What Is True Spiritual Evolution Of Man And Animal

Evolution-of-Man-and-Animal-main-2-postInfinite Concept of Cosmic Creation – Lesson 6 ~ Part I

“Tonight the message will be inspired by Charles Darwin and Gregor Johann Mendel. As everyone knows, Darwin was called the father of evolution. Mendel was the so-called originator of genetics or the genetical sciences. As is customary, we shall first establish a continuity between this lesson and Darwin and Mendelthe last one. Last week we saw on the screen of the oscilloscope, energy in motion. Since our lesson pertained to frequency relationship and since we saw that everything moved in certain well-ordered patterns, it was established that in the Universe as the Infinite expressed Itself, all is law, order and harmony. We also learned that cycles manifested and remanifested themselves, or that they were wave forms or energies which entered into the numerous and infinite number of expressions of life which were in themselves, all products of this very highly integrated order of relationship.

It has also been established, universally speaking, that everything is energy. Man lives, comes, and goes through these terrestrial dimensions and spiritual planets, according to these well-ordered and perfect harmonics of frequency relationship. Now we are going into a concept which will give you at least one or two elements which have heretofore been missing in both fundamentalism and in science.

1925 Scopes Trial: American lawyer and politician William Jennings Bryan (1860 - 1925) argues for the prosecution during the Scopes 'Monkey Trial,' Dayton, Tennessee, 1925. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

1925 Scopes Trial: American lawyer and politician William Jennings Bryan (1860 – 1925) argues for the prosecution during the Scopes ‘Monkey Trial,’ Dayton, Tennessee, 1925. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

When Darwin lived on the earth he wrote two books: “The Descent of Man” and “The Origin of the Species’’, which exploded like a bombshell in the midst of the scientific worlds. This explosion gradually and finally culminated into an anticlimax with the Scopes trials in Tennessee.

These disputes between science and fundamentalism in regard to the origin of man were in themselves, controversies in which we might say that neither science nor fundamentalism knew exactly of what they were speaking. There were many things in both these concepts which relate to the origin of man which neither science nor fundamentalism can explain.

The religionist, the Christian and the fundamentalist stands firm and staunch upon his translation of the Bible. He refers to the creation of man in the Bible as God gathering the dust of the earth and breathing the breath of life into him. The scientist will point out that this is merely a spiritual parable and one which even a child science-vs-religion-4-postcould not tolerate as an interpretation of the beginning of man. The very dust or elements of the earth first must be compounded through the process of metabolism of plant life; then entering into the photosynthesis or the sunlight energy transference into such food elements as are incurred in the fruits and vegetables, which are necessary to sustain animal life upon this planet.

The fundamentalist points out further that God created man in His own image. This too is a spiritual evolutionspiritual parable, for in the correct understanding of God as Infinite, this All-Pervading Intelligence must manifest as all things; therefore, God does not assume a personal form or stature. Man, to be created into such a form to represent God, must embody within himself all of the elements of that Infinite concept; this must be done strictly from the spiritual side of life. His physical body is merely the product of the evolution of this understanding.

Going along a little further into our introspection and analysis, we come to a point which is very vital and most necessary for us to remember. We begin first by saying that God is both Infinite and finite, for in order to be Infinite He must express Himself into all finite things. This establishes within our minds the concept of polarity; for now it can be seen that the Infinite (or God) is beginning to function through diametrically opposed or opposite levels of interpolation. In everything which we do or see about us, we will see these two diametrically opposed relationships of God as energy in motion, expressing Himself.Sine Wave

In the preceding lessons, we explained this point to you as the sine wave energy; positive as the spiritual, the negative as the material. This was God (which we prefer to term as the Infinite), always manifesting Himself back and forth.life-cycle In everything we do, we see these two diametrically opposed opposite relationships. This is true in any aspect or concept of life into which we care to enter, we will see the Infinite expressing Itself thusly. Referring back to the origin of man, we say that since the Infinite created this life cycle and placed all of the elements of man within that life cycle, it became necessary for man to evolve and revolve into the terrestrial dimensions, then back into the spiritual dimensions in order that he might attain this same diametrically opposed equation of all experiences; and which man did and is doing.

