What Is True Spiritual Evolution Of Man And Animal ~ Part III

Spiritual-Evolution-of-Man-and-Animal-main-4-postInfinite Concept of Cosmic Creation – Lesson 6 ~ Part III

Q – As Charlie, the amoeba, evolves until the time where he becomes man, does he bring through all these memories?

A – Oh no; it is similar to, say, baking a cake. You start with a few eggs, you add milk, and then flour and along the line other things. This is what has happened to Charlie: Through spiritual cycles in getting here, he has linked himself up with other spiritual dimensions in his psychic body so he took on these various ingredients which activated him into a higher dimension. The personality quotient which I just pointed out was not involved because through each one of these cycles, personal identity is not so contained as is true in man. The ingredients of Charlie, the amoeba, which his body contained do not mean that he was Charlie or that they remember Charlie; it merely means that there are a lot of wave forms and vortexes in this psychic body which expressed themselves with the material form as an idea. It’s a bit like chopping a tree down and cutting it up for wood to build a house. This is what we call spiritual evolution, taking these various energies, wave forms, structures, etc., and recreating them into different vehicles of transposition and various levels of life which we see as suitable to reincarnate into. The important thing to realize is that we have this psychic body which is composed of all these little vortexes, as we previously said, and it is constructed of millions and millions of tiny vortexes and waves of energy. That energy building is a product of evolution; it is not so much concerned with identity as it is concerned with how it functions in its own particular dimension and what its purpose is. It does not go about saying, I am so and so, and I was such and such back there eons ago.

Q – Would there be any intelligence in this psychic which would enable it to remember environment, for example, in that long past?

A – Memory is a product of personality associations. It is vitally important to remember that man, as a personal being, did not enter into this body until the #2 side of the line. There have been Adepts living upon the earth who have been able to peer back 15 or 20 or even a hundred thousand years; but at the beginning of this lesson we were speaking of elements which were in existence over two billion years ago. Even that length of time is the mere ticking of a clock when compared to Infinity. The scientist does not know what two billion years is. Two hundred billion would be closer to it because in these dimensions above this plane of life, we are not concerned with time as everything moves in cycles. The uranium atom itself is merely an idea or product of evolution and came down in substance just as Charlie did. It is so abstract that we really need to use the mind to reason it out.

Q – If one individual of the biune or biocentricity is quite far ahead of the other spiritually, would that mean they’d need be apart for many lifetimes before arriving together?

A – No, not necessarily, because the quotient or element of spiritual progression is not always contained in the experience of the lifetime. In these lower terrestrial planes of life, we are building up or polarizing certain psychic structures or wave forms which are very necessary for us, just as our physical body is to function in this world. We go along in our life cycle when all of a sudden, all of these things drop away from us. As far as time is concerned, it means absolutely nothing; we can do in one years time what would normally take perhaps six or seven lifetimes to accomplish. This happened to Ruth, also to myself; it happens to many of us when we get along the pathway. We reach a certain cyclic junction and progress more in a few years than we normally could accomplish in many thousands of years.

Q – What is the ultimate purpose of all this evolution?

A – Putting it in a most abstract concept, let us go back to the life cycle. The Infinite created man as a spiritual image by putting within this life cycle all of the Infinite energy of which this Infinite is, and the infinite nature of this energy. Man progresses and goes through these countless incarnations and innumerable experiences to gain this polarity just as the Infinite functions with the experience, because here is the Infinite functioning in the life cycle of the individual just as It functions abstractly in the universal way. Therefore, in the ultimate you gain the infinite relationship; you become part of the Infinite Consciousness in a personal way because God, in being Infinite, now also becomes finite. He could not be Infinite unless He was also finite in all things. Perhaps in 10,000 years we can take another step but for now this is about as abstract as our minds can assimilate it. None of us in this dimension can conceive actually what the Infinite is, in the Infinite way in which It manifests. We cannot start from the top and go down, we must start from where we are and learn to go up. Later on we shall go further on with these other worlds and how we are linked with them and thus see what our progression will be in the next 100 thousand years or so. Our little universe is only one little speck in the great cosmic “void”. According to the astronomers on Mt. Palomar, our universe has something like one hundred billion suns in it, as large and larger than our own sun; a great universe which it takes some three hundred thousand light years to travel across. It is such a tremendous thing. There are so many planets and planetary systems that you could live eons without having any idea of how many planets there are in just this universe alone. Out into space (and the scientists photograph these universes), they are hundreds of millions of light years away. Beyond these are other universes; and beyond these other universes are others and on and on, ad infinitum; there is no end in sight. We hear those statements from those perfected minds from the celestial planets – modern astronomy verifies this.

