Uncloaking The Material Reality Of UFOs

Uncloaking-The-Reality-of-UFOs-main-2-postby Gerard Aartsen

One of the enduring ‘mysteries’ surrounding UFOs concerns their apparent ability to appear and disappear at will. Here, too, enlightening clues can be found in the accounts of contactees and the wisdom teachings, while scientific insights continue to provide interesting corroborations.

When the first measurements of the surface temperature on Venus came in 1958, George Adamski was quickly ridiculed for his assertion that his contacts hailed from that and other planets in our solar system. He was not alone, though, in maintaining his claims: Brazilian physicist-contactee Dino Kraspedon (pseudonym for Aladino Felix), Canadian researcher-contactee Wilbert Smith, Italian journalist-contactee Bruno Ghibaudi, and US contactees Howard Menger and Buck Nelson all said, more or less publicly, that the spacecraft and their occupants originate from within the solar system, mainly from Mars, Venus, Saturn and a few other planets.

While since the character assassination on the first contactees hardly anyone has placed the origins of the visitors from space within our own solar system, to this day esotericist Benjamin Creme states categorically: “All the planets of our system are inhabited…” but, he adds, “if you were to go to Mars or Venus you would see nobody because they are in physical bodies of etheric matter.” [Mars is physical, however Venus is not per Unariun liturgies.] This underscores what contactee Howard Menger was told in the 1950s: “[I]f an Earth man in physical body could go there he probably would not see some of the life forms which vibrate more rapidly than his own — no more than he can see the spiritual life forms in and around his own planet. Unless his physical body were processed and conditioned, he could not see the beings on another planet.” Reversing the same notion, George Adamski also said that the space people “can place their mind in a high frequency state that causes their body to become invisible to our limited range of vision.” He was told, in fact, that “…we can increase the frequency of the activated area of a ship to the point of producing invisibility. Except for our own precaution, your planes could fly blindly into our ship without seeing it. If we permitted you to come as close as that, when you hit, you would find our craft as solid as though functioning in a lower frequency.”

Understanding the concept of the etheric (subtle) planes of matter is crucial in this respect. As the latest exponent of the Ageless Wisdom teaching Mr. Creme says that, “[u]nless one understands the reality of the etheric levels of energy as finer, subtler, levels of matter, one cannot begin to understand the UFO phenomenon…” However, the principle of space craft becoming visible by lowering the rate of vibration of their atoms, or disappearing from our sight when they return to their original state, is really not very difficult to understand when his space contact explains to Chilean contactee Enrique Barrios: “If a bicycle wheel turns rapidly, you can’t see the spokes. We make the molecules of the ship move rapidly.”

That the same principle applies to the occupants of the craft is implied in an episode from Truman Bethurum’s book Aboard a Flying Saucer. When Truman and his boss Whitey are having coffee and pie at a local diner, they notice a woman whom Tru recognizes as the captain of the flying saucer that he met before, with one of her crew members. His boss doesn’t want to be introduced and goes to wait outside, and Tru asks him to watch which way the space people go when they leave the restaurant. When Tru asks the woman some questions she denies, but later, through the waitress, confirms that she was indeed the captain. After they leave the diner, Truman asks Whitey which way they went, but Whitey says no one left the restaurant.

In a report about a close encounter with visitors from space in a wilderness reserve near Uitenhage in Eastern Cape, South Africa, on 2 October 1978, four young eyewitnesses describe to UFO researcher Cynthia Hind how they witnessed men “wearing silver suits” disappear before their eyes. When asked where these men went the boys replied: “[T]hey just suddenly disappeared”, at the same time noticing that their craft “was also gone”.

Even though he was aware of the different levels of solid physical and etheric physical matter, George Adamski declined to make that distinction because his experiences and his message were in danger of being obfuscated by mystics who claimed they were channelling “messages from space”. However, it was precisely Adamski’s mission to show the world that they are real, physical (albeit etheric physical) beings. He once told his one-time co-author Desmond Leslie: “They are not goddam spooks”. On other occasions, according to researcher Timothy Good, he would bolster his argument by asking: “Why would a spook need a spaceship?”

Many of the space people who come to Earth to help us are, in fact, highly evolved beings — as can be concluded from Adamski’s description in his 1955 book Inside the Space Ships — who can travel anywhere by thought. However, according to Benjamin Creme, in order to help us in all the various ways that they do, they need the technology of their space ships. In fact, Mr. Creme says, “Many of the large ships (they can be up to four miles long) are mother ships, laboratories and so on.”

