Venusian Contacts – Part VII

Venusian-Contacts-VII-main-4-postby Michael Barton

I had long believed that mental communication between planets was not only possible but that it would someday become almost as simple as our “long—distance” phone calls. So I set about the business of attempting to reach the planet Venus by means of telepathy.

I was, during this attempt at “space telepathy”, comfortably positioned on the roof of my house. There I was least liable to disturbance while concentrating. Also, it was quiet and dark so that I had no difficulty in focusing my thoughts. The message I decided to “transmit” to Venus was this:


This is the established “form” of communication language used by all Airline pilots on Earth. It is standard radio practice. I was, of course, not at all sure that interplanetary beings referred to their own planet as “Venus” or to ours as “Earth”. There would be, however, a mutual “meeting of the minds” as to what I meant. This I was sure of, since I would “transmit” in the form of Mind Images and Pictures rather than words.

It was 10:00 P.M. For nearly one half-hour I concentrated on sending my message. I would transmit my thought for 5 minutes, then wait receptively for 5 minutes. There was no response. At about 10:30 P.M. I gave the whole thing up for the night and dozed off to sleep on a cot which I had hauled up to the rooftop for this special purpose.

At 2:00 A.M., an amazing thing happened. A voice was calling my name. “MICHAEL, MICHAEL…” It kept saying, in penetrating, melodious tones. It was an extremely beautiful voice, clear and bell-like. Instinctively, I opened my eyes. No other human being was in sight. I was entirely alone on my cot in the darkness and only the stars and the shimmering moon were visible.

A vivid dream, I thought to myself as I closed my eyes to resume sleeping. Then I knew this was not a dream but a reality. A voice was speaking to me slowly and distinctly, repeating my name. I responded by means of Mental Telepathy as best I could.

“Who are you?” was all I could think to say, for I still thought it possible that my mind might be “playing tricks” on me.

“I am a human being, much like yourself.” The voice replied, after what seemed like a delay of nearly a full minute. “My planet is the one you call ‘Venus’. we have intercepted your communication by telepathy, and are pleased to make this contact with you.”

The voice of the Venusian continued: “We have known of your work along the lines of Occult Science,” he said, ”and consider it good. You and your companions are moving in the right direction. It is our purpose to guide you, from time to time, without superimposing our will upon yours. I am not at liberty to reveal certain details in regard to this planet; but questions of a general nature can be answered freely by us.”

“Tell me something of your science and culture.” I inquired, “Also, what is your means of power for interplanetary flight?”

“We are nearing the middle of our 7th Planetary Round”, replied the Venusian. “You people of Terra (Earth) are in the midst of your 4th Round. In simple terms, this means we are nearly fifteen million years ahead of your planet in respect to global evolution. As you know, every planet begins its life in an etheric condition. Gradually, after several millions of years, it evolves into a sphere of physical matter that is hard and condensed. Still later, when the planet reaches its final Round, there is a reversal of the trend. It returns again to its original state of soft, etheric matter.

“Consider a baby on your Earth;” said the Venusian, “At birth the baby’s body and bone structure are extremely soft, pliable and almost ‘fluid’ in consistency. As the body matures, the bones harden and become more brittle. The entire form becomes tougher and appears more solid and lasting.

“Planets too, are bodies. They are also ‘beings’ on their own life level, having an evolutionary path of their own to follow.

“It is almost beyond the comprehension of Earth beings to grasp the tremendous Knowledge that our people of ‘Venus’ have attained down through the milleniums of Time.

“Perhaps the first fact you should become aware of, insofar as we Venusians are concerned, is that all of our people have long ago discovered their correct relationship with the ‘Father’ of the Cosmic Universe in which we are living. We know and use as a working principle, the immense power of the Creator’s Will which is expressed through the action of physical light in all Galactic Universes.”

There was a long pause. Apparently the speaker desired his last thought to “sink in” for it was five minutes before his next idea came spinning across the thousands of miles between himself and me.

The next thing he said was, “Michael, am I clear? Are you getting tired?”

I immediately replied that I was not tired and that I was receiving his thought clearly, and would he please continue?

“The ‘will’ of the Creator is eternally active in all his creations,” explained my Venusian teacher. ”His ‘will’ works through man, by means of the ‘light’ within that ‘lighteth every man that cometh into the world’. This is the positive or spiritual power in Conscious Man and Woman.

“The Mystic purpose of all created human intelligences is to actively express love, which is the stabilizing power that harmonizes the impelling power of ‘will’. This brings about a balance–and is the primary law of the entire Cosmos.”

