What Is In The Middle of a Torus?

Nassim-HarameinFrom Nassim Haramein’s latest work, “The Black Whole” DVD confirms many principles of UN.AR.I.U.S. including that space is infinitely filled even though Nassim calls it a vacuum, interdimensionally a vacuum cannot exist, and that the torus or vortex as UN.AR.I.U.S. likes to call it is at the center of every atom and sub-atomic particle at small scales and also at large scales such as a sun or galaxy and or universe. As you notice,  galaxies have a common toroidal structure. Nassim goes on to discuss how this explains many things such as the magnetic fields, the exchange of energy between dimensions and how we are vibrating at the speed of light.  But UN.AR.I.U.S. goes on to explain that the material dimensions are at the apexes of these vortexes and result from what transpires in other dimensions at higher frequencies (than the speed of light) and in these dimensions, time and space are integrated. These dimensions are only starting to be recognized by the earth scientist. What the scientist will also discover is that the number of these dimensions is limitless. There is an infinite number of dimensions. Eleven dimensions that he is currently aware is what is between two octaves but above and below these octaves are many more dimensions just beyond the periphery of his understanding.

Here is an excerpt from the “The Black Whole” DVD which discusses Haramein’s views pertaining to this topic:

Haramein: “What’s in the middle of a torus? What’s in the middle of a donut? The whole, right, is space! The vacuum and this is why the vacuum connects all things because this vacuum divides not torus1with the complete boundary of a sphere but with a torus in which the vacuum is at the center of every object. Where you’d expect singularity, infinite density of a black hole but instead it’s the vacuum which is infinitely dense and that connects all things. It explains many different things including the way magnetic fields are produced and where the origin of spin was. Not only is spin inherent to the structure of space itself but it is prominent at all levels if the structure of the vacuum acts like a fluid, acts like water going down the drain. We know that the electron and the positron exchange and disappear and reappear, and disappear and reappear. It seems to exchange across the vacuum, that is the vacuum fluctuates, produces an electron and fluctuates and then the electron disappears. The electron carries the information from the material world to the vacuum and informs the vacuum and then the vacuum informs back the material world when the electron comes back out and so we actually are constantly appearing and disappearing at a very rapid rate at the speed of light. Did you know that half the time you’re the vacuum!”

More discussion on the vacuum by Haramein:

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium, Vol. I:  “Our physical world, as it is composed or comprised of atom-molecule forms, and in whatever shape, manner or form you wish to look at them – the table on which you eat your meals, the bed upon which you sleep at night, the house in which you live, the entire terrestrial atmosphere and environment – is a composition of molecules, and molecules, in turn, are atoms; in other words, the central nuclei or the central polarity of a fourth-dimensional vortex. Well, you might wonder how all of this situation is maintained. How do atoms, for example, form a table and yet, seemingly, there will be a vacant space around the table, the nearest solid surfaces being walls or floors? Now, if you revert back to some of my original statements, you will see that I said that space – any space, the space around you in your room in which you are now sitting, or the space outdoors, when you are out on a picnic – really isn’t space at all. It is infinitely filled with oscillating wave forms. They are so dense and solid that it would be incomprehensible to your physical, third-dimensional mind. Even more incomprehensible is the fact that all of these wave forms of oscillating energy can exist as they do, apparently within each other and all oscillating at incredible speeds far beyond the comprehension of your mind, just as it was with the motion picture film passing through the projector, and you were looking at the picture on the screen. You walk through these infinitely dense, oscillating, cyclic forms of energy without being aware of them, simply because the atoms which comprise your body are harmonically in tune with them only on the basis of their own individual vortexes, of which they are the nucleus. In all other ways, however, so far as these interdimensional cyclic wave forms are concerned, you haven’t the slightest idea that they are there and you would be astonished if you could, say for example, by some comparative means, weigh them on some sort of scale. As I have said, some stars in our galaxy are so heavy that a cubic inch will weigh 20,000 tons, or even several million tons.

Again we think back to our analysis of what gravitation is: simply the pull of certain atoms and their electromagnetic fields toward other masses of atoms and their electronic fields. The earth can be likened to one huge atom, having at the north pole a magnetic pole and at the south pole a magnetic pole. Every atovortexonem is quite similar in formation to this particular situation as they too have a north pole and a south pole, or a positive pole and a negative pole. Within the structure, as I will call it, of the atom, there are many millions of oscillating wave forms which are counterparts of the centrifuge or vortex of which they are composed. As these atoms are madly gyrating around the central nucleus of the atom – which again is only a smaller atom on a subminiature scale – there are certain places where they cross each other and form parallaxes, just like when you go to the railroad yards, you will see many places where the different rails cross each other and are switched back and forth. So it is with atoms. As these different wave forms oscillate positively and negatively back and forth across each other, they produce certain pulses of energy, just as it was in the fluorescent tube. It is these pulses of energy which, in the net sum and total of all these impulses of energy as they appear and reappear within the atom, generate and maintain this very strong electromagnetic field which surrounds the atom and makes impregnable and impervious to almost any but a superhuman effort to break it apart.”

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