Understanding Jesus And The Master Plan

Jesus-And-His-Master-Plan-mainIn order to understand both the intelligent God and His Master Plan, and especially in understanding Jesus, let us enter into a correct and all-inclusive hypothesis of various factors involved. Every material earth man can be considered dual in nature; that is, he has a psychic anatomy and mind, and a physical anatomy and mind which is, in actuality, one and the same in respect to the fact that the physical and psychic anatomies and their respective minds are functioning harmoniously, in all aspects of life on the basis of the oscillating principle.

It is conceivable in the normal course of evolution that any individual can become spiritually quickened or alerted; that is through contacts made in the life in between lives lived in spiritual worlds, as well as in other ways, the individual becomes aware of the higher spiritual worlds and a better way of life. When this alerted state is reached, this individual then begins to incarnate, spiritually, into some of these somewhat more advanced spiritual worlds, such as are described in the books of UN.AR.I.U.S., where he will study in some respective chosen field, a higher and more constructive expression of his vocation. He will then don the mantle of flesh in an earthly incarnation and bring into the world some form of the more advanced constructiveness of his particular vocation. Sometime in the more distant future, he will advance in his spiritual world life, to a point where he, temporarily at least, and for an indefinite period of time, will no longer have need for any further continuance of earth life incarnations.

In this state he has actually passed the point of necessity for an earth life; he is also most likely to be involved in a very concerted and specialized effort in the pursuance of more highly advanced knowledge and wisdom. In this state of consciousness, he is only vaguely conscious in memory of his former earth lives. Soon, however, he is confronted with the inevitable. Knowledge must be acquired in a certain ratio proportionate or equal with usage. He can not practice, so to speak, his newly acquired knowledge in even higher worlds than the one in which he is presently living. He must, obviously practice and use this knowledge in lower or earth worlds. In this respect he is also prompted by the mass of human misery which he vaguely remembers, and so he sets up a plan whereby he can, in a manner of speaking, incarnate into the material worlds. He does not do this by the usual method – rebirth into the physical body. He is spiritually advanced to the point where the physical body would be impossible to him; that is, he could not reasonably support a physical body in the usual psychic anatomy oscillating fashion, and so he uses an alternate method.

First, however, he must choose a time and place for his mission, for the time so chosen is usually selected to coincide with some extraterrestrial phenomenon. In the case of the higher overself or spiritual entity of Jesus, whom we will call Mr. X, this more highly advanced spiritual personality (Mr. X), chose His time of entry to coincide with an astronomical event which was the junction of Venus and Jupiter, and when these two planets were thus so apparently merged into one bright superstar, He would make His debut, so to speak, into the material world. The scene must also be set. The people of His country must, to some extent, be preconditioned for this advent and which, in the case of the people of Israel, was begun several hundred years in advance.

Through various prognosticators such as soothsayers etc., the people of Israel were told of this future advent; the Messiah who would come from Heaven to lead them from out the intemperance and misery of their times. And so the day of the advent approached when Mr. X would, in a sense, reincarnate as was stated before. He does not actually combine his whole psychic anatomy with that of the newly growing infant forming within the womb; instead he chooses an alternate method. An earth man who, for obvious reasons, advantageously connected through parenthood to various ecclesiastical dispensations, currently in effect, is preparing to and about to incarnate in the usual manner, through the mother’s womb which is so advantageously situated.

Mr. X then approaches this soon to incarnate earth man and presents this proposition to him; that he will only partially live his earth life, and in an alternate manner on such suitable occasions which will occur, the earth man, psychically speaking, will temporarily step aside while Mr. X uses the earth man’s physical anatomy, while he renders various external physical acts or expresses certain teachings. This was the manner and way in which Jesus, or Mr. X, actually lived the life partially described in the New Testament; and while this life was being so lived, the earth man, who properly owned the physical anatomy, would on various occasions, step aside while Mr. X (or Jesus) performed the various miracles and gave the teachings. Then the earth man would return to his body and temporarily resume the more normal earth life.

At first this earth man whom we shall call Mr. A was very much impressed at what had been going on during his absence – of course those who witnessed the miracles and heard the teachings had no way of differentiating between Mr. X and Mr. A. To them he was one and the same person. Therefore, the various teachings and acts did come to the attention of Mr. A. He had also begun to be worshipped. Now this worshipful attitude could be quite easily shrugged off by Mr. X, who thoroughly understood human nature. To Mr. A, however, the effect was different. Gradually, his ego began to swell; he began to feel a false sense of importance. Finally he began to think it was actually he and not Mr. X who was performing all the miracles and giving the teachings.