As he said these things, I found myself unconsciously ‘linking’ them up with one of Christ’s mysterious expressions, “The Father works, and I work”. Everything in the Cosmos was seeking fulfillment—balance—rest.

“What you call ‘motion’ is the natural result of a universal need in all material things, to achieve a condition of balance. It is through ‘voiding’ certain opposing forces, that all things are able to move. When the resisting energies have been fully ‘voided’, motion then ceases automatically.”

To the Venusian, the ideas he was presenting were “elementary” but to my mind they seemed at least slightly “bewildering”. He had an entirely different way of thinking and as yet I was not prepared for it. His mind thought in terms of PRIMARY CAUSES, all based on Cosmic laws, which are entirely TRUE in essence. We of Earth, for the most part, are not centered in true cause, but are ”off-centered” in EFFECTS. In other words, we know HOW many things happen, but we haven’t the slightest idea WHY they happen.

For several days prior to my “telephone” contact with a being from another world, I had been making up a “list” of questions to ask such a being. As you of course realize, certain questions which deal with matters beyond our immediate scope of interest, or which are considered ”restricted” by the Space People, were not included in the list.

However, I did include a great variety of questions. Most of them are direct and simple. Some were complex and deep. When the Venusian mind-waves reached mine, these are some of the questions I asked and the answers I was given by my instructor:

QUESTION: “What do your people (The Venusians) look like?”

ANSWER: “Venusians are of two sexes, male and female, as on your planet. Many of our Adepts are androgynous, having both masculine and feminine polarities perfectly balanced in the physical body. Our facial features are somewhat different, being smoother and broader, especially the forehead. Centuries of mental telepathy have produced our characteristics in this respect.”

QUESTION: “Physically, then, you resemble to a considerable extent, a ‘humanoid’?”

ANSWER: “Yes. Our average height is 5′-7″. However, there is a difference in bodily weight and structure as compared with Earthlings. If you should come to our planet you would weigh slightly more than you do on Earth, to compensate for the fact that our planet is only 80% as large in mass as your Earth. Our bodies are more etheric, in keeping with the evolutionary stage of our planet and are therefore lighter in weight than yours. The atomic structure is less dense and the radiation of the ‘light within’ is greater, enabling us to appear young and beautiful at a much greater age than you of Earth are yet able to appear. The humanoid form is found on almost every habitable planet in space. The big difference between planets is largely in the mental and spiritual development achieved.”

QUESTION: “Do the ‘visitors’ from outer space all come from your planet Venus?”

ANSWER: “Most of the Space People who have landed on Earth do come from Venus; many are from Mars. A great many extraterrestial visitors also have come from other densities in the Cosmos. Some have even come from other Solar systems than ours. They were on exploratory flights.”

Q: “Is interplanetary flight as dangerous and difficult as it appears to be?”

A: “This depends. If you try to conquer space with ‘rocket-power’ or ‘atomic engines’ it would be utterly disastrous. A space flight powered by FREE Energy would be an entirely different matter. You would be sure of getting to your destination because you could depend on never running out of fuel since it is available in all parts of this Solar System. More important, by using FREE Energy, you would be able to get back to the original point of departure. Space People have been flying between planets for thousands and thousands of years. To us it is essentially a simple matter, and it is extremely rare that any of our ships are lost through space accidents.

Q: “Such accidents do occur?”

A: “Yes, though infrequently. As long as our Space navigators stay within the vortex of this particular Solar System, little danger exists. It is when flights are made between separate universes that miscalculations may be made.”

Q: “What do you mean by ‘vortex’?”

A: “A vortex is an energy field which has the shape of a whirlpool or spiral. In our universe, the Sun radiates the ‘Master Vortex’. This produces lines of magnetic force extending to the outermost ends of this Solar System. Within the Master vertex is the sub-vortex of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on. All of these small vortices within the Sun’s vortex are known as the ‘Great Serpent’, or the ‘Solar Phalanx’. Space navigators as a rule stay inside of the Solar Phalanx.”

Q: “How do Flying Saucers fly?”

A: “I assume you mean our Space Discs. We also call them ‘Fire-Ships”, because of their glowing, fiery appearance in operation. The means of propulsion is simple enough to understand IF you first grasp the principle of the ‘Master Vortex’. A Space Disc moves through space by generating a small vortex of its own, within the ship. This vortex of energy is a miniature ‘force field’. It is produced and sustained by the great vortex of the Sun itself. When we extend this force field outside of the Space Disc, its lines of magnetic force cut across the primary lines of the Sun’s Master Vortex. The effect of this is brilliant, glowing light. Also, the Space Disc instantly goes into motion, following the lines of the Great Vortex. It is trying to ‘void’ itself by moving from the negative phase of the vortex to the positive.”

