What Happens To a Suicide Bomber On The Other Side

life-after-death-hell-of-own-creation-main-4-postExcerpt from Vistas of Infinity by Jurgen Ziewe

This book deals with the reality of our life after death, not spirit communication, but actual visits withVistas of Infinity Book all sensory perception intact. These reports cover the last seven years since his first book was published. As a result of lifelong practice of deep mediation, the author projects his Consciousness into parallel dimensions and non-physical reality systems while retaining full waking awareness throughout. He probes into the infinite vistas of human Consciousness and brings back detailed accounts of his journeys and observations. Here is one such observation:

The ‘Paradise’ of a Suicide Bomber

“Ever since the 9/11 atrocities of the World Trade Center bombing I have been wondering what sort of afterlife the perpetrators of such monstrous crimes would earn for themselves. It is obvious to anyone other than the most extreme fanatics that the sufferings endured by the victims, and their loved ones who are left behind, will cause deep, perhaps lifelong, trauma. It is inconceivable to imagine that some deity representing compassion, love and truth could possibly endorse such barbarity.

Nature only works because it is rooted in reality, in universal laws that only work because they are finely tuned and balanced. Nature does not act in accordance to a fantasy, however strongly we wish the fantasy to be real.

Before I had the following experience I already suspected that the feelings unleashed by the hapless victims of mass murder and those of their relatives and friends, as well as the indignation of others, would be inevitably focused on the perpetrators in some form or other, but I was not prepared for what I found.

May 16, 2009

Before this I had a number of Out-of-Body experiences, though none of what I experienced was worth reporting. When I woke up early in the morning, I knew if I kept my position without moving or opening my eyes, and waited for the familiar sounds in my head, I would be able to return to the OBE state and could perhaps, with new intent make some worthwhile observations.

I wasn’t wrong, but what was to come rated as one of the most horrifying events I have ever witnessed during my long history of Out-of-Body travels and the whole of my life; a nightmare without parallel. The concept of belief, suicide, murder and reward had been lingering as an unresolved topic for a very long time in the back of my mind. What happens to those who blow themselves up and in the process murder and mutilate scores of other innocent men, women and children, while at the same time believing with passion and conviction that they would be rewarded by God for their ill-conceived ‘self-sacrifice’. I wanted to know the afterlife fate of suicide bombers.

This is not how it started off. When I was back in my OBE state my first intention was to transfer into a spiritual region, but then the old unanswered question came back into my mind.

This thought transported me almost instantly to the edge of a region that looked like a dark, nineteenth-century industrial park with bleak buildings covering a vast area and large smoke stacks. But this is not what it really was. I saw dark, billowing smoke rising from the ground into a black, menacing sky. As far as my eyes could see I was faced with a place of menacing desolation. The ground was almost pitch-black with cracks appearing everywhere and porous rough rock strewn over the wide area as if spewed out by a volcano and then cooled down into black ice. The sky was covered by billowing clouds formed by the smoke rising from the earth, occasionally lit up by sharp angry flashes of lightning releasing ear-shattering thunder, which made the ground tremble. If I had been asked by a film producer to create a scene to depict the end of the world, I would have come here for inspiration. This was an epic Hollywood version of Dante’s Inferno.

With the next powerful thunderbolt I began to regret my decision of having come here, but curiosity made me urge myself further into the region until I finally discovered that the evil billowing smoke came from piles of slowly burning human bodies who were wriggling in agony. In the very first pile I encountered, these twisting, charred and convulsing bodies were stretching their hands and clamouring towards a person who was trapped right in the centre of the pile, who himself reached towards the bleak sky, desperately praying for help. The person was surrounded by the very real thought forms of his victims and the representation of their pain. However hard he pleaded, his voice never reached past the heavy curtain of smoke that shielded and surrounded him like an impregnable bastion. I quickly noticed that this impenetrable layer was made of regret and the realisation that the fate of his victims and their suffering could never ever be reversed or erased. It was a wall of absolute impossibility built from his victims’ pain and unbearable suffering and the overbearing realisation that this was a deed that could never be undone.

That was not the only unpleasant thing that wafted towards me, there was also a smell which became stronger and more repugnant as I entered this graveyard of human misery.

All this seemed to stretch for miles and I was astonished by the vast number of human debris occupying this field. Occasionally I saw dark, sinister figures darting across, who were not part of these piles, trying in vain to pull their lamenting comrades from the heaps of smouldering body parts. They were as dark as their surroundings they came from, their faces covered. Some were brandishing guns and when they saw me they glared angrily in my direction. Some yelled and took potshots at me, but their bullets fell limply to the ground after travelling only a couple of feet. Despite the horror surrounding me I was rooted in a placid stillness, knowing that no harm could come to me.