Q – Are all physical planets higher than ours?

A – No, indeed not. We refer you back to the concept of the atom, the hydrogen atom, one electron and one proton revolving in an orbit. Link these atoms up in a general sense of frequency relationship in their evolution from there on up to uranium. There are 101 elements that compose this terrestrial planet. Out in space among the suns and galaxies of the Universe, there are hundreds of thousands of other structures about which our scientists know nothing. They have no instrumentation by which to discern them. These suns reside in dimensions which the spectroscope and various other methods of analysis used by scientists today do not have the means of recording. Helium was discovered on the sun first, before it was found in gas wells in Texas. This was through the spectroscope which is a prismatic device which reflects the light out in various bands. The scientists will see these bands, knowing now that certain elements give off certain color radiations but out there are many, many elements – just as we discovered – (more factually, as was brought into our consciousness) – that every atom in every one of the 101 elements had anywhere from 1 to 27 isotopes. The scientist today knows this fact. These elements are spiritual, each one having its counterpart in the physical world. So the subject of atoms is just as broad as that of the stars and suns, and even more so, but we must not get too abstract or we become too confused.

Q – I heard something of a new planet the astronomers were supposed to have located.

A – No doubt you mean. Eros. It may be the one referred to from some of the metaphysical concepts; this is a seven-sided planet or an asteroid in the solar system, it is like a polygon or a seven-sided crystal. It is three times larger than the earth but has an elliptical orbit which revolves about the sun as does the earth. Now this planet is sort of an Ellis Island. It is higher in vibration than the earth or other planets in our solar system; all have a different rate of vibration than does our earth, to some degree.

Q – What are the so-called sun spots?

A – From what the astronomer calls the chromosphere of the sun, flames are shooting all about it and out into space. The scientists call it disintegrating masses of atomic gas or combustion. Actually it is not, but is similar to what was previously explained – the end of a great celestial vortex. All of these energies which compose this chromosphere of the sun are little energies which are expanding and contracting within this vortex. The negative energies all precipitate themselves into the center of this vortex, down into the end of the vortex and become the sun. As they are positive to our solar system they must, in turn, expand outwardly into another dimension as positive forces. This positive energy is transposed into our own terrestrial world as light and heat; this process is done through magnetic fluxes or hysteresis according to frequency relationship. That which they call the chromosphere is merely the activated ionized particles of various types of rare elements and gases. For instance, in a fluorescent light, the scientist takes a glass, coats the interior surface with phosphorus and fills it full of gas, the ends of which are attached to an AC. These gas particles inside are then started vibrating at 60 cycles per second. As they are knocking and pounding together very rapidly they activate the phosphorus coating which glows and thus light is created. The principle of the fluorescent light is the same as the principle of the sun. All these so-called holes or spots are caused from intense magnetic storms which take place because of this great chaotic churning of energy or magnetic force.

Q – What is meant by upstairs?

A – This is a general classification of any plane higher than the earth, but to see these planes we must have instrumentation. We need to discern which are spiritual things. In order for you to taste anything you must have taste buds on the tongue. In order to get rates of vibration which are not discernable to the earth, it is necessary to have proper instrumentation. We all have that power but unfortunately we have not developed it. As far as our five physical senses are concerned, they have been sufficient for us to eat, sleep and function on this earth but the clairvoyant part, the spiritual part, the psychic self, lives in another dimension. That self is composed of all the vortexes and wave forms which are expressing outwardly into our physical self. But in order for us to visualize the things of the spirit, we need to become clairvoyant – need to develop the (so-called) sixth and seventh senses. We cannot see objects of high vibration with the physical eye because the eye only responds to seven different wave vibrations. So if we are going to discern these spiritual things, we shall need to have proper instrumentation. Things of the spirit are all around us everywhere, but we do not discern them simply because we do not have the proper instrumentation. As I have pointed out to you before, our body isn’t dense at all; atomic particles are passing through us constantly but none of them ever strike. Density and all such expressions are merely a matter of concept because you have built up your life around it; everything has been based on your five physical senses. When you get into the realm of clairvoyance, you begin to see these other dimensions and other things in motion all about you. You begin to link yourself upstairs with the higher dimensions from whence all things really begin.

