Voice of Spirit

Voice-of-Spirit-Stanza-AMan goeth about the earth
And there is much knocking and grinding,
Likewise there is great haste
Unto the end of nothing.

Stanza-CAnd that man findeth in the pain
And anguish of his own doings
And with the knocking and the grinding,
And the great haste

Stanza-B-3He shall find the emptiness thereof;
And that he shall cry out
Against the emptiness of all of this
And that surely he has wasted his life.

Stanza-D-2And I say unto you that
Though he is all of these things
In many lives
That he is long suffering
Yet surely he will not slacken
Neither put aside all these things

Stanza-EUntil he seeth only with the Spirit
And heareth only of the Spirit
And that verily he speaketh
With the Voice of Spirit
For surely now he is all of these things
Of Spirit
And so becomes One with God.

From The Voice of Venus

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