In order to better understand the elements which science and fundamentalism lack in their Uranium-238-4-postconcepts, we shall refer you back first to the atom. Science has supposed that the Uranium atom, for instance, has lived or has been in existence upon the earth for about two billion years. We will say first that a two billion year period means little or nothing in our minds; it means very little more in the mind of the scientist – it is merely a basis or an equivalent whereby he can work from some suitable level of understanding. The scientist has a vague and indefinite theory about the evolution of the atom. He knows that somewhere there must be an evolution, as from the simple hydrogen atom with a weight of 1.0080, somewhere at a distance we get U-238 or uranium, with a compound structure of over 478 different protons and electrons; thus he has entered into some vague hypothesis.

Somewhere out there in space we have cosmic rays which are shooting off in tiny particles of hydrogen-to-helium-atom-4-postcharged electricity or energy. Sooner or later, the scientist says, one of these particles will hit the heart of the proton of the hydrogen atom, then something happens and there appears two protons and two electrons, therefore, it is now a helium atom. This is quite vague and very sketchy for the truth of the matter is that the hydrogen atom, just like everything else in the universe, functions according to a well-ordered law of harmonic relationship, or the life cycle. We will say that this hydrogen atom has normally, in its course of evolution, 100 days. After 100 days or its complete life cycle, it then comes to the point of conjunction of this atom-emf-vortexal-flow-4-postcycle; consequently, there is a certain something which takes place. This something is a harmonic relationship, such as the striking of two strings which are tuned to the same pitch. As a result, the hydrogen atom now enters into a different relationship with, shall we say, the spiritual part of itself, which links it up with its spiritual dimensions, or the vortex, as it is supported from that vortex. Here we see within this vortex the multiplicities of the positive and negative energies expanding and contracting. They result in one negative quotient and one positive quotient, which is the hydrogen atom. At the end of the 100 day cycle, we have evolved in this cycle around the orbit so that now it is linked again, through the law of frequency relationship or harmonic structures, with certain other quotients which are contained in the supporting structure of the vortex of the atom.

We must also remember a very important factor: This energy which is supporting the atom and atom-and-harmonic-relationship-4-postwhich has created it from this vortex is very intelligent. It has an IQ because it is part of the Infinite. The IQ is the way in which it vibrates according to the orders of law and harmonic relationship. Now after the 100 day cycle has passed, it makes a certain conjunction with other wave forms which are contained in this vortex so that now we have entering into the atom, the new proton and the new electron, and we have the helium atom. We have found that instead of having the sketchy process of somehow shooting little particles of electronic energy at this atom, we now have a concept which is integrated, which is factual and which can be demonstrated. It is the law and order and shows you the evolution of atoms from the simple hydrogen to the heavier atoms of U-238.

The same is true wherever we find atoms or structures of energy in whatever form they assume; everywhere we have this same structure of relationship of frequency, reconstruction or evolution. In order to visualize some of these things in the animal and vegetable kingdom and thus understand how they manifest, we shall carry this introspection and hypothesis into the animal kingdom and show you just what part it was that Darwin left out; and thus just what it was that caused so much controversy, not only between fundamentalists but also between scientists themselves.

amoebaSo we shall begin first with the amoeba. To science, the amoeba is a very mysterious creature with no form or shape. It is a mass or cell of protoplasm. Protoplasm, like chlorophyll, is a mysterious element or combination of proteide substances or proteide atoms which contain life. The scientist has not yet hit upon what life is because he does not know how life entered into the atoms which make up the body of this little amoeba. The amoeba is the lowest creature which is known to exist, the lowest known animal form of protozoa. When it moves along on the surface of anything, it merely flows, much like a mass of jelly. When it arrives at something it wants to eat, it simply wraps itself around or flows about the substance and encloses it within itself and digests it. The same process is reversed for elimination, etc. Now it is important to know that the little amoeba, just like anything else, is composed of hundreds of millions of tiny atoms. Every one of these atoms are connected up with a vortex. Those atoms within that body are going to go through that life cycle, just as every other atom within that body is going to go through that life cycle, just as every other atom within the universe is going through its cycle. That is the law and order. There is nothing stationary in the entire world. These things are all progressing in the well-known integrated law of frequency relationship.

Now the amoeba also has something which you might call a soul, if you wish, because contained within these atoms is the Infinite Intelligence which we touched upon a few moments ago, that Infinite Intelligence which some call God. Suppose we say the amoeba, which we will call Charlie, passes off into what we call ‘nothing’; he ceases to exist or he dies. The protoplasm or the proteide element of atoms of which it was constructed is transposed into other different relationships. In other words, they are broken down into constituents which return it back to the earth. But what happens to the life energy which supported these atoms in their vortexal form? What happened to this intelligence? Did it also pass away? Indeed, it did not. Charlie, the amoeba, still exists in the spiritual dimensions, he is still a creature. He still exists as a psychic body and he still exists over there in that spiritual dimension because he has not died in the spirit; he has died only in the physical.