Then I reached an area where I heard calls to prayer, but it was carried by a sad and lamenting note, unrecognisably distorted. I then noticed it came from people who had lost their faith, some cursing their god for not keeping his part of the bargain. Others defiantly and unrepentantly proclaimed their fanatical belief by yelling it at an unseen enemy who was barring their way into paradise. Above all, a black impenetrable sky responded with red flashes of lightning and roaring thunder.

Then out of the gloom I saw a man approaching me. He did not look out of place in the sinister region. He wore what had once been a white gown but was now dirtied by the ashes. I could see in his face that he was a kind man and devoted to his faith. As he approached me his hands reached out. He told me how glad he was that somebody else had finally come to help in answer to his prayer and he praised God for showing such mercy. He explained to me that he was a helper and faced the awesome task to sort out this mess and rescue some of these poor misguided young people. He lamented that there were very few people brave enough to enter here and assist him in his insurmountable task.

He directed my attention towards another pile of human remains. I could see severed arms and legs, heads with their jaws missing and blood and burned cadavers everywhere. The acrid stench of burned human flesh was everywhere. Right in the middle of the pile was a man wriggling, trying to free himself from the mess, but however hard he tried he sank back into the pile without the possibility of escape. Every so often he would sound out calling for his God and pleading for mercy but his prayer had no power. Instead, every time he uttered the name of his Lord he was confronted with the truth of his deed and how it was in opposition to what his religion had decreed. And now as soon as his prayer left his lips it was reeled back in almost instantly by the agony of his suffering victims which screamed back at him, and every time it did so he felt their pain and the consequences of his act. The image of a mother holding her mutilated child rising out of the pile and then sinking back again, a child clinging on to the dead body of its parents, the horror that consumed their whole being, a horse lying dying in the street, a young man staring in disbelief at his mangled body. All this played back in a feedback loop from which there was no apparent escape. It was an unending replay, made worse by the realisation there was nothing on Earth or under Heaven that could make this heinous crime undone.

Nothing is stronger than reality. My solemn friend in his tarnished robes began to see that it was beyond my powers to save these poor victims of their own action.

‘But at least you must return and warn and report about this misery you have seen here in order to save people from their folly. Every person in the world must know that God is mercy and love and nothing must be stronger than Love. Unless people know the truth then many more will have his fate and many more will suffer and add to the numbers of the condemned in this region. It will get bigger and bigger.’

I told him that I was probably the most unlikely person to convince the brothers and sisters of his faith and that he should try to find and convince somebody of his own faith to assist him. I told him that whatever I reported would only be seen as propaganda of the enemy and would have little effect in changing any behaviour. The man cast his head down and looked at the helpless pile of wriggling flesh. I felt sorry for this man and wished with all my heart that he could find extra help.

I looked at the miserable soul who was trapped in the pile of wriggling and smouldering limbs and felt a wave of sorrow and sincere compassion and then directed my love towards him. I was surprised by the light emanating from my hand and lighting the region. In the light I could see faces emerging from many more piles such as this. Lost anguished souls turning towards me with their hands outstretched, reaching for the light. That was all I could do, but I hoped with all my heart that in some way it would break the horrific loop and free these people, who in the end were victims themselves.

I walked through the vast killing field of misery, sending waves of light and hoping that through some mysterious way they would do some good and relieve some of this monstrous misery. While I was doing so I was praying inside my heart that people would learn and understand the key tenet of their religions, which was love and not hate.

After death we no longer have the filters of our physical brains. Consciousness becomes like an open book. The moment we recall any of our entangled actions it triggers a deluge of information that will flood our conscious awareness and create our world. We are inevitably exposed to the complete network of entanglement we have created.

It is very hard to escape this loop until our Consciousness transcends to a much higher level. In most cases this is only possible if we are able to deal with our identification effectively and successfully. Of course, if our action created victims – who suffered, we will have to find a way to obtain our victim’s forgiveness. If the victims themselves are in a lower dimensional state of Consciousness brought about by our action this is inevitably hard to obtain. We may plead and beg and try all kinds of things to make amends, but until our victims release us we will be bound by our action. This can go on for a very long time indeed. The more suffering we create, the greater the numbers of our victims, the harder we have to work to shake off the consequential entanglement with our deeds.

Of course, we have to bear in mind that each one of us may have been guilty of a crime or misdemeanour at one stage in our career of becoming evolved individuals. In my previous book, I described how I had become a member of a gang of revolutionaries in the Middle Ages who made it their moral quest to ransack rich estates and kill the land-owners in order to liberate the repressed peasants. I then mentioned how one land-owner had turned up in my present life and destroyed my career. My Out-of-Body experience had traced the route of entanglement which stretched over hundreds of years.

