Ye Seek

ever-seeking--4-post Ye are lonesome?
Then listen to the sea
Ten thousand ages its waters
Have moaned and cried
Against the sands and rocks of time
And nothing has answered back

Yet all rivers and streams
Yea and storms have added to it
Thinking that which was there
Would be the answer

mountainsYe are fearful?
Then look into the mountains
And how proudly they stand
Wearing their crown of snow
Hallowed in the mists of Heaven

They have asked for naught
Neither have they taken
And time itself has only added more
To the illustrious crown
Of snowy jewels

lonely-desert-postYe thirsteth?
Then whatever thy thirst be
Let it be for righteousness
For of all the thirsts
Which haunt an empty soul
An unrighteous thirst in any man
Will bring him unto a desert
Of his own making

For there it is that he is covered up
With the dry dust of his empty world
And borne by the winds
Of his intemperance
He will bury himself far deeper
Than the longest root

people-and-their-fruits4-postVerily all of the things which ye are
Shall be like thy produce
And be brought unto the market place
And there weighed and sold in common
With all other things
Which each man is

For all the wants of the earth
Are born with the progeny of man
And becomes a common heritage
Shared by all

water-spiritAnd remains with each man
A life unto the next
Until he is immersed
In the pure Waters of Spirit

And that these Waters cleanse and purify
Yea even unto the body
Which is returned unto the earth
For as man cometh into Spirit
Borne in the vessel of this new life
Upon seas which are silent of want

tree-of-life-4-postAnd wafted by winds of faith to shores
Where grows the Tree of Life
That he may eat its fruit
And be refreshed forever

by Ernest L. Norman
Excerpt from Infinite Contact


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