Evidence For Underground Cities On Mars?

Newly Discovered Orbs Parked On Mars Near Underground Entrances?!!

Photographic Evidence Below!Mars-underground-city

Are there underground cities to support these flying objects? As you can see below, these orbs are parked near what looks like an underground entrance.

These images come from the “Panoramic View from ‘Rocknest’ Position” of Curiosity Mars Rover..Deep Zoom PIA16453 – Links are below.

The Mars surface is literally strewn with junk, trash, and fossilized remains as well as ruins of what must of been cities that went on for miles and miles. What happened to cause the civilization to collapse in ruins? How long ago and where did its inhabitants go? Could they have possibly relocated underground in anticipation of some cosmic event?

Across Mars there seems to be what appears like underground entrances. See photos below.

The evidence seems clear that some type of civilization may exist underground and that they have sufficient resources to exist as a result of advanced technology.

Here is one explanation I came across from a book titled, “The Truth About Mars,” (my psychic visitation to Mars and communication with its people) by Ernest L. Norman originally published in the 1950s that may very well be as good a plausible explanation as any.

Excerpted per “fair use” standards: “In case some of you are wondering, just as I did, what caused his people to go underground and why they have not migrated to some other planet, since they have all the necessary craft to do so, Nur El explained all this by first saying that Mars was, up until about 100,000 years ago, a planet very similar to the earth. There was air, water, and an abundance of plant and animal life. The cities flourished on the surface just as ours do. At that time, through their interdimensional science and also with their superior telescopes, they saw, somewhere out in space, a cataclysm take place. One of the giant suns suddenly went berserk, flared up like a nova, and then exploded in a terrific, blinding flash. Huge chunks hurtled out into space in different directions, each one a smaller, white-hot, atomically-burning sun, shooting off great streamers of atomic energies. It was determined by calculations that one of these fiery pieces would pass very close to our solar system. As it was larger than our own sun, it was conceivable that there would be tremendous repercussions, in fact, anything was possible.

Because of the great size, it would have a tremendous gravitational pull, besides giving off great energies. It was also determined, as light traveled much faster in space than this huge chunk, that it would pass our solar system. This, therefore, gave the Martians a grace period for preparation. They had, however, a choice: to stay on Mars or migrate to another planet far away from this solar system. After a search of the nearby, practical limits of the heavens, it was found that there was no other planet available which would be suitable. So an alternative was decided upon. They could build huge cities underground! During the next two hundred years or so, an almost frantic building program was assiduously pursued. We can well imagine some of the problems, the sacrifices, and the labor and research that went into this tremendous project, but it was finally accomplished. In due time all was snug and shipshape as possible. Buried deep under many feet of rock and earth, in their newly constructed domelike cities, the people of Mars waited for the final hours. Day by day they watched the white glowing mass of light grow larger and larger. There was no really accurate way by which to measure how close it would pass or just how hot it would be. No doubt many thought it would be the end!

Finally the hour struck. Nur El stated that for eight days the planet was rocked, torn and twisted, as great forces blasted and ripped the surface. Plant and animal life disappeared almost entirely, except for the few species that escaped by being buried or by being in caves. The air and water, too, were largely dissipated or drawn off with the passing nova. When it was over, Mars was decimated and burned to a cinder.

Other planets also suffered. On Earth there were great earthquakes and tidal waves. A great continent and civilization, called Lemuria, sank beneath the sea. Great deserts were burned into the surface in places that were formerly beautiful forests and plains. The Sahara and Gobi deserts were two of these. Earth’s orbit and axis, or the poles, were also changed. Instead of a circular orbit Earth was rocked into a elliptical orbit, with the addition of a very slight but definite wobble or oscillation, which it has never lost. Uranus was pushed out into an orbit much further away from the sun. Neptune suffered a similar fate although not quite so pronounced.

It is conceivable that the other planets were also affected according to their size and position at the time of the passing of this huge celestial “atom bomb.” No doubt the knowledge of this cataclysm will clear up some of the mysteries of Earth’s history, which have been puzzling the seekers of truth for many years.”

More Evidence – Video – DAHBOO77

Links to photographic evidence:



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