What Is True Spiritual Evolution Of Man And Animal ~ Part II

True-Evolution-of-Man-And-Animal-Part-II-main-2-postInfinite Concept of Cosmic Creation – Lesson 6 ~ Part II

Now going back to the place where this life cycle enters in so that he becomes a man, it is very important to note too, that here we express these same quotients of positive and negative energy or experience in everything which we do.polarity 4

It is very likely at this time, as we may enter into these lower worlds as a primitive man or a jungle savage, that we are concerned with the various elements which sustain us upon this earth such as sex and the will to survive. Freud was one of the people who posed the hypothesis, and he would shake his head sadly and say that all our reactions were based primarily upon sex. Freud, like Darwin, in his expression upon this earth at that time, did not know of the important part of the spiritual cycle of evolution which exists not only in each animal but in every human being. It is quite true that while we are on this physical plane we are expressing a negative and positive polarity and that our sex is contained in this lower material level and all forms of physical life, as energy wave forms, are maintained in that level. That is the reciprocation, or oscillation, the law of polaritytime space factor. And so within this law of polarity there is also expressed another equation which is male and female since it is necessary for man to propagate and to re-create his physical form in a physical dimension for the spirit to enter into; therefore, procreation is necessary. We thus have these sustaining life forces which come from this negative or physical part of our world.

Now that we have begun to form a more cohesive pattern as to the evolution of how we entered into our bodies, we can say that so far as our life cycle is concerned, and we can go off out here some great distance to some great celestial realm and say that man existed there in a pure evolutiondisembodied form as a spiritual being. There are those on earth today who believe in leprechauns, goblins and various other spiritual manifestations, and if you go to Ireland, you are confronted by such things. In other primitive parts of the world and even in this country at large, everyone has a few superstitions. These pet superstitions are based primarily upon these misunderstood concepts because the spiritual or angelic kingdoms which are in conjunction with this world are purely by-products of these various evolutionary factors through which man passes. So in the sum total of evolution, we bring it down to the point where we say there is the spiritual cycle which contains all of the ingredients of purpose for man to enter into the body.
human evolution from amoebaHe enters in at the time of the dividing line when he is no longer an animal, or when he no longer wears the body of an animal and has so progressed to a point where it is suitable for him to come in and occupy the body so that it becomes a suitable vehicle for his transposition to the terrestrial dimensions, and that he assumes from there on out, the necessary experience, the necessary equilibrium whereby he can begin to relate all of the things which are his equations which are his transpositions, and which are contained in his life cycle.

Thus we can actually say that man is truly created of God in this sense of the word – The Infinite in Its Infinite Wisdom, through all of these evolution stepsmany cycles, has brought us up through all of the various species, from the lowly amoeba up to the very complex system of our human body as it now exists with us. This, too, was an expression of that Infinite Will and that Infinity which is expressed through all the vortexes which support the atoms and which support everything that we do. This harmonic frequency transposition is found in everything, so that the Infinite does create man in His own image but not the image of the flesh.