Q: “How can the Saucer People remain alive inside a Space Disc, if the Disc becomes a glowing fiery light?”

A: “There is an opposite polarity between the outside of the Disc and the inside. This creates the effect of hot light on the outer surface or ‘skin’, and gives a reverse effect of ‘cold light’ on the inside surface. To simplify this in your mind, you need to know that force always moves—not in straight lines—but in circles, so that it always returns to itself. Within our Spacecraft, cold is opposing heat so we remain cool instead of being as you say, ‘cremated’.”

B: “What does the surface of Venus look like? Is it hot, ‘sand-blasted’, that planet that our astronomers think it is?”

A: “No. The scientists of Earth are quite mistaken about that. Venus is extremely verdant and luxuriant with vegetation. It has, however, a predominant blue color whereas on Earth the leaf color is green. Our atmosphere is heavier than that of Earth, so we are protected from excessive sunlight. Because your scientists could not see through our atmosphere, they assumed the worst.”

Q: “What causes the rotation of the planets?”

A: “Each planet is surrounded by its own smaller ‘Sub-Vortex’ or force-field. This field is operative within the larger field of the Sun. As a result, it intercepts the lines of force of the Master Vortex causing the planet to manifest MOTION in an effort to escape from an unbalanced energy condition. So the sphere rotates.”

Q: “Is that a form of perpetual motion, or FREE Energy?”

A: “Yes, it is FREE Energy, or the power that runs the universe we live in.”

Q: “Is there a simple key to use in order to understand HOW this FREE Energy works?”

A: “The secret lies simply in gaining a basic ‘working knowledge’ of Vortexya—that is, the principles of Vortices.”

Q: “Do the Venusian people utilize FREE Energy in other ways, besides propelling their Spacecraft by means of it?”

A: “Yes, nearly all the advanced intelligences of the space worlds make use of the universal power of Vortexya in countless practical ways. We use Free Energy to run our factories, light our dwellings, propel our vehicles, and perform a million other necessary services for us. For instance, in our homes it produces light without the need for any containing globes whatsoever.”

Q: “Will you explain the method? As you know, we on Earth use light bulbs which have the air extracted from them so that a wire filament can burn or glow within the vacuum, thus producing electric light. Do you have a simpler method of creating light?”

A: “Indeed we have. There is no need for ‘wires’ or ‘bulbs’ or vacuum conditions when you cross magnetic lines of force at right angles. That produces the same kind of light as the ‘daylight’ of nature. It is the Light Ether manifesting itself visibly. We Venusians use this natural form of light in all of our buildings, which, incidentally, are semi-spherical in shape, and formed of a hard, translucent type of plastic.”

Q: “Can you tell me why your Space People are coming to this Earth, and what they desire of me and my fellow beings?”

A: “We come to guide Mankind on Earth into the more harmonious, spiritual life. Our purpose is to show Earthlings the secret of all evolution into a higher, grander form of expression and awareness. We are here to inspire Man to a complete dedication of self to the purposes of the Creator. This is in truth the Great Work to which many are called but few are chosen. Your mind is God’s mind, whether you realize it or not, for there is but one Mind in the Cosmos. When you consciously know that, you begin to serve the higher Ideals which your spirit knows.”

Q: “What is God’s ‘will’ for Man?”

A: “More Life, Love, Truth, and Beauty.”

Q: “Does the universe have a lesson to teach Mankind? As you know, we humans are often fearful, anxious and despondent.”

A: “Yes. The universe teaches us to seek the ‘centre’ of peace and harmony within us, and regulate our lives from this one centre. That is how the life of the entire universe with all its planets and suns and stars is regulated. What beauty resides at the centre of things–what order–system! While the great machinery of life goes on throughout the vast Macrocosm, here at the starting-point of all is peace. Here unending harmony abides, a repose which no calamity can disturb. Worlds may end, terrible disasters may happen, wars may be fought and earthquakes shake the face of planets. But still the universe MOVES FORWARD. The pulse of life never stops, the centre remains unhurt. Man needs this calm SERENITY.”

Q: “Do you suffer from Diseases of any kind of Venus, or during space flights?”

