forms or strata of consciousness in the psychic self, this simply means that the person had passed through a longer period of evolution of training or consciousness into the higher realms of consciousness. He has developed his mind, just as an athlete develops his body, so his mind, therefore, functions differently than a person who has a mind which is a polarity with the lower strata of consciousness of the psychic, which is commonly referred to as the subconscious.

Present, modern-day psychiatry is only concerned with one level of intelligence as far as the psychic body is concerned, which they refer to as the subconscious. The psychiatrist can’t even remotely envision that a human being has any more different relationships or strata of intelligence or states of consciousness as far as the psyche is concerned, no more so than he can picture any other particular tlayers-of-mans-consciousnesshing of a spiritual nature. He is only concerned with the reactionary contents such as might be portrayed with a certain crude set of symbolisms which he calls reflexes – reflexes either hypnotically, autosuggestively, or even consciously displayed – which are elemental, as they only relate to the subconscious. With one exception is this true – and that is the effort and research the Rhines at Duke University have made – that man has ever gotten beyond the realm of the subconscious, as far as the psyche is concerned. They have arrived into what you call strata or dimensions of consciousness of the psyche which were of the mental caliber, we might say, the mental body or mental mind of the psyche where mental telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis, etc., could be definitely proved beyond the element of doubt or chance, or any other particular thing which the scientist might call pseudo.

Of course, they are always bringing up the thing, that dice could be made to fall a certain way, which is psychokinesis – a Rhine-dice-4-postpower of the mind over matter – and very crude in its basic concept because, in the first place, no one needs to voluntarily express a thought in any direction if he is properly attuned to the higher strata of consciousness of the psychic self. If he is, then the conscious mind is always reflecting a power which has dominion over everything. That was was ably expressed by Jesus. There was no particular situation which Jesus came upon which could not be handled very adequately by the power of His mind, simply because the mind functioned on an entirely different level of consciousness with the psyche than those about him.

hitler-crowd-4-postThat is the secret which distinguishes great people from the average earth man; people who have power or dominion over other people simply because their mind functions in a higher level of consciousness or in a different level of consciousness yet not necessarily higher, because there again we don’t want to misconstrue what we call good or evil, or higher or lower. Some of the greatest and most powerful men in history were, by our common standards, very evil people, such as Hitler or any one of the hundreds that you can think of, but they exercised great power and dominion over other people. Many people have wondered why this is so. Well, you might say they had whole hosts or legions of astral forces, evil ones, working for them. That was true, too, to a certain degree, the way in which the person’s mind functioned as a telekinetic or psychokinetic force in the regulation or the extension of force, power or dominion over the minds of other people.

That was the appeal, we will say, or the telekinetic force or appeal which Gandhi expressed throughgandhi-4-post teleportation, telepathy or whatever particular channel you want to call it, into the minds of hundreds of millions of people who lived in India. We find that appeal was through the more spiritual side of their nature where, in the case of Hitler, it inspired the lower or subastral parts of the subconscious; it inspired all the evil to the last degree. In other words, that became a lustful escape mechanism, and in the case of Gandhi, it became a religious escape mechanism, because where ever we find man, even before he assumed some of the more primitive, elemental forms of life as we find it on the earth today, he has always been possessed with that one dominating fear – the fear of death.

The fear of death is the primary fear which has dominated man and still does, even though he finds himself a priest or someone who is supposed to know eternal life; yet the fear of death dominates the subconscious to such an extent that it is the primary evil of all fears. It could be called the Satan of all fears. Learning to rationalize these things is important because the old fear of death is inspired from out the various elemental fears which raised the storms around man in his first of the many countless thousands of reincarnations, whether it was the roar of the mastodon, the saber-toothed tiger or the roar of the thunderstorm, tfear-of-death-4-posthe bolts of lightning, the roar of the river, the rumble of the volcano. Whatever that fear was, it spelled one thing to him — the threat, the danger of extinction. He had nothing at all to support any belief that he could survive beyond that time, simply because this was one of the first ways in which he began to know life; he had to learn it and begin it in primitive surroundings because he was primarily a primitive creature. He was still two-thirds animal and very little man. He couldn’t have begun that evolution in a high state of consciousness because it would be like taking a full-grown gorilla into the living room of your own home. He just wouldn’t fit. So he had to begin that evolution in the environment to which he had grown accustomed, just as we, in a physical sense, are accustomed to breathing oxygen and nitrogen. When we introduce helium into nitrogen and the mixture of oxygen, then our vocal chords are affected, so we see the result of environment, even in the chemical contents of the air, as far as molecular structures are concerned.