I have debated more or less for some time as to whether or not we should enter into this topic which we took up this evening because it is something which is very abstract in nature. We ninfinite conception evolutioneed to understand these things very thoroughly and not allow the personality to enter into these objectivisms; if we do, we may become lost in them. The personal element has no place in the scheme of evolution from the spiritual side of life. Here in this earth plane we consider ourselves as definite personalities and we have created these ego structures for ourselves. These ego structures are very necessary to our proper functioning in this realm and dimension but they must evolve into a more universal function when we go into higher spiritual dimensions. When we get over there and begin to develop and get somewhere in the spiritual world, we will need to do a lot of tearing down and rebuilding of these ego structures. We will need to cease identifying ourselves as the “divine” and the ultimate purpose of all things which move about us or that we are personally, a pivot point for the whole Universe. Instead, we begin to move with the Universe, we higher self of swanbecome an active and integrated part of the Universe. That was what we were trying to point out in the ascent of man instead of the descent of man, through the Infinite Intelligence as It equated all of these things in the life cycle of every human being. So the human being did, in turn and with the cooperative intelligence of this Infinite force, create for himself the necessary vehicle. Now in the higher spiritual dimensions and in those which are called the astral planes and the astral worlds, the plant and animal life as they live and function in those dimensions evolve much more highly there than they do in this dimension. They function as spiritual creatures or spiritual developments jut as we do. They do not have the atomic structures or forms of the body as we know them to have in this place; instead, they function from their psychic selves, just as we shall, from that point which is contained in our psychic bodies. As was pointed out in the last lesson, if a person goes around in the world and builds his psychic structures purely within the tenets of the material world, he will, after death, find himself in a spiritual dimension in which his little light does not shine far enough in front of him for him to make his way. He will be very blind and so he must need start all over again. He will continue starting all over again until he begins to include certain fractions of spiritual understanding into himself, until those concepts make it easier for him to proceed.

The understanding of the concept of the evolution of the species is one concept which will clear up many doubts and misunderstandings in your own creation. Going a little further along this line we have what is called biocentricity. Many have heard the term expressed as soul mates. Who and what is our soul mate? We must remember that in the life cycle are contained all of the elements of the Infinite concept just as polarity-4-postthe Infinite included them there. In that particular relationship of the life cycle, those intelligences must certainly function the same way that this Infinite does, from two opposite polarities. Therefore, it is in the concept of these two diametrically opposed polarities that man will visualize himself in another form, in another shape where he has reciprocated, as we say, like the two poles of the magnet. Here are two polarities; this is his own concept. In the Bible it says that God made woman from a rib from Adam’s body. We have only to say that this too is much more than childlike and couldn’t even be tolerated by any of our present-day youngsters because that is strictly a spiritual ‘‘parable”. It was written by men who did not interpret the spiritual writings as they were truly presented to them from the ancient archives, such as were written by the Essenes many thousands of years ago. Biocentricity or your soul mate merely means that you too, are expressing a more absolute abstraction to that of your diametrically opposed opposite. Your opposite will look much as you do and will function on the same level so that you could be, taken to be twins. You will find that person from life to life because through the ages and through your evolution, contained within yourself is this law of the functioning of the two diametrically opposed poles and as a result, you have built your psychic structures in accordance with that concept. You have built it just exactly as has the other person who, so related, has built his (or hers). Consequently, you find yourself functioning with the very same law of harmonic relationship as two complete but two exactly opposite polarities, and with the interchange of that Infinite energy between you, you make all things manifest. That is biocentricity.

Q – What do you mean by their alikeness?

A – For instance, in the case of President Eisenhower and his wife, it shows that in their spiritual evolution, even though it is comparatively undeveloped at this point and will be more highly developed in their future evolutions, but still biocentricity is being manifest and exemplified with those two people. She is giving him all the necessary strength which he needs so much.

Q – Why is it people have such trouble in finding the right one?

A – Simply because they have not yet progressed in their evolution along the path of understanding to where they have become even intuitively or instinctively discerning. Your soul mate is not merely born, but develops. He (or she) develops as an exact idea, or counterpart of what you consider within your own self to be the opposite functioning part of that counterpart. It is developed from the interrelationship of the elements in your life cycle from those infinite intelligences, and from the infinite intelligences in the opposite polarity life cycle; so they meet on common ground as two diametrically opposed polarities which are functioning in the same rate of vibration. It is rather an abstract equation but if it is given some thought, it will make logic and reason and solve many riddles for you.

Student: I remember reading of Mamie being quoted as saying that when she met Ike she felt as though she had always known him.

A – Yes, indeed, that is usually true of most people who have found this same linkage. Remember, this is all done through frequency relationship, as in plucking of the two “A” strings on the violin, which is a crude hypothesis, but it does demonstrate what frequency relationship is and how we revolve or go into these vibrations which are compatible to our own basic rate, as we are proceeding along our cycle of life.

