Venus Rising Trilogy With Interview About Venusians

Venus-Rising-Trilogy-main-2-postParanormal expert and popular speaker, Dr. Raymond Keller, brings together the impact Dr-Raymond-KellerVenus has on our culture in the Venus Rising trilogy.

Dr. Keller has lived and worked in 44 different countries and has been writing about UFOs and paranormal activity since 1967. He was the founder and director of the Outer Space International Research and Investigations Society (OSIRIS) of Hilmar, California, as well as the publisher and co-editor of the New Millennial Star, a monthly pre-internet tabloid newspaper.

Here in a series of interviews, Dr. Raymond Keller speaks about some of the fascinating content in his books including new information regarding Val Thor – well worth a listen.

val thor and venusian friendsVal Thor And Friends

Dr. Keller’s Books As Follows:

Venus Trilogy Book 1Volume 1 – Venus Rising explores many facets of conditions and life on Venus in many dimensions from a perspective of conspiracies, history, theosophy, ufology and current events, especially space research.

The book is well written and scholarly, with detailed attention to various sources of information. This writer commends the author, Dr. Raymond Andrew Keller, II, Ph.D., for a Big Beautiful Book. Welcome, Dear Reader! May you enjoy the journey. — R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Counseling Services, University of Wyoming

The really controversial part of the book is the study of Venus in relation to the UFO enigma and contemporary claims of contact with people from other planets, especially Venus. Most mainstream “scientific” ufologists dismiss the first generation 1950s and 60s contactees as frauds and cultists, but my 40+ years of research into contactee cases indicates that some of these individuals actually were in contact with a group of benevolent alien visitors, trying to influence our culture at a critical time in history. Venus Rising is a comprehensive and exciting scholarly endeavour that can inspire further research into this most fascinating subject. —Håkan Blomqvist, Librarian and co-founder of Archives for the Unexplained (AFU), Sweden

In these pages, Dr. Keller reveals that on a personal level we have probably experienced frequent encounters with Venusians, without even realizing it. He blows the cover off the biggest secret that only a handful of powerful individuals know in the highest echelons of officialdom, that space people from Venus look almost exactly like us, but more beautiful/handsome, have infiltrated human society in all nations and have been visiting the Earth since prehistoric times. If you ever had any questions about Venus or Venusians, you will find the answers in this book.—Michael A. LaRiche, Director, Coast-to-Coast A.M. Radio Discussion Groups Northeast, Ohio

Venus Trilogy Book 2Volume 2 – The Final Countdown:  Rockets to Venus is the second exciting book in mythologist, magic realist and ufologist Dr. Raymond A. Keller’s internationally acclaimed and award-winning Venus Rising series.  Some of the interesting- and real individuals- you’ll meet in this book of astounding science include: 

*The German “Rocket Man” who saved New York City in early 1945 and in the process crossed a mysterious rainbow bridge over the North Pole that carried him through the time barrier to the cloud- shrouded planet of Venus 18,500,000 years ago.

*The wife of a Japanese prime minister who traveled to Venus in another dimension aboard an ethereal beam ship.

*A California contactee under constant surveillance by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and his public revelations that smashed the Venus Conspiracy.

*The team of Russian scientists probing the mysteries of Venusian life being monitored by the ABOVE TOP SECRET United States Air Force’s “Project White Stork.”

*The mega-stars of the Rock and Roll and Hollywood universe that have used various forms of magic to contact Venusians and other entities inhabiting the mysterious phantom zone known as “Dimension X.”

*The enigmatic psychic Maria Orsic and the members of the Vril Social Club that inspired the early German science fiction writers and rocket scientists.

Venus Trilogy Book 3Volume 3 – The Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventures is the third thrilling book in mythologist, magic realist and ufologist Dr. Raymond A. Keller’s internationally acclaimed and award-winning Venus Rising series.  Some of the interesting- and real individuals- you’ll meet in this book of astounding science include: 

*A Canadian defense minister who “spilled the beans” about Venusians and other aliens living and working among us.

*Scientists from around the world engineering new developments to explore and understand various outer space phenomena like magnetic reconnection, traveling faster than the speed of light, and the requisites for intelligent life on other planets.

*Dr. Raymond A. Keller as the “Cosmic Ray” traversing Dimension X with the Queen of Outer Space, Dolores Barrios.  This book also contains three never-before-seen photos of the Queen, to include some with the Cosmic Ray himself.

*A couple from Northern California who as the co-presidents of one of America’s first flying saucer clubs travel along with their group’s membership to every UFO meeting and sky watch in 1950’s California with the hopes of reconnecting with  Venusians they once encountered in the Mojave Desert.  Krsanna Duran of TimeStar reveals startling new revelations that will shake the ufology universe. 

*An Aerojet missile contractor who flew in a remote controlled flying saucer from White Sands, New Mexico, to New York City and back in less than 30 minutes, in 1949 no less.  Never-before-seen photos taken by the contractor of Air Force personnel attached to him while working on the development of the top secret Falcon missile’s dual radar and heat-seeking targeting systems are included. 

Countless others also appear in the well-documented pages of all the Cosmic Ray’s epic Venus Rising trilogy.


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