So what can we do to disentangle ourselves from our ill-conceived actions? The answer for this lies in our service and our heartfelt blessing. Our quiet service to others, putting them first without claiming credit is an effective way. We perform our service quietly, because we don’t want to compromise the service by being perceived as irritating do-gooders and in the end being told to mind our own business. We can provide service in the most innocuous kind of ways.

Once, as a young man hitchhiking through England, I caught a bus on the Isle of Wight. At the end of the bus ride the driver, seeing me carrying my backpack, stopped me and started chatting. He then handed me a small glass tube containing dozens of layers of fine sands in various colours. He told me that these were all the different layers of sand that could be found if I went down to the beach. I was moved by his thoughtfulness and kindness and thanked him. When I came down to the beach I was overcome with awe at the grand spectacle of the oversized and grandiose work of art nature had presented me with. I felt an incredible thrill and in my heart I showed my sincere gratitude to the driver and still to this day feel a kind of cheery fondness for him when I think of it.

Another time I received a call by a scammer who tried to persuade me to hand over the login details to my computer so he could ‘help me’ to clean up viruses. He claimed that a routine scan showed that my computer was infected and that they could fix it. I instantly saw his true intent and started listening to his patter. As he explained some technical detail I received the image of him sitting in a dark and windowless dungeon, the walls made out of resentment anger and hatred, and being animated by his many victims’ ill-feelings towards him in the form of sinister gargoyles and nagging monsters rising from the stone, shouting and swearing abuse at him. He was unable to escape from his prison. After he had finished his sales pitch I gently put it to him whether he had ever considered how his victims would feel when they discovered the damage caused by his crime. When he didn’t reply, I sensed an element of surprise, and I suggested he could start making amends by helping other people who were in real need and putting the money he had defrauded to good use. After a few seconds the line went quiet and I wondered whether this little service of mine would be bearing fruits.

Of course, the opposite is true as well. If we create positive and beneficial outcomes for the people we entangle with, we will equally benefit from their joys, liberation, health and enrichment we have created. This is inevitably played out on a much higher dimensional level. Helping others, sending out love and kindness, is a powerful way to make sure we experience all the positive feedback that results from this.

It is not as clear-cut as it sounds, though. Action demands wisdom. Let’s say we feel in a generous mood and give someone money and they in turn use it to buy a gun, which they use to kill somebody. Will we be indelibly linked to their crime? The answer is, I don’t know. That’s why I think there are no rules that can be laid down in stone, passed as a law to guide our action. Reality is an incredibly fine and complex mechanism and the safest way is to rely on inner wisdom sent from the heart to guide our discriminate action. Religions have always endeavoured to lay down laws and a code of morality, but the universal laws cannot be defined in human language. They are multidimensional and reach way beyond our level of understanding. What I am delivering is just a broad outline, which in eastern philosophy has been referred to as the law of karma, and in science is known as the law of cause and effect. It is only when we reach the higher realm beyond duality that we transcend these laws and our understanding becomes clear because then all our action will be guided, unselfishly, from a spontaneous wisdom level and in tune with the natural flow of the greater Consciousness, which requires no deliberation of what is good or bad. It simply acts in terms of what is required and in harmony with the dynamic processes of reality. All our actions then are free and even if somebody died as a result of our actions, perhaps in an accident if these actions were in tune with the greater workings of reality we will never be affected by any resulting entanglement.

One thing we have to remember when contemplating the consequences of psychological and spiritual entanglement is that at the root of everything lies a universal force that can only be described as infinite grace, in the face of which even the most gruesome occurrences on Earth, in the universe and other levels of non-physical reality are little more than a projection of drama, an illusion, a movie played out against the multidimensional screen of Consciousness; they are part of a much greater play which we can only see from the higher viewpoints.”

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  • Thank you for share, your understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ and your conclusions are some of the same conclusions that life has led me too via “a holocaust to a metamorphosis of the soul” this lifetime. However, I too know that karma and reincarnation bare truth within them and wonder how this world would be if we propagated a true understanding of these eternal laws. As wouldn’t people live more in “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” if they were taught the eternal truths. SO my question to you is “how do the people who cause the original conflict, those who hide behind corporations and political agendas and are never in the scene as a terrorist but are the true terrorist – how do they fair in the afterlife?” As they are behind the scenes here but how do they get greeted over there?

    • Danny says:

      Hello Mary,

      Good question indeed, the people who you’re referring to, can also be referred as the 1% psychopaths, who are truly the ones, which are running + controlling this world!

