Another Reason Man Must Incarnate On A Earth World

Another-Reason-Man-Must-Incarnate-mainby Gloria Lynn

The earth plane is for those who cannot learn to get along with others. Man busies himself with separation and ego; that one person is better then the other with continued lack of cooperation. Can you imagine in the inner angelic realms if one angel said or thought it was more powerful then the other what chaos there would be? That is why, now and then, when an angel falls, they fall to the earth plane or earth world dimensions. The earth world has the “everything and anything goes” attitude. That is why there is no peace here and why it is considered a hell world by those above.

If we would look at each other as another part of the Infinite, if we could only cooperate to make this a better place, if we could let go of ego, id and that we are better or more entitled then others – what a better world this would be. That is what the higher spiritual beings do when they incarnate like Gandhi and Paramahansa Yogananda. They unite people not divide people. Other examples are Martin Luther King and JFK. They unite people not divide people. That is what makes them cherished in our history books. They gave us great examples that unification is greater and more powerful than division.

The way to freedom is through service to others. ~ Parmahansa Yogananda

This world feeds a legal system with billions of dollars every year based on strife and division. Wouldn’t it be better to take that money instead and create a more peaceful world?

Our future lives and evolution will depend on our cooperation and our understanding of the importance of cooperation. If the angels couldn’t cooperate there would be chaos in the universe as they form the very fabric of the cosmos. If we don’t cooperate then guess what – we don’t get to inhabit those beautiful spiritual worlds where they exist. We are condemned to repeat our incarnations on planet earth – a realm considered hell by those above.

Go out of your way to make others happy. Reach out to help others every day, in whatever way you can. ~ Parmahansa Yogananda

Forms of lack of cooperation: Dissension, strife, hatred, separation, ego, self-righteousness, hostility. I can’t tell anyone to overcome this. All I can do is apply this principle to myself and continue forth in my development as a spiritual being. All I can do is share these thoughts which I received through contemplation in the hopes that it will benefit others. I have to overcome my own anger, hatred, and hostility if I hope in some way to progress out of this earth world.

I do know one thing for sure as I take periodic peeks into the higher realms above. There is a lot of cooperation, kindness and care for each other there. There is no differentiation, separation, or strife. If there were – that one person or entity could not be there – they would reincarnate again at the “beginning stage” in a earth world over and over again until they learned to overcome those negative reactions/vibrations.

There is a place for everyone. The earth is a place for those fighting hateful spirits – there has to be a place for souls like that and this earth world is just one of them. So if you look around and wonder why this earth is so full of war and strife, now you know. The next question is what am I doing here. Obviously for me it is overcoming the reactions that keep me here as stated before – the hate, anger, division, strife, unwillingness to cooperate with my fellow man to make this a better place. But I grow like others and eventually learn these things and take care not to engage in negative destructive emotions or behaviors. I have a lot riding on it – my evolution.

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