Q – Well, are we living inside the earth?

A – Suppose you shut your eyes for a moment, visualize yourself as living on a big red-hot ball of fire and moving through another dimension of energy which is pulsating and radiating all around you at all times. That is the condition in which you really are because the energy all around you is Infinite. You could never come to the end of it. You could reach higher and higher dimensions of relationship within yourself but you interpret these dimensions accordingly, just as you are interpreting your life, in your physical body now. The same will be true in future ages of time. You will be integrating your life with higher concepts.

Q – Then we must be on the outside because we are rotating outwardly?

A – It all depends on what you call outside. If you speak of the outer crust of the earth, then we can be said to be living on the outside, but that all goes back to your concept of what is and what is not solid. When you get to be a spiritual being, you can come along and travel right through the earth and you’d never know it was there because all the atoms which compose the earth are vibrating in another dimension of which you are not a part, because you are in another dimension. The television picture which comes from the transmitter that we viewed last week was not concerned with the walls of this building. They vibrate in another dimension from that in which the atoms in this building vibrate. Actually there is nothing solid; solid is only a concept which we build up within ourselves because we need to put our feet somewhere. We are all more or less in the 3rd or 4th grade and we are going on up. We have taken a few rungs on the ladder and that is about all.

Q – I don’t quite understand about the isotope and the atom.

A – We shall go back as I pictured it to you before. When you pluck the ‘‘A’’ string on the violin, it vibrates the other. That process is a transposition of harmonic frequency. Everything functions accordingly in this same way, all the atoms do so. Whether we have a simple hydrogen atom or a complex uranium (U-238), or Mendelevium or any other atom, it makes no difference; they, in themselves, are merely the bottom or end of these vortexes. Up above this atom is where we arrive into the dimensions of the isotopes; directly above the physical atom is the place where the isotopes appear and above that are hundreds of thousands of different dimensions of energy, each one of a higher vibration which links and re-links the isotopes on up through the vortexes, way upstairs.

Q – Is it possible that during the change-over, for instance, of Charlie the amoeba and the change into the animal that higher beings took over the body?

A – No, you are confused or have not learned regarding evolution. You are still hanging on to the personal identity proposition. It is like when they build an automobile in a big Detroit plant, they take iron out of the earth, etc., to refine it and build it up on the different processes and that is what happens before you can obtain a physical body because it comes up through the stages of evolution as an idea of divine concept in which you are so integrated. You enter into that when it leaves the animal kingdom.

Q – Now could that divine being have been a higher soul or entity?

A – That is what I tried to explain to you here, that you came from this cycle of life which is a divine concept of God in a finite way as an individual structure of humanity; as it existed on the spiritual plane, it had to function from this same basis of polarity. God always functions on a polarity basis so that contained in this life cycle we have to come down in the material world to function in this same level of reciprocation, so we must have a body to function in, don’t we?

Q – You mean everyone?

A – Yes, everyone on this earth plane must function and evolve in this same manner. We are all the same. An entity is just a word they use to refer to a disincarnate person which only means that the soul, the life cycle, the entire integration is entered in conjunctive relationship with some form or element of transposition in different planes – a physical plane for instance. This same life cycle functions in the psychic plane in the astral world, etc. Does that help?

Student: Yes, some.

Teacher – Well, you will just have to work on it and work on it. I know how difficult some of these abstractions are to conceive.

Q – Isn’t it true that sometimes the children are more sensitive to the finer or higher vibrations and influences than adults?

A – Actually, children as they are born into this world are much more precocious; they are much more closely connected with these astral worlds than are the oldsters; they have a much more definite continuity and not only that, but they have not built up these walls of subscribing to certain intellects around them. They are steps along into the ultimate Aquarian Age. A thousand years from now which will be the top of the cycle or the Millennium, as it is called in Revelations, is where we will have the fullest measure of all of these contacts – the same cycle as we had way back there. It is the expression of one of these divisions. That is the wheel of life.

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