Now here is the part which is so vitally important. When we pluck the “A” string on the violin, violins-and-A-stringany other string which is attuned to a like pitch will vibrate in harmony. We will say that these vibrations stem out and cause the other “A” string to vibrate. Say this string has a frequency of 100 cycles per second. However, this vibrating frequency can regenerate on up into subharmonic frequency structures into 10 or 15 thousand cycles per second, so that now we have not only one note, but we actually have thousands of notes which are contained in the striking of that first string. Charlie, as he exists in the spirit, is in just the same position for within his psychic body, just as in the psychic body of people, are energy structures which are able to regenerate into higher dimensions. Within the intelligence that created him as an amoeba in this world, is that psychic intelligence. The vortexes in that psychic body are revolving and gyrating; they are vibrating. They set up harmonic structures which link Charlie on up with higher dimensions and in this linkage, he goes into different spectruharmonics-4-postms or octaves of different frequency relationships, which are above him. He takes on part or assumes some of the intelligence of some of the creatures which are above him. Sooner or later the cycle is such that the energy or the psychic body which is Charlie will take on certain elements which relate it to a little higher form of life, such as the paramecium. A paramecium is a tiny animal which has flagella or little hairs all around him. He has vacuoles, he has a stomata or a stomach and he swims by rotating these little hairs through the waters. He is much more intelligent than Charlie and could be composed of more than one cell. He is composed of protoplasm like Charlie and he is now not just a limpid blup but has assumed a shape; he maintains this form. This is a definite evolution. A little later on, the same process in paramecium-bigwhich Charlie evolved will be repeated by the paramecium. He will become something else; there will be some slight variation, he may not need to evolve into a completely new species but he does take on certain variations with each. evolution. These variations take place always in the spiritual world. They do not take place in the material world. This is the part that Darwin did not know about because in all evolutions of all species, the prime requisites of re-creating a new species is always based upon that one principle. During the spiritual cycle when he is getting these harmonic structures which link him on up with the higher dimensions, he takes on new propensities, new intelligences, new forms, new ideas and shapes through the law of harmonic relationship. That is evolution.

Now let us get back to the subject of man according to anthropology or paleontology or whatever you wish to call it. We shall draw a line and the #1 side is the animal world and the #2 side is animal-man-dividing-lineman. Somewhere on this dividing line, the archaeologists found bones of Pithecanthropus erectus. They also found the Peking Man or the Neanderthal man and various other names which they gave the skeletal remains in the certain earth strata which they called the connecting link; which has caused such a furor. This fed the melting pot of witches brew of dissension and strife which is still simmering because this principle of the evolution of the species brings it up to the species of the anthropoid apes, such as the chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, which we find in the jungles of Borneo and Africa, for these creatures, too, have their very definite material and spiritual cycles.

It was pointed out by Jesus that the sparrow which falls by the way was just as important in the sight of the Infinite as anything else. In the evolution of all these creatures up until the time in evolution of animalswhich Charlie, the amoeba evolved and became a chimpanzee, this was part of his spiritual evolution, but not as a personal identity. Now up to this dividing line, Charlie did not maintain a personal identity; he did not, just as all of you cannot “remember” in the psychic body much of your past reincarnations – for beyond the first side of this line, where you come from or more correctly we say your bodies evolved from, you do not remember those things. You do not remember any of the things which took place beyond this first side of the line, in these earlier stages of evolution. The intelligences which you assumed through this particular scale of life were integrated into you from the spiritual plane. Now this was the process of constructing the physical body, the anatomy with which you breathe, because it was necessary for you to have this physical anatomy to live upon this earth. This was the development upon this earth through the process of evolution. Now here is where something else entered in.

Referring to these structures of frequency relationship, we will say that about here Charlie, the Dividing-Line-animal-and-man-twoamoeba, linked himself up with spiritual planes of vortexes in the upper spiritual dimensions wherein the soul or life cycle was entered into, the superconsciousness which made him different from any other species on earth. That was the birth of man; that is, the creation of man occurs actually when the Superconsciousness enters into the life cycle of the species and so he becomes a man. He takes on a physical form to reincarnate into the physical world because he wishes to become infinite like the Infinite Intelligence and maintain all of these things in his life cycle of which the Infinite is, just as evolution will so create him. That is his conjunction where he has ceased to be an animal and has taken on a body which is suitable and adaptable to this dimension.”

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