This reverts back to our original and basic concept, that man, in whatever particular plane or strata of consciousness we find him — and that goes for whether he is a primitive aborigine in the jungle or whether he is a highly developed scientist, priest or any other person you find who, you might say, expresses the highest form of mentality on the earth today — he is still basically an elemental creature, an element of creation, simply because he is expressing a small part of one particular moment, a certain definite polarity in a negative tense with the positive polarity of consciousness which we call the Superconsciousness. That positive polarity is the sum and total of all Infinity and all of what Infinity is, or that which most people commonly suppose God, for they see God as a personalized being, but tremendouslypart of infinity over-sized as far as they might envision, beyond the limits of prospectus of their own horizons of consciousness. They say God is omnipotent, omnipresent or they can use any other particular superlatives to describe God, but the average person is still a pagan because he is deifying God in an external dimension. He has rationalized only very faintly or very crudely that God is the sum and total of everything. He is not a personal being. That doesn’t mean as much to the average person, the man on the street, as it does to you and me. God is still the white-robed Santa Claus sitting on that seat, up there is the sky somewhere, with the Book of Life, the way the average person, especially a Christian, is liable to rationalize God. I believe the people in India, as far as they are able to read or able to get information, have a much clearer idea or concept of what God is. Other people in the world do more so, too, than we do as Christians; in fact, the Indians or the aborigines in the jungle sometimes have a much closer approach to God than the so-called Christian because, at least in part, they see God in everything. The great Manitou, the Spirit in the sky, the earth, the air, everything was God to the Indian. The great Manitou was the Spirit that energized everything.

polaritiesSo it all reverts back again to our original concept of understanding energy and our relationship to what we call mass, what the sustaining, motivating forces are, how they are concerned with polarities, because consciousness always maintains consciousness, simply because it is two polarities; they are vibrating in harmony with each other as two opposite and extreme perspectives. Call them good and evil, if you wish; call them material and spiritual. Whatever you call them, you will find two opposite polarities in all forms of consciousness because of the fact that these are dynamic movements of consciousness in waveforms or cycular motions in every dimension with which they are affiliated. Again you are going to find they are linked and relinked in a never-ending chain and succession of chains in cycular patterns of consciousness to everything in the Infinite Universe. In that way, man becomes the sum and total of the infinite Mind of God.

Whether we contain the idea of the concept of Super-consciousness into the elemental form of a cycle which contains all of Infinity, or whether we are relinked as dynamic, moving polarities of consciousness to every other polarity of consciousnessfractals-of-inifinity in the infinite cosmogony makes little or no difference; the abstraction is the same. We are the sum and total of all Intelligence, as far as that is concerned, because we have the internal and external apparatus of what we call thinking or consciousness to do that particular thing for us or with us consciously. Any other way, it is a subconscious virtue or attribute in which we function in a normal process of life which is commonly referred to as reactionary, and which is the lot of at least ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent of all of the people on the face of the earth. That remains so until we become spiritually quickened and conscious of the fact that the priesthood of the temple or somebody else does not do these things for us but we do them for ourselves. Therefore, we become conscious of these great powers which are inherently ours, simply because we are opposite or activating polarities or actual, participating polarities of consciousness into the sum and total of the Infinite Cosmogony.

That is the great secret of life; that is the struggle through all of the carnal worlds of nirvana-4-postconsciousness with every individual, to arrive at that point where he realizes the full impact of that truth. Only when man arrives at that point does he find, like Buddha says, his Nirvana or, as Jesus said, we have found the kingdom of Heaven Within; we have found the Father which doeth all things. Even more important than that, we know what God is; we know in what way we are a part of that God. This is only understood, evaluated and can only be envisioned when a person understands what energy is, what principle energy moves in, what dimensions of consciousness of perspectives, the various frequency relationships, harmonic structures, cycular patterns and various other different factors which are concerned. Only then can man conceive his sonship with God. Above all else, we must always be conscious of polarities; that, in itself, is a most important part to remember in sustaining our consciousness into whatever particular thing we are trying to think about or envision.

This is all part of the psychology of the future, the Aquarian Age, of which man will become conscious. I doubt very much whether it will ever be in this world. I think, as far as the future of the Aquarian age is concerned, that, in itself, will relate any individual who, becomes conscious of spiritual progression and passes that point of which we have just spoken – inward consciousness – which is the dynamic, participating element of polarity into Infinite Consciousness – then he has reached that point where he actually enters into the Golden Age or the Spiritual Age. When he does that, he will, automatically, without fuss and without fanfare or drum rolls, pass from these earthly planes of consciousness. He will pass from the material into the spiritual and return no more.

That is primarily what is meant in the Bible: that all the prophecies or perhaps any references to the Golden Age in any of these prophecies relate oraquariun-age-4-post refer, shall we say, to a certain group – unnamed and unnumbered perhaps, except in Spiritual Consciousness people who have been traveling through a vast number of lifetimes and an infinite number of dimensions of consciousness until they have arrived at that point of consciousness – just as you and I are arriving at it in this lifetime and in this day, which will make it almost impossible for us to return to this form of life again in the future. So we will be citizens in the new Aquarian Age! We aren’t particularly concerned where that is going to be or when it is going to be, because we know where it takes place will be, by far, a higher spiritual plane of consciousness and a far greater world than is this one. As far as “when” is concerned, we are not concerned with that either, because as our basic concept relates to Infinity, time has no part or place in any of these future dimensions of consciousness, except in this one particular one in which we are engrossed at present. In the future, these things will be in cycular patterns which will relate us to the accomplishment of consciousness in some particular dimension or strata, or any other particular factor you wish to call it.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium, Vol. II

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