Why The Sun Does Not Radiate Heat or Light Through Free Space

“If we constructed what we might call an abstract view or a concept of creation which stems, shall we say, from the Mind of the Infinite, we should draw what is called a vortex. It looks like the whirlwindvortex which we see on the desert and this comparison is almost as close as we can get to the abstract concept of what the scientists might call space. We shall see in this vortex, as I have drawn it, that it will actually be composed of countless millions, an infinite number of wave forms, all similar to the sine wave because energy itself is intelligent according to the structure of the wave. step wave formWe can have various malformations, or what might be called steps in these waves, and these steps all portray a particular thing called objectivism. In this vortex we find literally hundreds of millions of wave forms that we can call intelligent and which portray, in their own particular way, something of the Infinite Intelligence. We have great forces in this vortex. We see this vortex expanding outwardly, we see it contracting inwardly, each line itself according to certain fundamental laws of frequency relationship, multiplying itself. We can call these forces centrifugal and centripetal for lack of better names. We can say that the negative energies are resolving themselves down into this central hardcore nucleus. We say it is hard simply as a matter of comparison because of the maelstrom of energy which forms the apex of that cone with a tremendous conglomeration or concentration of energies.

This is exactly how our Sun is formed. Our Sun is stemming and radiating outward into our 3rd dimensional world, great energies which we call heat and light. When the scientist has succeeded invortexes penetrating the ionosphere with a space ship he will find that out there is neither heat nor light, and that he must needs conduct his theories of research according to entirely different concepts than he has yet evaluated on the earth; the reason being, simply because energy as it stems from the sun is transposed into heat and light and various other actions with which we are familiar in our terrestrial science and according to certain catalytic agents of energy—which are called gravity or the kinetic energy of the magnetic lines and structures—which hold the universe together. This energy can be said to be remanifesting itself into countless little vortexes of energy. They in turn stem and re-radiate energy out. One lower is negative according to the positiveness of the dimension above it; yet the energy here, as it radiates according to this dimension is positive, whereas the other is negative. Thus we see the interchange of energy from one dimensional form into another. These countless multiplicities of vortexes of energy finally resolve themselves into the atomic structures on the earth, whether they are the simple hydrogen atom, whether they are the U-238, or whether they are any of the other supporting spiritual atoms with which this basic physical atom is directly related because the isotopes of any of these other elements are themselves related in a basic frequency relationship to a higher and higher structure.

Q    Are we to understand that you said the sun is not actually hot?

A    Yes, that is what I was showing you a moment ago. You need not necessarily take my word for it. The fact the sun is not hot has been expressed by these higher minds and by advanced thinkers of this time; by Churchward in his books, and those who carved the hieroglyphics in the temples and pyramids, and in many other places have repeatedly portrayed that the sun is not hot. The sun is a radiating source of energy and that energy, as a pure form as it resides and comes from the sun, is neither heat nor light. Instead, it has to be changed by magnetic and gravitational structures and by various polarities which are involved because these polarities come through this great central universe. I shall draw the universe here for you.

This is how it appears from Mt. Lowe or some of the other observatories. If you were to look at it universe-vortex-emf-4-postedge-wise, it would look like this. Now from this central vortex we find great lines of magnetic energy which stem out around this huge vortex. Our solar system appears as one tiny speck in comparison. There are 100 trillion of these white specks which are visible to the Mt. Palomar telescopes, all of them bigger than our own sun. Down near this central vortex we find an intense concentration of suns. These are all energies which exist in higher dimensions of higher vibrations about which science today knows nothing and they will not know until they get out into space with instrumentation to measure them. Here in our solar system are definite lines of energy; the flying saucers come in and fly by them, they utilize that energy. One line of energy comes to earth and flows through the earth and creates a polarity. One side of the earth becomes negative and the other side becomes positive. This is manifest up higher by another vortex of energy which we call the magnetic poles.

Energy re-creates energy and regenerates itself. It regenerates itself through these countless dimensions according to the harmonic frequency of the multiple of 2 and 1/2 times the fundamental frequency. Think this over; I explained these things one time to a professor of calculus out at the University in Westwood and he did not get it either, but he said that someday he would. This was about four years ago. Atomic science today is just beginning to prove some of these theories.

Q    Would you explain further regarding light, air and dimensions?

A    All right. You look out here into the air, but what is this air? It is mostly nitrogen and oxygen with a few other inert elements and gases such as argon. They resolve themselves into molecules; the molecules, in turn, are definite structures of tiny atoms, all held together by the same magnetic laws which hold the universe together. This power is the same which holds the universe together. This horseshoe-magnet-4-postpower is the same which holds the molecules together. A horseshoe magnet has two poles in which you have these same magnetic fields, magnetic lines. The power thus generated is that which runs the motors in your vacuum sweepers and your washers.

Q    What part do resistors play?

Resistors are diametrically opposed atomic structures in relationship to the flow of energy which can create heat or can be dispensated outwardly as magnetic lines of force. Take a small wire for instance, electricity does not travel through the center but over the surface of the wire. Now every time that electricity comes in contact with the molecules along the surface of the wire, it creates certain disturbances because of the magnetic lines of linkage and in doing so, it will create a field of force which is another transposition of energy according to a certain fundamental. If it is a 60 cycle current which flows through the length of the wire, we shall find fundamental frequency generated on the outside of that wire in the direct multiple and relationship.

Q    Do we get heat from the resistance in the air?

  No, you do not get all of heat and light through resistance of light through the air. Most of the heat comes through an interchange of energy through the magnetic structures. It is called hysteresis. We get hysteresis in a transformer; if we pass energy through a coil of wire which is wrapped around a core of iron, we get hysteresis in the iron, thus producing heat. The iron becomes red hot if we get enough current going through the wire.

Q    Then is the energy from the sun warm because of hysteresis?

  Certainly, because there you are then coming in direct contact with the source of energy. As it is reflected down, you not only have hysteresis in the atmosphere and the molecules and atoms in the air, but also hysteresis and interchange of energy through the magnetic structures which you call gravity or which is called polarity, or positive and negative.

Would you say then that the gravity of the earth is the negative polarity and the positive is the sun?

That is right, because out in this great central vortex is the sum and total of all our gravitational forces. It relates, as I explained, right down through from one dimension on into another. We have the same transposition of energy into different forms, some of which you call gravity or which you call heat and light or any other particular kind of energy.”

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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