A Visit to the Inner Plane of Parhelion

“I will intShakespeareroduce myself first as I was quite well known on your earth planet several hundred years ago and I believe I left a few little bits of writings around which you occasionally remember. I have been known as William Shakespeare. Let us not dawdle on the outside but come right on in. I know that you never cease to be amazed at the display of electronic pyrotechniques which you see about you each time you arrive. May I say that I have been here for hundreds of years and I still am thrilled at the continual recurrence of these displays of energies. To your earth people, your nearest thing which I could describe would be something like the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights which plays about the North Pole.

In the previous transmission, Kung Fu led you about to the various sections and a rather sketchy tour was instituted. I believe here that it will be to our advantage if we go into several of these centers and to more thoroughly examine just what it is that we call classrooms or various other Aurora-Borealiscenters of learning. We have continually tried to impress you with the tremendous size of these various centers which are divided in this great city, and this section of Muse, as you would call it, is no exception. Let us go first into this room which I have a particular affinity for as it is more relevant to that type of literature and the expression of the art known as drama on the earth plane. We will pass through this large doorway and enter into what has been previously called a room. As you will see, the word ‘room’ was used merely for lack of something more adequate. Looking above you first, the ceiling, if we can call it such, is something more than a hundred feet above you and that it does not possess the appearance of a ceiling in the commonly accepted word, rather it is a pulsating, throbbing conglomeration of brilliantly hued flowing colors which seem to stream back and forth in the immediate space above you so that you are not actually seeing any particular solid substance but rather, the living, breathing, pulsating energies which you have become somewhat familiar with. Lowering your gaze down into the level about you, you will see also that the whole appearance of things before you takes on a very sylvan appearance, in other words, it looks like a tremendous flower garden or a horticulturist’s dream.

Let us walk slowly down one of these pathways because a little further along I have something very wonderful to show you. As we pass by these many different types of flora and fauna, the beautiful trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, all growing in luxuriant heavenly-garden-main-4-postprofusion which defies description, you will think this is indeed a strange classroom and so it is. Occasionally, as we walk along through this pathway, we see benches or settees which are set back away from the path, something like they would be in your earth parks. Here it is that the students or instructors may pause momentarily for a moment’s inspiration in whatever particular thing they are desirous of interpreting. As we will walk along this pathway, I would like to explain to you that many of the personages whom you will see from time to time, or that may be noted in these works, and as they all are more or less, shall I call them, advanced souls, you may be interested to know that they appeared on your earth plane from time to time in the natural sequence or order, as you call reincarnation. You might say that Archimedes reappeared later on in your earth plane as Albert Einstein or that you might say that many of the other old Grecian or pre-Grecian philosophers, even those who were of Egypt and China, have since reappeared from time to time in your earth plane.

Nor are they limited here. They could likewise appear and have appeared in other planes which are somewhat relative to your own earth existence. Although I have not appeared on your earth plane since I passed from there in my last reincarnation, I intend to reappear there shortly, within the next hundred years or so, as it will then be for many of us to help and assist in working out something of what you call your Aquarian Age.

Now that we have approached closer to the center, you will see that this vast parkway about you is becoming more higher-plane-main-4-post open and there is not the seeming abundance or profusion of the plant life. Instead, you will see open spaces which are carpeted with a deep moss-like substance which seem to gleam and sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. But at last we are here. We are standing now and I see that you are gasping with amazement, for before you is rather a large bowl-shaped depression which is possibly something like two or three miles in diameter. Around and about this bowl are scattered innumerable small trees and shrubbery, moss-covered stones, settees and various other things which may be associated with the idea or thought of repose or a reclining position. Down near the center of the great bowl is a small circular lake which is filled with the same liquid crystal energies which you first saw tumbling on the rocks on the mountain on your first visit. In the center of this small lake is a huge flat-top stone of some glittering and glowing crystal substance from the center of which springs a beautiful cascading fountain.

higher-plane-waterfalls-CUOn your earth, you have something I believe now which you call the dancing waters. As you will notice, the fountain which plays from this huge stone is that nature and it cascades up and down and seems to dance in a variety of incandescent colors. You will also see about you stretched on the sides of the bowl-like depression innumerable personages who are my fellow students and who are also those who from time to time take over in a small way, with the idea of instructing. I have brought you here purposely at this time as there is to be, shall I say, a lecture given by one of the higher personages who is to come here today and deliver something of a lecture or a talk on some of the higher sciences in the composition of word-form languages which are used in the various earth planes. I would not give you this man’s name as the name would mean nothing to you, as he has not appeared on your earth plane for several thousand years. He comes from another plane which deals primarily, or is relative to another group of physical earth planes in another part of the universe.

