Venusian Contacts ~ Part II

Venusian-Contacts-main-2-4-postby Rolf Telano

Sightings of strange objects in the sky, popularly known as “flying saucers,” are so numerous and so well verified that no really intelligent person can now doubt their existence. Certain details force most of them to accept the fact that these spacecraft could not originate on Planet Earth. The questions which they now ask, often fearfully, are: “What are the ‘saucers?’ Where do they come from? What sort of beings operate them? What is their purpose here?”

As one of the race of people who control these craft I shall attempt, with the aid of various associates, to answer these questions. It is my hope that I may thus be able to still the fears of the frightened ones, and encourage the hopes of those who will accept my statements.

To introduce myself, my name, translated into your written language, is “Borealis.” It might be noted that all names used in this explanation have been thus translated. The means of identification which we use would mean nothing to you, and we have attempted to give you, instead, those which would be understandable in your language.

The planet which you call Venus* is my home, although do not regard myself as a “native” since my people did no originate here. *”My present home is not on the Venus you see, but on a higher frequency level world which is somewhat larger than the “Venus” which you know.

Your scientists may tell you that life on this planet is impossible, because the Venusian atmosphere is unsuitable for life. Actually, conditions on the surface of the planet do not concern us, as will be explained later. The planet does, however, teem with life forms of every sort. As a matter of fact, all of the planets and their moons contain life of some sort. The tests which your astronomers have made, reached no further than the stratosphere of the various planets, which give no indication as to the conditions on the surface a hundred miles or so below. These same tests made on your own stratosphere would indicate that neither are the chemical and temperature conditions suitable for life.

To continue the introduction, I am the high Priestess of the Mother Temple of our people on Venus. The details on our religious beliefs are not important to this explanation, but I will tell you that we are monotheists, recognizing one supreme Deity as the First Cause and Creator of all things. We call it the Unnameable, because we believe that no word or name can create the correct mental picture of It. A mind housed in a mortal and finite shell cannot, by its very nature correctly comprehend that which is immortal and infinite It has no standards of comparison.

Many of your people will reject what I say because they do not have enough education to understand it. Most of your men of science will also reject it because they have to much education, of the wrong sort. Even among those whom we regard as the more advanced among you, there will be some who will at first feel inclined to reject it – because parts of what I say may be in conflict with some religion or philosophy which they have adopted. But the remaining ones will, I believe, be sufficient in number to make my efforts worthwhile.

Since I am a mortal being, what I say is subject to all the errors of mortals. While I do have access to records and other sources of information which are not available to you. I am neither omniscient nor infallible-nor, perhaps, entirely free from prejudice. My people, whom you may call “the Nors,” are far in advance of yours in science. I also like to think that, on the average, they are somewhat higher in ethics. There are exceptions, however. All is not sweetness and good among us. There are quite wide variations of good and evil.

We are neither demons come to destroy you, nor gods come to magically deliver you. We are, in the final analysis, “just people” – people who are not greatly different from Earth folk deep inside – people who live and love, and hope and fear, and, on occasion, laugh and weep. We regard you and greet you as “Brothers” in the truest sense of the word. Borealis


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