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The events that took place in a remote area of New Mexico during the predawn hours of July 16, 1945 forever changed the world. The incredible destructive powers of the atom were first unleashed; what had been theoretical became reality. Shockwaves were exported Exo-Solar; the cosmic telegraph rattled the walls of the upper octaves of light; Earthlings had found the key to the atomic lock. Human looking Galactic ambassadors were dispatched, to reason with the Earth government whose technology had exceeded its ability to safely utilize this enormous power. Military priorities remained sacrosanct and the ETs were rejected forcing them to engage in citizen’s diplomacy directly with ordinary people, soon to become known as contactees. Under a carefully orchestrated Counter Intelligence Program, claims of ET contact were ridiculed and debunked. Overwhelming empirical evidence proving the reality of Human looking ETS surfaced to overshadow the military’s web of deceit. Pilots, a Government Employee, a photographic expert, an optical physicists and footage of a space craft in flight assisted in peeling back the stratified layers of time.


This paper begins with an overview of Lord Desmond Leslie, the charismatic peer who co authored the book Flying Saucers have Landed, with contactee George Adamski. It is then followed with a brief account of Adamski’s early life and of the fascinating events that brought him into public life. The contact experiences of Adamski in the Californian desert are discussed, witness testimony analyzed followed by an examination of the empirical evidence, which are always accompanied by attacks from the skeptics, who are always there to debunk out of this world contacts.

Adamski embarks on worldwide travel lecturing to proponents of ETs including Royalty. What was so special about this man? Was he physically different, perhaps a hybrid? Why was he buried in the Arlington Cemetery? The paper takes a view on these controversial points before presenting evidence of similar contact experiences by others. Adamski was not the only human undergoing an uplifting of conscious by extra terrestrials; it is an ongoing phenomena designed to ensure mankind brings his technology and spirituality in line with the harmonics of the universe.

Overview of Dennis Leslie

Lord Desmond Leslie was a cousin of Sir Winston Churchill, a Spitfire pilot, proponent of extraterrestrial life, composer of revue lyrics and a collector of electronic noise.1 A scion of the Irish ascendancy, he was the son of Sir Shane Leslie, third Baronet, and lived at Castle Leslie, in Co Monaghan.2 One November night in 1934 after “lights out”, he claimed his dormitory was “suddenly lit by a brilliant green glare which had his fellow schoolboys rushing to the window to see an immense green fireball move slowly across the sky and disappear behind the Sussex Downs”.3

Leslie mused: “Why should they risk a public landing? Their ship would be impounded for evasion of custom duties. Their clothes would be torn off and sold as souvenirs. They would be denounced as saboteurs, anti-Christ’s, and disturbers of the peace, emissaries of Satan, and the rest.”4 Leslie created television history when, during the live filming of That Was The Week That Was with Bernard Levin, who had given his wife’s Cabaret show, Savagery and Delight a bad review, Leslie emerged out of the audience and took a swing at him.5

In his book, Flying Saucers Have Landed co authored with contactee George Adamski, Leslie spent time explaining what saucers were not!6 Logging as many sightings as he could muster Leslie ridicules the explanations of these sighting given by the establishment.

An Eric von Daniken before his time, Leslie drew on levitating saints, Atlantean myths and ancient airships to evolve a specific theory of interplanetary propulsion which he sought to relate, Gaia-like, to the Earth itself. “As I write this, I am riding on a great green luminous spaceship . . . rushing through the Ocean of Space.” The book culminated in a 50-page account of Adamski’s encounter of the third kind with tall, long-haired Venusians in outfits “ski-like trousers.”7

Whilst researching the Vedas (ancient texts) including around 50 episodes of the Mahabharata, Leslie concluded that the ancient chariots or flying machines called Vimanas were actually anti-gravitic vehicles and some of the weapons (Brahma weapon) could well have been nuclear bombs or death rays.8 Descriptions in the Vedas of the resulting carnage were reminiscent of Hiroshima. Those episodes written in the Dheiva were of course fairy tales but those of the Menusa were considered fact.

Leslie believed in reincarnation, and the holistic theories of Gaia, and joined a faith-healing sect, the White Eagle Lodge, run by a medium. He also continued to pursue his near-Messianic belief in UFOs, lecturing at UFO conferences in Laughlin, Nevada, in 1998, and, as late as June 2000, at a similar conference in San Marino – a now legendary witness to the birth of UFOlogy.9

Leslie had received some of Adamski’s pictures of the Venusian craft and in order to not spoil Adamski’s efforts in publishing a book, Leslie arranged to co-author a book with Adamski called; Flying Saucers Have Landed. An aristocratic background carries credibility and it could well be that Leslie was chosen or influenced by higher forces in “getting Adamski’s word out”.

Desmond Leslie refers to the work of a Meade Layne of California who was experimenting in ‘very advanced and mysterious fields of physics’ and who believed that ‘life on Venus takes place at a higher octave of matter than on Earth’. Dr Layne gives details of Venusian ships, which fit in with many observation reports.

Overview of George Adamski

Adamski was born on April 17, 1891, in Poland.10 He and his family moved to New York when Adamski was less than two years old. He grew up in Dunkirk, NY, where economic hardship forced him to drop out of school in the 4th grade. In later years Adamski never wrote anything himself, preferring to dictate to a secretary, and it’s possible he was a bit ashamed of his inability to spell simple English words.