When Adamski was on a Saturnian mothership, he was told: “This ship is a scientific laboratory. We travel space solely for the purpose of studying the constant changes within space itself. We observe the life and conditions on the many planets we encounter as we move through space. . . It is through the research made by ships like ours that space travel has been developed to the present degree of safety.”

As Italian contactee Giorgio Dibitonto, writing about his experiences in 1980, was informed: “The universe contains boundless regions beyond the material one that you know. The only dimension that is observed by your science is the material. . . In the cosmos there is not only the material dimension. There are ultra-material dimensions that encompass not only length, breadth and depth, but a much greater richness of life-realities, as a consequence, of which all of that which you call behind, in front of, over, under, within and without, become outmoded concepts. The higher a universe is, the more its life-force expresses itself in new free-forms, and the consciousness extends itself to a more comprehensive point of view.”

In his book From Outer Space to You, Howard Menger describes how he witnessed a saucer drop into our range of vision: “The ship took the form of a pulsating, fluorescent light, changing in colors from white to green to red. As it neared I prepared to take more pictures. It came in slowly, at about the speed of a Piper Cub. When it was within a foot of the ground and about a hundred feet from the car, it hovered, and I recognized the familiar bell shape. The pulsating colors stopped, it gave off an eery, bluish light, and then portholes appeared.”

As mentioned above, the existence of planes of matter above the three that our current science recognizes is not new to students of the Ageless Wisdom teaching. According to these teachings, there are four levels of subtle matter above the solid, liquid and gaseous known as the etheric physical planes of matter, which consist of sub-atomic particles at various frequencies, comparable to the molecules of ice, water, and vapor mist vibrating at their own different frequency levels. The Tibetan Master of Wisdom, Djwhal Khul, has said that the etheric “is the true form to which all physical bodies in every kingdom of nature conform” and that “life itself, the training to be given in the future, the conclusions of science and a new mode of civilization will all increasingly be focused on this unique substance”. Several trailblazing scientists have also made discoveries which all seem to point to some aspect or other of the etheric planes of matter.

For instance, Semyon Kirlian’s technology to record the energy fields surrounding living entities was later further developed to photograph human auras. And, in his article ‘The Discovery of the Orgone’, the Austrian doctor Wilhelm Reich quotes the German biologist Kammerer, who said that “the existence of a specific life force seems highly probable to me! That is, an energy which is neither heat, electricity, magnetism, kinetic energy. . .nor a combination of any or all of them, but an energy which specifically belongs only to those processes that we call ‘life’. That does not mean that this energy is restricted to those natural bodies which we call ‘living beings’…” Through experiments Reich subsequently established that the orgone radiation, as he called this primordial life force, permeates everything.

Dense physical forms may be seen as the precipitation of the ‘blueprints’ that exist on the etheric physicl levels, which is no longer an entirely esoteric notion since British biologist Rupert Sheldrake posited the idea of “morphogenetic fields” — a sort of memory bank from which Nature retrieves its various solid physical forms. This should also make it easier to understand that Life is not solely dependent on carbon-based dense physical forms for its expression, but can also express itself in etheric physical forms, as indeed it does on the other planets in our solar system, according to the Wisdom Teachings and the accounts of several contactees.

The fact that the craft of the visitors from space are in etheric physical matter precludes the possibility that anyone is abducted for gene harvesting, hybrid breeding, implanting devices, and other atrocities that the scare-mongering crowd accuses the visitors of. In fact, Benjamin Creme says: “Nobody is ever taken up in a spaceship in a physical body. It is impossible. These spaceships are not solid physical. To be taken up into a spaceship you have to be taken out of the dense physical body and you go in the etheric into the spaceship, which are in themselves etheric. It is still physical, but etheric physical.”

Interestingly, a possible description of the process of being taken out of the (dense physical) body also comes from Howard Menger, who describes what happened when he was finally allowed to board a ship: “[A] second man stepped outside and raised his arm. In his hand was some sort of instrument which he pointed at me. Suddenly a bluish beam shot out at me, and as it struck my head I felt a tingling sensation, warm, and rather pleasant. I stood in my tracks as he slowly played the beam downward over my body until it had reached my feet. Then he turned it off, and my friend threw up his arm, indicating that I walk ahead of him. The other man had stepped into the craft and now beckoned me.” His hosts later explained: “We projected the beam on you to condition and process your body quickly so you could enter the craft. What actually happened was that the beam changed your body frequency to equal that of the craft.”

