What I Have Learned From Interplanetarians – Part III

The-Interplanetariuns-main-4-postby George Adamski

People on Venus know no disease of mind or body, as they are free of tensions, such as are created by our personality divisions, likes and dislikes, and judgments of one kind or another. This was told in Inside The Space Ships. Many people have written to me, asking if the space people cannot give us information which would enable us to heal some of the most prevalent and cruel diseases being suffered by Earth’s humanity.

This subject has been discussed on a number of occasions.

The human body, as we all know, is the most prefect machine ever created. It works, when allowed to do so, in perfect balance and harmony. No organ or part of the body takes an attitude that it is better than all other parts, or that it is being worked more than the others. Each performs its duty freely and happily, so long as the mind of the individual permits such co-operation.

Our scientists know this. They are learning the tremendous effect the mind has on the body and its functions. Yet people seldom realize how their tensions, their worries and emotions of all kinds affect their health. Our present social system has created conditions which build barriers for us to hurdle as we endeavor to fulfill demands made upon us. The patterns were set up long ago, but have become intensified during the years. Today people are dropping over from heart attacks and suffering from malignant diseases of several types. Respiratory diseases are on the increase, sometimes differing in symptoms and intensity of reactions. People are wearing glasses more than ever before, because of eye strains of many varieties. Few people ever really take time to relax. In fact, I doubt that many people even know how to relax, not only the body but also the mind, for many conditions in the body are but reflections of mental tenseness. Our present state is not the result of today or yesterday alone, but the accumulation of patterns started years ago and multiplied by each individual thought and act through this time, until the patterns thus established affect not only humans but all our forms on our earth.

Some of the space visitors who have no natural tensions in their way of life are affected by earthly conditions, even by our atmosphere which we have so polluted during the past fifteen or twenty years.

Health is an individual problem. One cannot keep “burning the candle at both ends,” with the brakes of tension applied most of the time, and hope to keep well. Many people have gone on like this for years, achieving a certain amount of what was considered success, only to be struck down and bed-ridden for weeks, months, or even years. Some have been wise enough to recognize their trouble and has learned to take things easy, without worry or resentment of any kind. These often have recovered and lived long years, enjoying whatever the moment brought. I have myself known some such people who, while confined and forced to rest, learned to control their tempers, became aware of advance indications they were over stressing and building a tension and have thus been able to relax before another breakdown. It would not be necessary to experience such conditions if we would only begin to study ourselves, watch our thoughts and their effects upon ourselves and those around us, and then take time and make the effort toward relaxation. If only we would do this, we would find that in an amazingly short time, many things would change for the one who had made such an effort. If all of the people of the world would do so, there would be world-wide changes beyond anyone’s expectation. Some will be able to master the art of relaxation much more quickly than others. For all it will mean patience and persistence. But the rewards will be gratifying to any who will make the effort.

A warning, however. One cannot achieve relaxation through a strong determination that serves more to tighten than to loosen. True relaxation is found through happiness – happy thoughts are powerful, for happiness frees.

These are the reasons given by our interplanetary visitors for being unable to help us in our health problems more than they have. Yet they have continuously sent us thoughts of happiness, free of all condemnation. Again, I must repeat that they look upon us as younger brothers whom they love dearly, but whom they know must solve their own problems in order to learn the lessons well. When we have learned to relax mentally, we will also become more receptive to their thoughts of help. A tense mind is incapable of receptivity to much of anything but their own thoughts.

As Ruskin said: “Make yourself nests of pleasant thoughts.” If you do, you will find the way made easier. Do as the space people do, release your own mistakes – everyone makes them – learn the lessons they have for you so that you do not repeat them, but let them go.

Another important factor in the health of our neighbors on other planets is their custom of regular exercise to keep the body supple. They look upon their bodies as beautiful temples of divine creation which should be cared for with love and faithfulness. Dancing, swimming, sports of all kinds are indulged in with happiness, for sheer pleasure. They enjoy rhythm and strive to keep their bodies expressing their natural rhythm, thus maintaining a healthful state. They never make exercise a labor, for that would create tensions. Happiness and joyous expression alone can accomplish relaxation through exercise.

I have never been on another planet, not even on our moon. All I can tell is what has been given to me by those of other planets who have honored me with their visits. Through the years I have grown in understanding their concept of the Creator as expressed through all forms, and man as an eternal manifestation. It is through this realization that they have grown in their ability to forget the past and live for the present. They have conscious perception which does not permit them to sit among any group of people without a thought of blessing. For, although the forms may be what we have named “human,” those of higher understanding see them not merely as people, but as the Divine Intelligence in a living state with which they can find no fault.

People on Venus live hundreds of years in a single life span, then go through the experience we have named “death.” To them it is but a moving out of one home that has served them well into another new house. The minerals of the body, having originated from their planet, are returned once again to the planet. Rather than mourning for the loss of a loved one, as is the custom on Earth, people on Venus rejoice in their loved one’s opportunity to express through a new home somewhere in the Father’s house of many mansions. Since there is no feeling of possession of one for another, there is no suffering due to separation, for the true love as understood by them knows no separation of any kind.

To say that I have grown to the place where I live as they do would not be true. But since man is eternal, each successful effort takes me a step farther along the path of progress. It requires constant effort, with eternity in which to succeed. These are the lessons Earth’s inhabitants are to learn. No one can do it for them, any more than one man can eat for another and both reap benefits. Growth and progress are individual matters. The way may be pointed, but each must travel it for himself. He may choose to travel the main highway, meeting and mastering the lessons brought by each moment, or he may choose detours. The choice lies with each one alone.

Nothing that the space travelers have told us is new. Their wisdom has been with us for centuries. In the past we have chosen to ignore it, giving excuses of one kind or another. They are but reminding us and in simple, understandable language, again showing us the way of a life of peace and happiness which is the Father’s will for all of His children, wherever they may be throughout the vastness of infinity in His house of many mansions …a life of eternal blend, without divisions, as is expressed throughout Nature in all of her phases. Once we accept Nature as our teacher, many “mysteries” will be revealed to us in all of their simplicity.

As to which planets the space people consider higher or lower, they make no such distinctions. Each is a classroom of the Cosmos in which specific lessons can be learned better than elsewhere. Yet all lessons are important in a complete life. It is only on Earth that we make divisions of higher or lower, better or worse.

Mars, as I understand, is highly developed in science and manufacturing. But there on Venus, there is no bondage.

When we depict Saturn with the symbol of scales, we are correct, for she is the planet of balance in many ways. In relation to the system, she serves as a balance between the planets, the sun, and the asteroid belts.

Venus, of course, is the planet on which lessons in love and compassion predominate, to be used as the foundation upon which all human attitudes and acts are based.

I was not given specific information regarding other planets, but if we of Earth can learn to live a little more like the Venusians in their feelings toward one another; grow scientifically for the welfare of all, as the Martians; and gain more balance between play and relaxation, and work as the Saturnians; we will find ourselves very well occupied. If we can or will make such endeavors, the history of our world will take a turn and we will in time be eligible to take our place in the household of our system.

Excerpt from Flying Saucers Farewell

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