A: “Our people have long since learned the ‘inner’ causes of disease, and are aware that destructive thoughts or negative emotions (fear, hatred, jealousy, resentment, revenge, etc.) cause an unbalanced physical condition. Why? Because they cause a state of ‘contraction’ in all of the bodily cells. On the other hand constructive and harmonious thoughts produce E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N in all the cells. We realize that contraction is death and expansion is life. So we choose to expand into continually greater L-I-F-E.”

“Space flights no longer cause us any physical difficulty. This is because our Spacecraft produces its own ‘synthetic gravity’ during flight, and also produces its own air of the proper warmth and density.

“The external cold of outer space cannot hurt us, since we utilize the principles of Navaz or Night-Side forces to maintain healthful and comfortable living conditions inside our Spacecraft.”

Q: “What do you mean by ‘Navaz’?’

A: “That is our term for the Night-Side of Nature. This refers to the circular progression of the forces of the Vortex from the Sun. The lines of force follow a circular path out from the Sun and then return again. Moving from the Sun, they belong to the ‘Light-Side’ of Nature; but when moving back to the Sun, they belong to Navaz or the ‘Night-Side’.”

“Scientists on Earth know practically nothing of the forces found in the Night-Side of Nature. When they do discover these subtle forces, they will have the secret of ‘repulsion by levitation’…as well as other secrets Man on Earth has not even imagined. Neither Earth, air, the depth of the seas nor those of interstellar space will hold secrets from that man who approaches from the Godward side to gain knowledge of Navaz.”

Q: “Do you require any special kind of food to sustain you on long flights from one planet to another?”

A: “For space travel purposes, we take along with us a concentrated type of food resembling a round, flat wafer. 0n Venus, these wafers have been subjected to a mind-wave process we call ‘Thought-conditioning’. The effect of this is to give the wafer whatever special food taste we desire to enjoy. For example, if we are hungry for a certain ‘favorite’ food we merely think of that and the wafer will taste like that food. An Earthling, for instance, might think of ‘roast beef’ or ‘fried chicken’ and upon eating the wafers would experience precisely the ‘taste’ reaction in his sensory nerves that he would if he were enjoying the real thing.”

Q; “What effects are resulting in the universe from the series of atomic blasts we have been setting off on Earth?”

A: “Atomic nuclear explosions on your planet Earth are a most serious matter. Far more so than your scientists realize. Each explosion disrupts the etheric levels of life such as Atmospherea and Etherea. That is another reason why Space Ships are landing on Earth in constantly greater numbers. We seek to prevent this kind of destructiveness.”

Q: “How do you accomplish your mental and scientific ‘miracles’? I have heard the Space People have learned to forestall physical death for centuries. Could you give me and my friends some ‘hint’ as to your advanced techniques?”

A: “Yes, I can. We have attained mastery of the universal forces unknown to your Earth scientists. Indeed, they can never hope to discover these subtle powers because they are approaching them from the side of the ‘physical eye’ instead of from the side of the ‘spiritual eye’. In the realm beyond magnetism are yet other forces, superior and more intense in vibratory frequency. These forces are operated BY THE MIND. Mind is of the Creator, and is the sustaining, creating source of everything that exists. An Adept learns how to raise personal vibration up to the higher levels of ‘Odic’ or Mind-Force. This has sometimes been referred to as ‘Vril’ and is a wonderful power to acquire. By its use we can almost instantly re-create the cells of the physical body…all this being done by the conscious direction of THOUGHT. With ‘Vril’ a human being is enabled to retain his or her physical body for a life span of from 300 to 1500 years.”

As the Venusian’s reply reached me, I suddenly noticed a feeling of complete weariness which seemed to overpower me. This was due, no doubt, to the length of time we had been in ‘communication’ by telepathy.

Sadly I brought our conversation to an end, after being assured by him that there would be further ‘conversations’ in the near future. “There is more to talk about,” the Space Master said, “and more to learn.” A few parting instructions were given to me then, as to how and when the next telepathic communication should take place. Then the conversation broke off and I fell into a deep sleep that lasted for many hours.

For days after the communication I felt glorious. That sense of “living” in a great universe of light — electromagnetic waves of light, wherein ‘all things are possible’ — became constantly more real to me. I thought of you, dear friend, who would read of that experience in the pages of this Monograph. And I saw you…moving ever Onward, Upward, and Godward…to the highest Realms of Mystic Light with the “Elect” of Mankind.

Excerpt from Flying Saucer Revelations

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