Basic Human Instincts

basic-instincts-main-4-post“A pleasant day to you, Brother and Sister.

I will attempt to discuss in this transmission two basic and fundamental instincts of creation which have been implanted in the life expression of every living creature on your earth and other similar planets. These two instincts are self-preservation and sex. It is obvious, with a moment’s thought, that I could devote a whole volume to each instinct. It is these instincts which often, in a perverted Squirrel-4-postrelationship, cause mankind his greatest sorrows, likewise in a normal relationship his most joyous and useful expressions. Many species of plant, insect and animal life exhibit strong and normal relationships with these subconscious motivating factors.

The will to live and the desire to procreate are the basic elements which make life possible for all living things to survive and multiply. The tiny ant or the honey bee are familiar to you all. Likewise are the squirrels. They and many other creatures spend many hours in carefully storing a food supply against the time when there is no natural source. However these creatures seldom, if ever, die of conditions such as heart failure, stomach ulcers, hardening of the arteries and other diseases which man inflicts upon himself in his perverted anxiety and fear for his security. While these two instincts are distinct and separate, yet they are closely interwoven and are always found in close relationship. It is these perverted instincts by which man has created for greedhimself a treadmill-like existence. If you remember the pictures of the ancient treadmills where a poor slave was forced to mount an endless chain of steps. This chain of steps was so geared that by its movement it would grind corn or pump water. Often the slave was forced to activate this machine until he dropped dead.

In your modern civilization this same condition literally exists for untold millions of people. The great masses of the population have created a highly competitive way of life and so each man goes about trying to wrest from his fellow man the necessities of life. He has found it necessary to contrive new and more cunning ways to bring these necessities to him. So with each passing hour more and more cleverly contrived ways are brought into existence to further exploit his fellow men. Nearly all earth people have some vague notion that their material possessions and wealth are their security. Many persons thus acquire a perverted relationship and thus it is they may building-4-postamass huge fortunes which, of course, do them no good at all. While they are reveling in their false sense of power and security, they are also stricken with the pangs of inner conscience.

It is the still small voice that points the finger of guilt. And so they seek to placate themselves by giving away portions of their superfluous wealth to various charities or foundations, or they may at the time of separation endow almost all of this wealth to such purposes, and while this is a good and noble thing in itself, yet always does this type of donor seek in his false sense of security to perpetuate himself forever in the minds of his countrymen and so with each gift goes his name which is firmly attached. He erects huge buildings which are called by his name, or he may create monuments of stone with his image engraved thereon, thinking that he will thus feel more secure. It is quite obvious that mankind needs a new and stronger spiritual concept to supplant this useless unintelligent waste of life. It can be truly said that this sense of insecurity often directly has caused wars.

A moment’s thought on your part will bring to mind a great number of possibilities. Of course there are many millions of your countrymen who have a more normal relationship. They try in their own way to adapt their life so that it will not entail too many of the superfluities. They also try to develop treadmill-of-materialismthe spiritual nature within themselves. However here again is the lack of constructive knowledge coupled with the inescapable pattern of your civilization. Thus they also have become slaves. It can also be said that the female of your species appears to be more cunning than the male. It is usually the male who breaks himself down on this treadmill years before his natural conclusion. He has contrived a vast array of chemical substances and adornments whereby the female decorates her person to further superimpose the false aura of glamour which is strongly attached to the sex instinct. And here again is a strange paradox. The males are continually creating new conveniences for their females, while they in turn find more leisure time to devote to their persons. Their homes are an array of mechanical electrical and chemical conveniences. And so with the ever-increasing exploitation and creation practiced by the male, hegambling-racket-motif finds himself led farther and farther away from a true course in life. He has even invented a great system of laws and enforcement agencies which are designed primarily to circumvent his fellow men from doing things which would be more clever than he.

So he has thus created a comparatively large group of people who indulge in malpractice which is considered criminal. In this he has found ways to circumvent the other laws which have inspired his criminal malpractice. You know of these things and call them by such names as gambling, horse-racing, sexual prostitution, various rackets which are sometimes interwoven with your politics. In getting into these things even I would get confused. It is small wonder that your world is in such a state of affairs. I will not attempt to go farther into this all-important factor or instinct of self-preservation. However I would like to touch more directly upon the instinct of sex.

Here again animals and insects often express a more normal relationship than man while it is said man searching for soul matethat man has a higher degree of intelligence. Yet he seems completely ignorant of the more advanced psychic relationships of sex. He may know of the biological and some of the psychological aspects, but seldom, if ever, does he connect himself with his many life relationships in past reincarnations. Thus in his seeking a mate he usually follows the same pattern which is exhibited by the lower orders of animals.

He or she will move around in the particular society until they meet one of the opposite gender who seems to stimulate their physical reactions more than anyone heretofore previously encountered. This seems to be the motivating factor in marriage. The very high divorce rate, which in some sections is almost one to one shows how fallacious this reactionary and illogical type of marriage can be.

There are of course many other factors which may enter into such divorce actions. The whole of your civilization is quite conducive to all types of abnormal separations. They are lumped together and found in the false superstructure which has been erected in lieu of a more basic spiritual concept. Very often two people who marry may have formerly been mother andancient-family-at-home-4-post son, or father and daughter, or they may have been anyone of a number of combinations of such family relationships; or they may even marry from a psychic sense of guilt that they have wronged the other in some previous life.

To reflect a moment’s thought into the possibilities of these factors you will begin to see how little the earth-man knows of himself. Likewise you mothers who bear children. The child who comes into your womb is not created by you. You only grow the body. He has found, through you, the doorway back into the world which may have been his home for many lifetimes. He has been attracted to you, in most cases, because of certain harmonic frequency relationships. To those who have knowledge of genetics and believe that a child’s propensities are contained in the childchromosomatic structure at the time of his conception, may I say that this may be partially or even wholly true as far as the physical body is concerned. A child may borrow the dark eyes and brown hair of the mother or any of the innumerable configurations of physical traits from either or both parents. Yet he does not borrow his spiritual nature, nor the things which he truly is. However to you who are parents, may I caution you that the factors of environment with which you surround your child may do either one of two things. They may warp or distort him or they may add to an often expressed spiritual concept which may have been the motivating cause for your child to come back into this world. So therefore be careful. Each child is a charge which has been given to you by the Creator. Yours is the responsibility of stewardship in a young and formative period of his life.

He may be an old soul who has sought you out, thinking that he could find in the outlet or doorway Child of the Light 4 Postwhich you have created for him, the true expression and purpose toward which he has developed through countless ages. Try to recognize in him, that he, like yourself, is an individual divine expression of God. You may not know, in this lifetime, that your husband or your wife could have been your brother or sister. Neither will you know that your son or daughter may have been mother or father, or that they could have been some one whom you severely wronged, nor should you try to do so. Your lack of clairvoyant faculties would prohibit any factual knowledge, and until you have developed such latent outlets of clairvoyant expressions, let us instead pursue a more realistic policy in dealing with the various members of your household and your social structure.

Yes, even your friends may have been linked to you with family ties. Let us all, therefore, treat each other as brother and sister. Let us see in each other that we are individual expressions of Divinity and let us all participate in this Universal Brotherhood and express our fullest measure of love.

So rest in peace.” ~Mal Var

Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

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