However, let us sit down here on this mossy bank and recline and await for the proper time while appreciating higher-plane-flame-being-4-post-2something of the beauties of the scene before you. Now you will see that the beautiful cascading radiant fountain in the middle of the lake is slowly diminishing and finally dies away completely. There is now a strange hushed silence where a few moments before was the sing-song of the energies as they played from the fountain. Now this, too, has ceased. Suddenly there appears on the surface of the stone where the energies had just been playing a particularly beautiful form of something which looks like a large elongated flame. You are wondering whether this is a person. Yes, indeed, it is a person but one who you cannot see in a true dimension or form or size. This man is appearing here as he comes from one of the higher dimensions in which the more relative earth-plane expressions of form or dimension do not exist. In other words, he has long since ceased to need the use of arms or legs. Neither does he use eyes or vocal cords or any other of the physical appurtenances which are familiar to your physical body. Instead, he is a pure expression of an individualized form of divine energy as it comes from the Fountainhead. As you can easily see, he is much further advance than we are here. In fact, he may, in a sense of the word, be further along the pathway than some of our more advanced leaders who are leading this particular portion of Shamballa.

Now you will see that this wonderful, beautiful glowing flame is something about ten feet in height, if I can use your Innerlightfamiliar earth plane equations of measurements. As I said before, he presents no physical appearance as you would define a physical appearance, but you are immediately impressed in your mind with some sort of a tremendous intelligence, a very strong feeling of force which you have heretofore been somewhat cognizant of but have not yet fully appreciated. Here in this case with this personage he is, as he is so tremendously advanced, able to dissipate a tremendous amount of the radiant energies which are permeating your mind. This is the lecture. To you it means nothing but to the mental eyes and ears of those about you it means a vast deal more. It is sort of a catalystic agent or an energy which permeates their minds and which helps to shape up the various wave forms and vortexes which will go into making up what you call their intelligence. Later on as they evolve around in these various centers and to the point where they can visualize some sort of the science or the philosophy or any of the arts which they are in affinity to, they will wish to reincarnate onto some physical plane and thus become a teacher or an exponent of that particular expression they have learned here. The personage who you see before you on the huge center portion of the stone in the lake is projecting these energies into the minds of the thousands of students and teachers who are sitting about the bowl-like depression which stretches away from this little lake.

As you watch the personage as he stands there, the flame is not stationary but seems to move and throb and pulsate or oscillate in a continual succession of peculiar wave forms. There seems to be also, around the apex or the top part of the particular wave something which changes color in a rapid succession of frequencies. These colors run the gamut of all Light-being-4-postthe known shades of the rainbow and a few hundred are added to this. These are actually, in an advance form, the word forms which are propagated or projected into the minds of the students who are listening to this lecture. This lecture will go on possibly for something like fifteen or twenty minutes in your earth-plane time dimension. However, this is a very irrelevant factor and means little or nothing as time assumes an entirely different characteristic here on Parhelion. Actually what may appear to be fifteen or twenty minutes to you on your earth plane could be a year or ten years here, as the difference is not in the time but in the amount of such things as are being done. The measurement of time means little or nothing here in the city of Parhelion. In other words we do not measure things in time, so that time becomes something which is not a necessity whereby we measure our lives but becomes more the quotient whereby we learn of the various things and do the various duties for what we have devoted our lives and our intelligence. But I see that there has been somewhat of a breakdown in our transmission and until we establish a more complete contact, let us discontinue here for a moment and pass into one of the other of the large rooms as by now the Master, as we will call him, has finished his particular lecture which he came here to do and has disappeared. In his place, the waters are again playing in their iridescent fashion upon the large stone in the center of the lake.”- Excerpt from The Voice of Eros

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