How Do Past Life Experiences Affect The Present?

sinewaveEverything can be boiled down to the basic sine wave – an expression of energy. A few basic characteristics of the sine wave are first, it has an I.Q. This I.Q. is a bit of intelligence. Second, the waveform repeats itself over and over again till changed. Our psychic anatomy – the counterpart to our physical body (that actually is the brain – our physical brain is just a switchboard) contains an innumerable number of these waveforms that constantly repeat these intelligences. These waveforms didn’t just come from nowhere. They were built up over countless eons of evolution from the mineral to plant to animal to man. As “man” throughout many lifetimes, man will incur numerous psychic shocks throughout his evolution. These psychic shocks can be traumatic events such as being killed by a sword or witnessing a loved one killed by a sword or any number of endless traumatic experiences. These experiences (both good and bad) don’t just disappear but imprint on our psychic self as oscillating waveforms that are there and will repeat their information ad-infinitum till changed. These waveforms will at some point through frequency relationship reflect into the present as some malformation or fear such as the fear of swords or perhaps as a cancer where one was struck by the sword but in either case when one recognizes what happened in this former lifetime (the true cause) then one can with the recognition put the wave form in a state of being out of phase with the present and thereby relieve any negative condition one has. This is why past life therapy works. It is a very real science and it works as demonstrated by the Science of UN.AR.I.U.S. and by past life therapists as below an example of past life therapy at work.



And remember too that with every recognition and work-out of these negative blocks, there is a healing freeing us to move forward in our spiritual evolution because evolution doesn’t stop at the earth man stage but continues onward ever forward into the countless inter-dimensional worlds that some have called heaven and conversely not moving forward can result in going backwards into the equally vast numbers of worlds that can be called hell. So it behooves each and everyone to put their spiritual evolution as top priority to make sure that it is positive and progressive by learning how to overcome the shadows of these past negations. No better way then by using and understanding the principles of The Science of Life – UN.AR.I.U.S..


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