A few years before World War I, Adamski served in K-troop of the 13th US Cavalry, on the Mexican border. His tombstone lists his World War I military service as private; Company A, 23rd Battalion, US National Guard. He is supposed to have married Mary Shimbersky in 1917, but there is little or no reference to her in his subsequent history, although she seems to have stayed with him until her death, reportedly in 1954.

After his marriage, he did maintenance work at Yellowstone National Park. He worked at a flour mill in Oregon, and did concrete contracting work in Los Angeles. In the early 1920s he seems to have been exposed to the I AM cult,11 and Katherine Tingley’s12 version of Madame Blavatsky’s pseudo religion of Theosophy.13 About 1926 he began to found a succession of several Theosophy-based religious organizations of his own, the best known being the “Royal Order of Tibet,”14 whose “monastery” was established at Laguna Beach sometime in the 1930s. In 1940 Adamski and his flock of converts moved from Laguna Beach to a rural area near Mount Palomar, California, where they established a commune called “Valley Center,” where they lived under quite primitive conditions.

In 1944 Adamski and his followers built and staffed a tiny hamburger stand at Palomar Gardens, on the lower slopes of Mount Palomar, besides the road leading up to the famed Observatories. Their still-primitive commune was relocated to the area behind the cafe, as seen from the road. Adamski began to hint that he was a “consultant” to the astronomers doing research on Palomar, and started referring to himself as “Professor Adamski.” He became personally responsible for pioneering the movement towards establishing greater public awareness and education towards ET life. Adamski supported his experiences with exceptional UFO photographs and color motion film footage. His documented witnessed encounters with Human ETs from other planets made him one of the most fascinating people of the 20th century.

The Encounter In The Desert

On 20th November 1952 at 12.30 pm when George Adamski met an ET called Orthon, a long haired youthful man from Venus in front of six witnesses in the Californian desert near Mount Palomar; the cat was out the bag, the space people were amongst us and nothing has ever been the same. Adamski‘s life was dedicated to metaphysics, psychicsm and religion and was certainly the prototype for many hippie like teachers to come after him in the 1960’s.15 The natural laws that he formulated were rather like our own “New Age” concepts.

Adamski’s description of Orthon resembles many other such encounters, with the high forehead and cheekbones, grey green eyes, hairless skin and long thin fingers and white teeth. He said of Orthon that if he had dressed in woman’s clothing he could have passed for a female. In the book Flying Saucers Have Landed, Adamski further described his encounter:

“As I approached him a strange feeling came upon me and I became cautious. At the same time I looked round to reassure myself that we were both in full sight of my companions. Outwardly there was no reason for this feeling, for the man was like any other man and I could see he was somewhat smaller than I and considerably younger.

“Suddenly a veil was removed from my mind the feeling of caution left me completely that I was no longer aware of my friends.

“Now for the first time I realized that I was in the presence of a man from Space – A human being from another world. The beauty of his form surpassed anything I had ever seen. The pleasantness of his face freed me from any thoughts of my personal self. I felt like a child in front of someone with great wisdom and love and I became very humble within myself, for from him was radiating a feeling of infinite understanding and kindness with supreme humility.

“He made me understand their coming was friendly. Also as he gestured they were concerned with the radiation going out from Earth. I asked if this concern was due to the explosions of our bombs with their resultant vast radioactive clouds. He understood this correctly and nodded his head in the affirmative.”

One occasion during an encounter Adamski did not take heed of a warning and got too close to the craft. His arm painfully jerked upwards as though by an electric shock. Orthon wanted humankind to know of their existence, aware that man was on the brink of going into space. Adamski was taken on trips to space and to the hidden side of the moon where he reported seeing water and vegetation. Teachings were about self-responsibility and universal law; a kind of cosmic moral paradigm that binds together the entire animal, mineral and vegetable universe.

Witness Testimony

Some 50 years later, arguments surrounding the validity of Adamski’s story still rage on. Alan C. Tolman (Aerospace Engineer who appeared in Fastwalkers) described during an interview at the preview of FASTWALKERS, the structure and sensing devices on a picture of an extremely clear shot of a Venusian cigar shaped craft taken by Adamski.16

Tolman displays blown up posters of the very same Scout crafts cited by Adamski that had appeared and landed in the UK.. Tolman who met Adamski and witnessed the craft through Adamski’s 15″ telescope was so inspired that he set up his own telescope connected to a TV monitor and took images of the moon with extreme clarity. He confirmed how people from all walks of life met with Adamski including people from the military, to listen to him talk about the Space people and their craft. Tolman mentioned his own encounter with a craft; how it increased its frequency and went brighter and brighter then took off till it looked like one of the stars. Perhaps this was a clue to the notion that the Space People were less dense being of a higher vibration or frequency.

Retired Major Hans C. Peterson of the Danish NATO exchange office, Washington D.C. 1995 asserted that governments and science were simply not telling the truth. Having received pictures from NATO showing smoke rising from a crater, he concluded that the moon had its own atmosphere. Other pictures showed a camouflaged water reservoir, two square tunnel entrances to a mountain and tracks from objects that had moved uphill. Major Peterson had his own sightings; on one occasion he was given information by a Swedish contactee who confirmed that there were fifteen human looking extraterrestrials living and working in Sweden. Whilst waiting at the airport for Adamski to land, he saw a saucer following his inbound plane.17

Adamski’s report of seeing ‘billions and billions of fireflies…. flickering everywhere’, when he visited the dark side of the Moon on one of the Venusian craft, however, was backed up eight years later, when US astronaut John Glen returned from a space flight reporting the very same ‘fireflies’.18

Please continue to read here more of this incredible story.

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