Voice of Wisdom by Thoth the Atlantean

Yu-4-mainHow Thoth Explored the Far Reaches of Space Many Thousand Years Ago
(Excerpted from the Emerald Tablets)

Listen ye, O man, to the voice of wisdom,
listen to the voice of Thoth, the Atlantean.
Long time ago, I in my childhood,
lay ‘neath the stars on long-buried Atlantis,
dreaming of mysteries far above men.

Then in my heart there grew a great longing
to conquer the pathway that led to the stars.
Year after year, I sought after wisdom,
seeking new knowledge, following the way,
until at last my soul, in great travail,
broke from its bondage and bounded away.

Free was I from the bondage of earth-men.
Free from the body, I flashed through the night.
Unlocked at last for me was the star-space.
Free was I from the bondage of night.

Now to the end of space sought I wisdom,
far beyond knowledge of finite man.
Far into space, my Soul traveled freely
into infinity’s circle of light.

Strange, beyond knowledge,
were some of the planets,
great and gigantic, beyond dreams of men.
Yet found I Law, in all of its beauty,
working through and among them
as here among men.

Flashed forth my soul through infinity’s beauty,
far through space I flew with my thoughts.
Rested I there on a planet of beauty.
Strains of harmony filled all the air.

Many the stars I passed in my journey,
many the races of men on their worlds;
some reaching high as stars of the morning,
some falling low in the blackness of night.

Each and all of them struggling upward,
gaining the heights and plumbing the depths,
moving at times in realms of brightness,
living through darkness, gaining the Light.

Some I found who had conquered the ether.
Free of space were they while yet they were men.
Using the force that is the foundation of ALL things,
far in space constructed they a planet,
drawn by the force that flows through the ALL;
condensing, coalescing the ether into forms,
that grew as they willed.

Outstripping in science, they, all of the races,
mighty in wisdom, sons of the stars.
Long time I paused, watching their wisdom.
Saw them create from out of the ether
cities gigantic of rose and gold.
Formed forth from the primal element,
base of all matter, the ether far flung.

Far in the past, they had conquered the ether,
freed themselves from the bondage of toil;
formed in their mind only a picture
and swiftly created, it grew.

Forth then, my soul sped, throughout the Cosmos,
seeing ever, new things and old;
learning that man is truly space-born,
a Son of the Sun,
a child of the stars.

Know ye, O man, whatever form ye inhabit,
surely it is one with the stars.
Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage.
Know that darkness is only a veil.

Lift up your flame from out of the darkness,
fly from the night and ye shall be free.
Not of the earth are ye; earthy,
but child of the Infinite Cosmic Light.

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