Q – In the periods when the two do not meet, is there some experience that each needs here?

A – Yes, that is true, but sometimes persons may miss the boat; we may say that conditions or psychic shock, etc., may cause a skip. Actually, the biocentricity begins from that line which I drew that appears on page 197. Up until that time your body and the energies which support that body are being generated and regenerated through the various principles of spiritual evolution. These spiritual evolutions are much more important than the phase of material expression because the physical expression is only the place in which they begin to solidify or to form certain definite structures (polarized). It is again the functioning of the Infinite Intelligence on another level. It is very necessary because we must have these two levels of integration. We may say that we attain an idea of something in the spiritual plane, but the idea gained means little to us until we reincarnate into the physical and relate ourselves to it from the diametrically opposed polarity.

At times it may be that one pole may pick up added acceleration and thus step time up along the cycle further and thus they would not be together; but we always maintain an equilibrium. Gradually as we progress along our life cycle we attain such perfection that we no longer need to come down into these lower planes. Instead, we can reincarnate somewhere into the higher astral worlds of which there are countless thousands. The astral worlds exist at higher rates of vibration than our own. There we shall find energy structures which are not like the atoms, instead, they are much more highly developed or evolved energy forms. Consequently, these people who have attained a very high rate of integration of life or, as we say, have become very advanced souls, do not customarily come down into the material planes. They come down from the astral worlds. We call it directorship. They start integrating and teaching their higher spiritual knowledge – which they have developed from these higher dimensions – into the lower astral planes.

Q – What about the animals, spiritually, when they are slaughtered?

A – I will relate to you a little story of a certain yogi who was teaching a guru in India. When he accidentally killed a fly and the guru asked him, “Have you not committed a sin thusly?” The Master said, “No, I have merely speeded up his progression.” In other words, we are not so concerned with the time element. If a cow or any other animal is slaughtered for food, it merely means that the physical life of that animal has been shortened somewhere along that part of its earth cycle. The animal itself is not concerned with gaining the energizing forces of the true domain of the Infinite as contained in the life cycle; this slaughter means little or nothing to the animal. It only means that the psychic body passes into the spiritual worlds. He merely gets to the point where he, like the amoeba, starts relating himself with the higher dimensions.

Q – Does this hold true with men killed in service?

A – Here you must remember the differences which exist in human beings; humans have the more advanced spiritual elements of integration in these psychic anatomies. It is very important to remember the principle of where you leave off being an animal and when you start to become a man. Actually you never were an animal in a personal sense. What you have automatically done in the development of your personality from the life cycle is that it has been built up to a point where it can be interjected and used by reincarnation as a means or vehicle through some terrestrial dimension. If a man is killed in war, it means that his physical life cycle is shortened on this earth. You have innumerable sizes of cycles. This life cycle, in itself, as it is contained in any of these earth dimensions, can be a lengthy one or a short one. What you are mostly concerned with in these little earth cycles is the relationship of experience with the knowledge you have gained from the higher dimensions. Now if you do not integrate the knowledge which you have gained in the spiritual worlds in working it out in this material or terrestrial world, then you will need to reincarnate and come back to work it out another time.

Q – What effect does it have on the one who kills the soldier?

A – That depends a great deal on the feeling, thought and motion which is put into the act. If we refer back to the concept that it is not the deed or act but the impact that it has made upon us, what it means to us, that is of the utmost importance. If a man kills in hatred, anger and revenge, he has committed a great sin – against himself. Our laws, so far as this world is concerned, say that you are guilty if you killed someone, whether it be accidentally or with intent, but this law does not hold true in the way that these negative vortexes hook you up with working out the negation or that karma which is concerned in the future. It will leave you with a tremendous guilt complex even though you do these things inadvertently. Guilt complexes are the parents of all negation.

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