In usurping his false position he began to become arrogant. At first, the miracles had been performed with the admonition to go and not tell anyone that a miracle had been performed for them. Later on, however, as Mr. A so usurped his false position, he began to flaunt Mr. X’s position and power in the faces of the priests and pharisees calling them hypocrites. He even went into the temple courtyard and chased out some of the mendicants who were peddling religious offerings. This quite naturally aroused the ire of those in religious power, as well as those who supported the religious effigy; and Mr. A was threatened with crucifixion.

By this time he had become fanatically immersed in his self-deification. He laughed at the threat and said, “If ye destroy this temple (body) I will raise it in three days,” which was subsequently done in the crucifixion. Mr. X even as Mr. A hung on the cross, was compassionate. He continued to have Mr. A pardoned and brought down from the cross before he was actually dead, and which was done by his close followers. Mr. A was then given a mock burial in the tomb, to satisfy the priests and rabbis; and in the tomb Mr. X entered and healed the grievous wounds of Mr. A’s body and re-established him in health.

In this respect, as well as in all dispensations, Mr. X had been considerably aided by thousands of spiritual entities such as doctors, lawyers, and various literates who had, at the beginning of the plan, formed an alliance with Mr. X in his earth mission dispensation through Mr. A.

Now, as Mr. A was in the tomb and was so healed by Mr. X, and His thousands of fellow workers, He did not desert Mr. A at that moment either. The guard in front of the tomb somehow did not notice that the stone was being rolled away by some close followers. He did not notice that Mr. A emerged from the tomb and walked away with His followers. And so as Mr. A walked away into the night, He was a thoroughly chastened and saddened man. He had learned His lesson. For the next forty days and nights He remained with His followers; He stayed in the background as much as possible, letting Mr. X take full control, and perhaps the greatest good of the entire mission was accomplished in that period.

Now it began to be noised about that Mr. A was still alive, so the priests started another witch hunt to find Him, as well as other close followers and adherents. The priests were fully determined to stamp out this religious revolution, for as the whole mission of Mr. X had been to free the people of Israel from the despotic yolk of religious dispensations, the priests quite naturally would not feel happy as long as Mr. A or a single adherent remained alive in the country.

And so the exodus of Christian adherents began. They fled to all countries, principally Greece. Foremost among the Christian persecutors was a stooge called Saul – half Roman, half Jew. He was an official instrument of the inquisition. Several years after the crucifixion, he learned that Mr. A was living in Greece under an assumed name. So Saul, armed with a cortege, started for Greece with the avowed purpose of secretly exterminating Mr. A, along with other sundry Christians.

On the way to Greece, Saul suffered a sun-stroke and in the intense mental agony of the condition, experienced a great hallucination. Like all people of this time, Saul was tremendously superstitious and in the moment of recovery from sunstroke a great psychism took place within his mind; he thought he saw Mr. A appear to him and ask that memorable question, “Why, therefore, dost thou persecute me?” Perhaps it was really Mr. X who contrived this psychism in the moment of emotional distress. Be that as it may, however, Saul continued his journey to Greece, but a changed man. He also changed his name to Paul and began to lay the foundation for the first Christian Church.

The history of this first beginning has been historically recorded. Paul, who was illiterate, first contrived to proselytize various existing religions then in existence; and in order for him to make his new religion attractive, he was forced to adopt many religious observances, rituals, and various pantheisms. By that time, the effect of the sunstroke had begun to wear off, and Paul, to a large extent, again became Saul.

In the role of Dean Emeritus, Paul commanded two religious converts named Ireneous and Claustedeus, who were Greek scholars, to write the Testaments, the Biblical synoptic gospels called by their respective names. In each writing Paul was dissatisfied and commanded a fresh rewriting; the inclusion of various Mithraic rituals and observances were entered in the life descriptions of Mr. A and Mr. X. These, of course, were drawn from memory and were not written by those who were, at that time, accredited with their formation. The priests however, were always confronted with the obvious necessity of being at least partially truthful in their presentations.

During this formative period, Paul returned to Jerusalem for several purposes; to obtain fresh documentaries and to recover, if possible, some family wealth which he should have inherited. During his visit he was imprisoned by the priests for seven years, during which time he was severely persecuted by the head priest Ananias, who constantly sought his death. However, Paul regained his freedom and returned to Greece where he remained until the time of his death. This, then, is the true story of Jesus, and while credited with being the greatest man who ever lived, living the greatest life, is also the most thoroughly misunderstood.

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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