      Some refer to them, as the Illuminati etc & via other names.

      These 1% generally always use a part of the 99%, of the population to do their dirty work for them! In other words, they get them to consent to do it, under various schemes, tactics & brainwashing.

      It is said that without these evil 1% crooks, there would be heaven & peace on earth! These 1% are also active in the killings & rituals of young babies/children, in order to keep the dark energy active! Very sick & disgusting huh?

      So in regards of what has just been mentioned, these lunatics behind all this crimes against humanity, justly deserve to rot in hell, I for one, certainly do not feel sorry for them, they deserve to be punished accordingly!

      Look how many millions they have killed, in the 1st & 2nd world wars alone!

      I believe once a critical mass is reached, they will no longer be able to rule over the masses, nor be able to hide in the shadows any longer! Oh, they also own & control the mass media, this is why it cannot be trusted! Television is more like a “Tell a Vision!”

      It is these same individuals, who are also behind Monsanto!

      • karma says:

        Danny, you believe you’re right, and feel entitled in your hate. Remember that in long run you’ll get what you saw. If your hate manifests at thought, desire, and / or activity levels, then you’ll get back what you deserve on each plane, isn’t it?

    • tonycee says:

      Thanks Jurgen. That was very brave of you.
      FYI the St. James bible tells who God is in Psalms 82.6.

  • How could it be otherwise, I ask you? If a person is to be truly penitent and seek release from his or her errors, then the true nature of that error must be at the very least recognised, and how can person recognise the depth of suffering that he has caused unless it is experienced? It is not cruel justice or punishment, but absolutely necessary for the soul’s growth. The lesson is determined by the deed. I have often speculated that if I were in a situation with a suicide bomber or anyone about to kill me or others in his God’s name, and in anticipation of heavenly reward, whether or not I would have the inner strength to warn him what he was really doing, and what kind of suffering would be in store. It is such a tragedy that young, naive men and women are so misguided by elders who should know better (and who never, you will note, become suicide bombers themselves. I feel truly sorry for them. But we each have a choice to think for ourselves, to ask our own inner self is this feels right or not, and act accordingly. It is not only suicide bombers who are committing these grave misdeeds and creating their own hells. So do those who create and feed conflicts and order thousands to their deaths and to murder in the name of …whatever. The spirits have told that they can be overwhelmed by the amount of evil that is brought over the divide for them to contend with, and the number of souls who need to be rescued and tended. People die here, and the spirit world must take in all and try to help heal all that sorrow, all that suffering, all that evil, and all of those tortured souls. No wonder they try so hard to whisper reason, compassion and peace into our minds and hearts … and they do. We can help them by clearing our hearts and minds of hatred, anger, and all kinds of mistaken beliefs, and resolutely nurturing inner peace, love and compassion, and encouraging others. I see progress. It seems to thin, but I believe that there is a growing movement towards a clearer, kinder world view. But there must also be warnings, like that you are giving to us here on your website. We must work to reduce what is wrong while actively and every day promoting understanding and brotherhood. I believe that that is the great task of these times.

  • V says:

    I wish you had made clear that state-sponsored bombers and their puppet masters will face the very same “afterlife challenges.” There is no special dispensation for those who kill and destroy “for country.” We tend to judge others and absolve ourselves. I weep for those who discover too late that war is a racket (and having had an nde, don’t even want to imagine what might face the kissingers, cheneys, bushes, rumsfelds, etc. [ad nauseam] of this world)…

    • admin says:

      I am sure the Kissingers, Cheneys, Bushes, Rumsfelds and all the rest of the Neocon lackeys will have their own private hell to deal with when they get to the other side. No one escapes from karma. Since there is no such thing as death, we are all accountable for our actions now and in future lifetimes and like Jesus said, “You reap what you sow”.

      Also I can’t take credit for the article. Jurgen Ziewe wrote this based on his OBE experiences and I (Admin) just posted an excerpt from his excellent book, the cover, as shown above. Thanks to all for your feedback.

    • karma says:

      On the same line of thought: remember that suicide bombers believe they sacrifice their lives for the good of their people! It seems that you don’t include the clintons, obamas, and such, because you believe they’re doing good. It’s ridiculous how hateful could be people when they believe to be right!

  • angelroses says:

    Hi i have just read your story,,
    Many yrs ago i wanted to know what happened when we pass over,i studed the afterlife for many yrs,till i found my answers,,
    Your account is very true,i know this happens,we all pay back karma in some way,,
    Some in very harsh ways,like you wrote,,dependind on what we do wrong,
    Ty angelroses,

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