The accounts of various contactees present tacit evidence of their having been taken out of the physical body as they testified to a heightened state of awareness once they were on a ship. Giorgio Dibitonto, for instance, writes: “The light within this wonderful ray-ship produced an effect on us which I was unable to explain. We felt freshened and renewed, and all our spiritual energies rejoiced in an indescribable sense of peace. At the same time, we found ourselves in a state of well-being which changed us and awakened all the sleeping powers within us. We felt keenly receptive to all that might be imparted to us by words and images. Our hearts burnt with an all-inclusive love, such as is rarely felt on Earth.”

The American contactee Orfeo Angelucci, too, seems to give some impression of what it must feel like once one is in this ‘unearthly’ state: “The interior was made of an ethereal mother-of-pearl stuff, irridescent [sic] with exquisite colors that gave off light. . . There was a reclining chair directly across from the entrance. It was made of the same translucent, shimmering substance — a stuff so evanescent that it didn’t appear to be material reality as we know it. . . As I sat down I marveled at the texture of the material. Seated therein, I felt suspended in air, for the substance of that chair molded itself to fit every surface or movement of my body. As I leaned back and relaxed, that feeling of peace and well-being intensified.”

The similarities of Angelucci’s descriptions with those of other contactees are striking. For instance, Dibitonto writes: “The central room was illuminated with light that seemed to come from all directions, as no single light source was to be seen. An unaccustomed empathy prevailed; we were all flooded with this same unearthly light, and with an energy that was more spiritual than physical.” Likewise, Howard Menger noted: “[T]he walls became brighter, as if illumined somehow from inside themselves. . .”

George Adamski described the interior of a disk as follows: “Within the craft there was not a single dark corner. I could not make out where the light was coming from. It seemed to permeate every cavity and corner with a soft pleasing glow. There is no way of describing that light exactly. It was not white, nor was it blue, nor was it exactly any other color that I could name.”

Scientist Michael Wolf’s description of the interior of a saucer is strongly reminiscent of Adamski, Angelucci and Dibitonto’s descriptions: “We were standing in what seemed to me as a very familiar room, brilliantly lit, but not as much as to hurt the eyes. The light seemed not to emanate from any single source, but was everywhere. The doorway that closed appeared not to have any juncture or architectural connection or seams or handle.”

Meanwhile, mainstream science is still grappling with this expanded view of reality, even though Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky already proposed ‘dark matter’ in the 1930s as a working hypothesis for the 96 per cent of the known universe that science cannot account for, but which astrophysical calculations of the mass of the universe predict. In March 2015 the ‘avant garde’ scientific ideas pursued or proposed by Kirlian, Reich and Sheldrake, which all point in the same direction as (partial) explanations for ‘dark matter’ or ‘dark energy”, almost stealthily gained confirmation when mainstream science published findings, as reported in The Independent newspaper, which “suggest that dark matter is another kind of sub-atomic particle, possibly forming a parallel universe of ‘supersymmetry’ filled with supersymmetrical matter that behaves like an invisible mirror-image of ordinary matter”? This in turn is reminiscent of what Howard Menger was told: “Nothing we see with our physical eyes is Truth, but simply a reality in the dimension of a reflection, or an effect, secondary in nature related to a cause from a primary Source!” Commenting on the recent discovery of traces of micro-organisms dating back 3.7 billion years, also in The Independent, Dr Abigail Allwood, of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory provided a scientific underpinning for the notion that ‘life’ is not quite as unique as previously thought: “Earth’s surface 3.7 billion years ago was a tumultuous place, bombarded by asteroids and still in its formative stages. If life could find a foothold here, and leave such an imprint that vestiges exist even though only a minuscule sliver of metamorphic rock is all that remains from that time, then life is not a fussy, reluctant and unlikely thing. Give life half an opportunity and it’ll run with it. . . Suddenly, Mars may look even more promising than before as a potential abode for past life.”

With this acknowledgement of the abundance of life, and the expanded view of life that presents itself in the corroborations presented here, when we next read scientific assertions that there is no life on the other planets in our solar system, we would do well to add “…on the dense physical planes of matter”.

Excerpt from Before Disclosure

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