Venusian Contacts – Part III

Venusian-Astral-Visit-main-4-postby Soren Dreier

In my first Venus experience in out body travels I catapulted myself out into space. By the way: There is no ‘silver string’ as many say. We are so absolutely non-attached to this reality in its essence. Maybe we really know that, since the hype is very much about detachment in general.

My minds eye caught a glimpse of Venus and I debated whether to get up close or not. While debating, something pulled me in.

I found myself in a very beautiful vibrant surrounding on Venus. When we do this kind of liberating traveling we are surfing the Morph but founded in the etheric universe. We have our physical body, we have our astral body and we have our etheric body. Those are the three densest realities. The Morph is very much higher in lightness and altitudes above this perceptional field.

I will describe the place for you if you haven’t been, but first I will like to tell you this: I’m very critical towards these experiences and certainly my own, since I like spiritually to be sober and not too much inflated by the principal of ‘anything goes’.

So for some years I didn’t mention the place, I just went.

One day I was visiting an artist who wanted to show me her works. She did tremendously beautiful golden-like pictures. The centerpiece was very similar to what I perceived in my Venus travels, so I asked her: This motif, where did you get your inspiration.

She said: “Oh, that’s Venus.”

That answer send shivers down my spine and I felt so grateful. Later on I have met about 5 people who started talking about the place.

Guide to Traveling Venus:

Visitation-to-VenusYou put your mind at ease. Many do it through meditation, and that’s good. Eventually you don’t have to – I don’t anymore – I just catapult. You can do it sitting in a chair, lying in your bed or what suits you the best.

Then picture it in your minds eye and you will start to experience it. If you have difficulties in the start, be patient – you will penetrate the spheres eventually or they will come to you.

On Venus there is a beautiful fountain. The people I have met, as mentioned, see it also. It is very big and round shaped. Up to its edges fruits grow, they don’t look like they do here but they have a scent of honey and roses.

As mentioned earlier: Feeling the feel and getting sensory inputs of smells, sounds, taste, temperatures are very important since it is very hard to fake – almost impossible. If you get these impressions you are there. I use that as a measurement generally to decide if I am out of body, in any context.

It divides the ‘reality’ layer from the more ‘flamboyant’ layer. Often such experiences inflates our ego because our ego really would like to do such things. The measurement of senses will keep the Ego at bay.

The water in the fountain is deep Azure Blue and has beautiful flowers floating on its surface. In the central part of the construction there is water very silently pouring out from the installation in the center. Eight transcendent dolphins are holding the center up. It is about 8 meters high.

The dolphins are solid figures but one can see blue, silver and golden lights in their meridian system. So who ever did this, had the boldness and the grandeur to embed the meridian system into the statues. It’s a big: Wow. Most Venus 5D is.

It is very important that you visualize this construction if you would like the experience, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if some readers have seen it in dreams.

There is a maple pathway system that goes through the surrounding that looks like classic Roman ancient gardens and the fountain. One goes around the fountain. To the side and behind you there would be benches, made of etheric yet solid light.

Go sit on one. Look at the fountain. Look very deep into the water coming down from the central piece and next you know, you see people walking. Having conversations, you see lovers holding hands.

That would be the people there. I call them: ‘The Tall Light Ones’. The tall light ones, some see as celestial guides. I do in readingss sometimes. But those are not the same. The Tall Light Ones on Venus live there. If you look down the pathway systems you will see bowls of ethereal fruits. That is for them.

It took me a while to ‘hear’ them since they really don’t talk. They just have some oral movements while they transfer information silently. But it is possible to tune in.

If you can spot them, they will spot you and approach you and they are very kind.

The first time they did that to me I almost lost my focus and started to pull back and seeing that, one of them put her hand on my shoulder and said: “You’re most welcome, which building are you here for?”

The instant she said that, buildings manifested. I pointed to a most vibrant building. It looked at bit like the famous cathedral in Barcelona as visioned by Antoni Gaudí.

“Oh, you are here for education” she said, “very good” and she walked away.

I wasn’t making anything up and when she said it, yes bound for class.

Every building on Venus has custodians.I would suggest that the people walking around and living there are close to 3 meters in height. The custodians are a bit shorter.

Now you would be in a kind of school and I resent calling it a university. It’s a school. You enter this massive place that Morphs with the Morph – sound and the only place you can go in is the place is where you can open the doors – and there are plenty.

When you get in the right door you will know your seat number. It comes to you. When you are in that seat you will look around and maybe see people that you know or will come to know.

That is a real mystery and a wonderful one. I have seen people in there that I didn’t know of, but very shortly after the experience, I would meet them here in 3D life. Remarkable.

In the buildings there is sometimes music. The music I have heard is very etheric and if I should give a hint it would resemble Bach’s Air, but even more transparent and subtle.

If you find yourself in a room for education, it is not my experience that we pick every word up. After these sessions I just woke up in my bed in 3D.

The reason seems to be that you don’t have to be there to get the information, you just plug in so no need to stay. It was in this place I was introduced to The Mystical Avalon, many a years ago.

One of the tricks to being on Venus is to embed the concept of expansion. Both of course on an intellectual and an emotional note, but most of all also physical. I have never gone into a building that would seem pretty etheric and solid and seen it Morph into the vastness of the horizon.

So in order to get around, decide that walls are not walls, they are portals and the beautiful hallways go on forever and ever. That is also the secret to finding the hidden portal to Avalon here on earth.

Another thing: There is one deal breaker on Venus: If a door doesn’t open for you – you are not supposed to open it and you just can’t.

So what has all this got to do with Avalon?

A lot.

The resemblance between the Tall Light Ones and the people in Avalon is stunning. Same politeness. Same grandeur in the silent way. Same code of honor. And last but not least:

Same openness to multiple universes and the love they manifest and radiates from them. Precisely the same. When I did this traveling to the Venus Portal it made a lifelong impact in me for feeling: Safe. We are safe.

It took me some time to accept that this is a reality and I’m still embedding it. Surrendering to the reality of 5D and the etheric realms can be quite difficult if you also like to question the concept.

I did, and it still amazes me.

So go for the somehow uncharted territory here for a bit, give it a chance to work in you. Practice and it will come to you and when it does, it is for real. I have given a rough lay-out – explore the place.

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